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To take a holiday or not

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Emelle Thu 25-Jun-20 18:30:35

We have just had an email to say the holiday cottage we had booked will be open from the 4th July so our booking will go ahead. I'm surprised at how much this has unnerved me and left me wondering whether we should cut our losses. Anybody else feel a little nervous about going on holiday in the next few weeks or months?

Calendargirl Thu 25-Jun-20 18:35:00

We have nothing booked for this year, we often do have something booked.
I’m glad we haven’t, I really aren’t bothered about holidays for the foreseeable future.
I’m sorry if this sounds really negative Emelle

BlueSky Thu 25-Jun-20 18:36:59

Maybe if I had to travel by plane it would put me off right now, as much as we miss our holidays in the Med, but in the UK in a holiday cottage I don't really see a problem.

DiscoGran Thu 25-Jun-20 18:39:10

We had a beautiful cottage booked for this month, and had to either delay or cancel it. We chose to cancel, and now I wish we had moved it to July.
If I were you I would definitely go! ?

Ellianne Thu 25-Jun-20 18:40:52

I don't really see a problem with a holiday cottage either. You can eat your own food and go off out to places which aren't too busy.
I would be more worried about the journey there on July 4th with the huge mass exodus to holiday destinations. Allow double the time!

Emelle Thu 25-Jun-20 19:11:08

@Ellianne That's a very good point. Fortunately we only have a two hour journey and e can avoid the Motorway. It also means we can head home if we aren't at ease. I am surprised at the impact lockdown has had on my confidence.

rubysong Thu 25-Jun-20 19:17:36

You should be ok self catering. I don't think I'd fancy b&b or hotel at the moment, eating out could be tricky.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 25-Jun-20 19:33:12

emelle like you I was nervous. Cottage booked for 10 July. But now I am straight in my head , and know what we will do and behave.

So all meals eaten in the cottage. I’m buying ready meals etc to make life as easy as possible. I’m taking stuff to clean surfaces before we settle in. Still undecided about bedding. We will take a picnic lunch for our journey. Face masks and gloves worn on stops for loo. We always take hand sanitizer in the car anyway.
Continue 2meter distance and walk in the fresh air and new scenery.

2 weeks to go and really looking forward to it!

suziewoozie Thu 25-Jun-20 20:48:21

I’m not going to my booked cottage - no real possibility of eating out, popping into local pub, visiting local attractions - all probably needing advance booking. Difficulty of getting online delivery slot, late check in, early check out and not able to take
Dgc because of guidance ( and that was whole point of holiday), not trusting other people’s standards - nope, my back garden will do for now. Much more relaxing for me - but I appreciate it’s a very individual decision

MerylStreep Thu 25-Jun-20 21:22:59

I want to book a holiday on the Llangollen canal but OH is not very happy if the weather turns iffy ?
We will be going to Spain or Croatia maybe August/ September.

ginny Thu 25-Jun-20 21:27:28

I have just cancelled a cottage holiday for the end of July. Partly because I am uneasy about the cleaning( not knowing who had been sleeping in my bed) . Mainly because I was going with Dd3 and 4 year old grandson. Guidance is still saying I must keep social distance from them and how could I do that in a cottage and in one car.
However DH and I are off for a week in our touring caravan. We have all our own facilities. Not sure how it will work out with things being closed and less possibilities of restaurants and cafes. Hopefully not too many crowds,

cornergran Thu 25-Jun-20 21:35:13

July 4th seems a good time for a cottage emelle. It will have been empty and cleaned thoroughly. Once you’re there you can clean again if you’re concerned then relax and enjoy the break even if there are places you choose to avoid to keep safe.

