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Easing Lockdown

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GagaJo Thu 07-May-20 08:47:10

Is anyone else worried about this?

I'm very scared. The UK's death rate is still over 600 a day. Yet we're potentially easing lockdown from Monday.

I'm personally getting pressure to go back to work but am protected from getting the sack at the moment by us being in lockdown. I REALLY am not prepared to risk my health for the sake of my job. BUT I need my salary.

EllanVannin Thu 07-May-20 08:55:39

It's madness !! We're being told to stay in---people are dying and you have Boris saying he's going to ease the lockdown ?
Does this virus turn the brain to mush as well as the lungs ?

No way is this country safe without a lockdown !

Smileless2012 Thu 07-May-20 08:59:25

The government does seem to be under some pressure to start easing the lock down. I'm glad I'm not one of those who has to make the decision when this should begin.

NfkDumpling Thu 07-May-20 08:59:28

I think the lockdown is easing on its own. This morning between seven and half eight o’clock, the main road into Norwich sounded as loud with traffic as it always did before virus. It’s quiet again now so it must be people going to work. (The buses are only Sunday service at the moment so people are forced to drive in so maybe that would account for some of it.)

People are going to need to go back to work before the end of the pandemic. Economics forces it. The only hope is that distancing will work. Can you wear a mask or scarf GagaJo?

Teacheranne Thu 07-May-20 09:08:03

I am trying to avoid reading all the reports speculating about the easing of restrictions until Sunday when an announcement will be made. I cannot see that with such a high death rate any changes can be justified but I can understand the pressure on the government to start getting people back to work to kick start the economy.

The countries in Europe that have eased restrictions have not yet had a second wave of infections but I think they remained in lockdown until their rates were much lower. So I am confused about the timing, scared about the risks but also wanting to have some company again - living on my own with mobility problems means I have hardly seen anyone for weeks!

Riverwalk Thu 07-May-20 09:09:35

I suppose we can't stay in lockdown forever and there has to be a gradual loosening of restrictions eventually - who knows what the mathematical modelling is predicting.

I don't know the rationale but it could be that it's best for a second peak to hit in the warmer months than winter, when the NHS is usually under its maximum pressure.

BlueSky Thu 07-May-20 09:13:20

Same in Italy at the moment and I guess in France where the lockdown will ease on 11 May. A lot of people don't want it lifted but a lot do, mainly due to economic reasons. They have to rely on social distancing and masks. Luckily we are retired and won't be rushing out and about just yet.

Nana3 Thu 07-May-20 09:16:52

My guess is Boris has been talking to his friend Donald.

Niobe Thu 07-May-20 09:26:48

Nana3,I fear that you may be right. When he left hospital he telephoned DT within a day or so to assure him he was fine but we never heard that he telephoned any other world leaders although he must have. Surely?

MawB Thu 07-May-20 09:35:10

To put things in perspective regarding timing !
I get very frustrated at all those who are chafing at the restrictions imposed for a mere 6 weeks.
I wish I could believe all will be well and hope I am proved wrong - but not holding my breath. ?

Froglady Thu 07-May-20 09:40:30

I'm very worried as other countries don't seem to be doing this and they've had less deaths than we have had. All it needs is a spike or another wave of the virus and then probably lockdown will begin again - much better to keep it as it is until our death rate starts going down considerably.

seadragon Thu 07-May-20 09:42:06

....and trade negotiations have started earnest with America even though there is no resumption of air travel and Trump is becoming even more protectionist...whilst our attention is elsewhere...oh and the destruction of the woodlands to make way for HS2...and goodness knows what else..

Yellowmellow Thu 07-May-20 09:42:14

The government can't seem to win. One minute sone people are struggling with don't want it eased. We can't stay in lockdown until there is a vaccine. I'm a keyworker and have worked throughout this. All you can do is stay as safe as you can.

Boz Thu 07-May-20 09:42:20

Surely the point is that if anyone catches it once the peak is over the NHS can cope. Fear is more dangerous than this virus. Just go about as normal but follow the distancing rules and wear a mask.

BlueBelle Thu 07-May-20 09:42:20

No I m not scared I think all the reasons we ve had a high death rate have been down to tardy Government issues I think as long as we continue to each be sensible and keep grounded with what we do little by little we will be ok Of course if everyone immediately goes out to a street party then we re doomed but we cannot go on like this for much longer not for individuals like us but for the country which is already on its knees so many small and big businesses were in the cusp anyway and they are going to be gone for ever

We didn’t lockdown in the last two pandemics !

BlueBelle Thu 07-May-20 09:43:48

boz your post didn’t show up when I wrote mine I totally agree exactly spot on
We have to stop playing in to this mass hysteria whipped up by the bloody media hourly

Mollyrob Thu 07-May-20 09:45:33

I think it's crazy to even think of lessing the restrictions of the lockdown, people are still losing loved ones, we have the highest death toll, if we arent careful we'll have a second wave of the covid19,

hilaryp Thu 07-May-20 09:46:09

I did see one comparison today. We're past the peak, let's ease the restrictions = the parachute is slowing our descent, let's take it off. For everyone's sake, let's keep the restrictions in place at least until a sensible way can be found to prevent further deaths. A lot of people rely on public transport - how can you have social distancing there?

Essex59 Thu 07-May-20 09:46:12

Nfk Dumpling
Good to see someone posting common sense.
To those politicising this crisis, would you please explain how we are to fund the NHS, the welfare bill, and essential services if we are bankrupt? Perhaps you have discovered Jeremy's magic money tree?
And no, this isn't about putting money before lives, it's about the country earning enough money to continue protecting ALL lives, even after this crisis is over.

parkersheen Thu 07-May-20 09:46:37

Might be a bit mercenary but shouldn’t we wait to see how the countries that are ahead of us fare first? And I agree with @MawB. Although it may seem like forever to some people, 6 weeks is nothing if it means saving lives in the future. Here in Scotland the restrictions aren’t being lifted yet and most are very happy about that.

NotSpaghetti Thu 07-May-20 09:47:48

Latest study shows that closing schools has the biggest impact. Way more than lockdown apparently.

NoddingGanGan Thu 07-May-20 09:48:28

I know exactly what you mean GagaJo. I was finally furloughed on health grounds on 17th April after waiting for my shielding letter since 23rd March. It was a very scary time. I'm dreading being made to go back while the death rate is still so high, but, like you, I need my salary. (Or at least 80% of it as I only earn about £1 an hour over minimum wage)

Missgran Thu 07-May-20 09:49:35

I think a slight easing of restrictions would be ok if people can work from home or at a safe distance Gaga jo make sure before you go back to work make sure your employers have correct safety measures in place . I think that being able to see family and close circle of friends would be good for our Mental health

Gingergirl Thu 07-May-20 09:49:38

I’m not sure the easing of restrictions imminently, will be as much as people are getting excited...or worried about....There will be people flouting that...but there are now, so there may not be that much difference in a sense. I can see why the government wants the economy started up but that needn’t affect you if you’re retired and you can go out or not as you please. If you’re working, your employer is bound to provide social distancing as a working condition and if not, you can make that more widely known (because they must provide a safe environment) and refuse to work if it is unsafe in that respect. As a therapist working from home, I can do distance work and have no ideas to change that this year, although opinion is that for one to one personal work, there will be another six months to wait I believe. I don’t see how the figures bear out lifting restrictions fully and that’s why I think it will be very, very gradual.

Oldwoman70 Thu 07-May-20 09:50:27

Shouldn't we wait until the easing is announced rather than speculating?