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Hairy faces and social distancing

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Alison333 Mon 06-Apr-20 11:33:17

Social distancing does have some upsides - I usually feel that I must remove chin hairs and what can only be described as my moustache. Keeping 2 metres apart means that nobody can see my beard growing - hurrah!

lemongrove Tue 07-Apr-20 22:24:57

Being fair, I don’t have anything more than the odd rogue hair, I just pluck it out.Dark haired ladies do have more of a problem, especially on the upper lip, which is why Nichola Sturgeon looks ‘moustachey’ because she is really naturally dark haired, the ginger hair is not her own, and actually really doesn't suit her skin tone.

Jillybird Wed 08-Apr-20 00:27:44

Re the lighter trick - in the mens' barber's they use something akin to a mini flame thrower to do the ear hair of their clients...

SirChenjin Wed 08-Apr-20 11:57:20

Gaga I would be too scared! How do you avoid burning your skin?