Anannymous Thu 25-Jun-20 21:42:11

If you are going on the 4th July you will be the first people to stay since the virus presumably so everything should be spotless. The cottage may be missing some of the non essential items (books, cds, games etc) but this all helps to reduce the risk of cross infection. We have a little holiday let and the Agency we use have supplied very detailed cleaning and disinfection instructions (including cleaning each coat hanger) and the housekeeper has to wear mask, apron and gloves, so I hope that there will be very little chance of our guests, or us coming to any harm. Go and enjoy your holiday!

suziewoozie Thu 25-Jun-20 21:44:11

ginny were you able to cancel without penalty?

geekesse Thu 25-Jun-20 22:10:09

I have a couple of nights booked in a very upmarket country house hotel for early August, and I can’t wait. I’ve been meticulous about observing lockdown advice, but the prospect of Michelin-starred food and decadent luxury is sufficient to overcome any hesitation I might have.

ginny Thu 25-Jun-20 22:12:30

Waiting to hear but as I understand it and according to the t & c s we will have to pay 10 % of the full price. That is on a sliding scale depending on how long before the holiday date. However , I will be speaking to them re government guidelines .

suziewoozie Thu 25-Jun-20 22:59:42

Thanks ginny much better cancellation terms than I have. Would you mind telling me what company it is ( for future reference) please? You could PM me - thanks

suziewoozie Thu 25-Jun-20 23:01:26

Just realised your point re dgc - I’d also be grateful if you could feed back what they say about that. .

Hetty58 Thu 25-Jun-20 23:47:17

I'd rather be self-catering in a cottage than in a hotel with staff about. You could take some luxury food and ready meals, go for long walks and just enjoy the change of scene. I always take my own face towel and pillowcases anyway.

twiglet77 Thu 25-Jun-20 23:57:04

I wouldn't go on holiday anywhere in this country for a long time yet, and I wouldn't go abroad by any means, or on a plane, ferry or train anywhere, for a very much longer time. What if you're holidaying somewhere close to where the workers at one of the meat processing places shop or drink? We are not safe yet.

RAZZLEDAZZLE Fri 26-Jun-20 08:50:31

We had three cottage holidays book this year one in May for our Ruby Wedding anniversary, which we cancelled at the begging of lockdown and lost about £150 because we cancelled. One in the lake district in July then going to one in Scotland from there, which we have also cancelled and lost money. I just don’t fancy sleeping in a bed others have used, no matter how clean the cottage may be. Rather loose money than our lives!

rosie1959 Fri 26-Jun-20 08:58:30

I would go life has to return as you are self catering you can make your own choices
We have been looking at hotels but some have so many rules they have been discounted as it would not make a relaxing break

Jan16 Fri 26-Jun-20 09:00:33

We’ve got a cottage booked on the Norfolk Broads just 60 miles away from where we live at the beginning of August. We are hopefully still going as have stayed there before and know how immaculately clean it will be. It’s very difficult to decide what to do but are resigned to eating at the cottage as normally we eat in pubs etc and will wear masks and avoid crowds. Also have a cottage booked for Sept in Yorkshire by which time I reckon we could be back in lockdown if people keep acting like idiots and cramming onto beaches etc.

Cabbie21 Fri 26-Jun-20 09:04:32

Our holiday in Wales is cancelled but then Wales is not opening up on 4 July. So I haven’t had to make a decision.

My daughter runs a holiday let which is perfect for this situation. Totally self contained, in a quiet country area, plenty of walks from the door. Take-aways available from the village pub or small market town four miles away.

Cottage owners have a ream of guidelines to follow to ensure the place is thoroughly clean and disinfected for each booking. Most are leaving at least a day or more between lets, to allow more time. The advice is to wash pillows and duvets between lets, And there is a checklist of items to sanitise, light switches, sockets, even keys, so I don’t think cleanliness should be an issue.

I guess it all depends on the area, and how you like to spend your time. There’s no way I would want to be going anywhere near Bournemouth, for instance!

Newquay Fri 26-Jun-20 09:12:58

We have our annual family jolly coming up mid August to Menorca with DD1 and family who have been in our bubble. She’s ordered a specific face mask for flight. Villa is isolated. She and SIL will do one shop; we’ll stay put in villa. Still waiting to decide to see how things are going nearer the time though.