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Things to learn while in lockdown

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CathTheWise Wed 08-Apr-20 07:07:27

I've decided that I don't want to waste this time and started learning Spanish. I hope I'll have an opportunity to visit this country at least some day. Maybe not this year. Maybe not even the next one. But still! So I use Duolingo for that. My DD learns how to play ukulele, it's funny, I'll probably start that, too.
What are you doing or learning?

Gaunt47 Wed 08-Apr-20 07:11:03

I'm learning how to be patient, does that count? grin

MamaCaz Wed 08-Apr-20 08:18:39

After many years of trying, not very successfully, to teach myself Russian, I've decided that there will never be a better time than now to really give it my all. It's now or never!

Like you with Spanish, I am making a lot of use of Duolingo for this, CathTheWise, but there are a lot of errors in the Russian version of it, so I am spending a lot of time cross-checking things with my other resources too.

Good luck with your Spanish. I'm rather afraid that both my Spanish and my French will suffer through my concentrating on Russian, but that gives me an excuse to keep watching more French and Spanish TV than normal too grin

MamaCaz Wed 08-Apr-20 08:25:30

Just before all this started, someone told me that they had signed up to a free, online photography course, and it sounded really good from her description.
I wish I could remember what it was called, because it could be a great creative thing to start right now!

LullyDully Wed 08-Apr-20 08:27:16

Working on using water colours. More complicated than you would imagine, but I try without my regular art class.

Jacks10 Wed 08-Apr-20 08:44:21

Trying to master British Sign Language so I can really communicate with my profoundly deaf granddaughter. Finding it rather difficult!

Devongirl4 Wed 08-Apr-20 09:41:12

I’ve done a sourdough starter- always wanted to

shysal Wed 08-Apr-20 09:44:43

I am learning a poem a day, but not doing them in date order in the book. Today's is 'Two witches discuss good grooming', first line: How do you keep your teeth so green?

Gemini17892 Wed 08-Apr-20 09:44:58


Trying to knit PROPERLY . Reading YT videos to do things the tidy way

MamaCaz where do you watch French and Spanish Tv ?

Tanjamaltija Wed 08-Apr-20 09:50:02

Digging up my old work and submitting it here and there - as long as I don't have to pay a reading fee. I don 't mind if there are no prizes, either; as long as I'm not sitting idle. @shysal you can even try writing your own poem-a-day! Not too late to catch up:

henetha Wed 08-Apr-20 09:51:59

I'm trying painting with acrylics, after having the set for about five years I thought this was a good time to use it. So far the results are not good. But it's fun.

Lupin Wed 08-Apr-20 09:54:56

I am re-learning pieces of music I could once romp through but now find - due to lack of practice and neglect - that I can barely play.
I have also been inspired by these posts to pick up the crochet shawl I was working on 2 years ago.

Veenus Wed 08-Apr-20 09:55:59

I have been working in my art journal and my planner journal. I can spend hours doing this.

Northernandproud Wed 08-Apr-20 09:57:30

Ive started learning british sign language, and am going to try and teach myself to crochet, although ladt time i tried it ended up in tears

MJ1971 Wed 08-Apr-20 09:58:57

I started learning Portuguese via duo lingo in February as we were in Portugal. Since coming home 2 weeks ago I haven't picked it up so need to get back to it.

optimist Wed 08-Apr-20 10:00:34

My choir are carrying on our regular choir practice...on ZOOM! A lot of laughs.

chattykathy Wed 08-Apr-20 10:02:08

Caththewise Have a look at Spanish with Paul on YouTube. He has a good way of teaching. Also, look for children's programmes in Spanish such as Peppa Pig

whatkatydid Wed 08-Apr-20 10:07:52

I’m brushing up my very basic Italian language at the mo with Babbel and Michel Thomas. Also dipping into FutureLearn again, they have some very good free courses on all kinds of subjects. I’d also like to know about you can watch French and Spanish tv!

polnan Wed 08-Apr-20 10:11:32

oh wow! I feel as though you have all given me a kick up the butt, as I have lots of little jobs around the house I could do..
my getupandgo has went..
where do you get a ukele from to learn.. I just listened to George Formby on Youtube,, "when I`m cleaning windows"

next point
I did a very small amount of acrylic painting some years back, I was told acrylic is easier than water colours, cos you can so easily go over any alterations you want to me


sign language.. perhaps we should all learn this.. I heard it said that it could be a subject for all school children to learn

I am not into languages. never did any good with them at school

Gaunt 47... now that is my biggest challenge. I am a naturally fast person.. so it is sooo hard to slow down.. I find I am clock watching, and wishing my life away!

CathTheWise Wed 08-Apr-20 10:16:03

chattykathy thank you!
MamaCaz WOW! Wish my Spanish would be this good to watch TV shows!

Lovetopaint037 Wed 08-Apr-20 10:19:28

Yes acrylic is easier. You can paint on most surfaces. Bits of wood if you don’t have anything else.
Watercolours need to be of good quality or the results could disappoint.

2mason16 Wed 08-Apr-20 10:21:29

Luckily before shopping restrictions in Aus I bought lots of fabric in a sale. So far I've covered a window seat, made a set of curtains, covered a stool and about to start matching set of cushions! Think I need to slow down - it's only second week!

Hildagard Wed 08-Apr-20 10:22:28

Self discipline! Only one biscuit with my coffee!

Theoddbird Wed 08-Apr-20 10:28:00

I am learning that the life I chose for myself was the right one...does that count?

eazybee Wed 08-Apr-20 10:29:54

Continuing with OU; it has been a godsend.