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Get a grip Public Health England

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Furret Fri 03-Jul-20 07:40:16

Just been reading this

“The return to work has clearly caused an increase in outbreaks in workplaces. Figures show clusters started to increase two to three weeks after people began to return to work. In the week ending 7 June there were 24 reported outbreaks, up from five in the previous week. At the time of the outbreaks, the data published by PHE did not make clear that these clusters were occurring in workplaces, as the cases were recorded under “other settings”.

For heaven’s sake! Other settings, really, that’s it? Can they not set up a recording system that shows what we need to know?

(An outbreak is determined by PHE when two or more lab-confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been linked to a particular setting.)

Furret Sat 04-Jul-20 07:18:07

Since I start this thread it has been revealed that information is not being decimated to local authorities - despite Boris’ bluster at PMQ. He actually lied in response to Starmer’s question (surprised?)

Local health authorities in Leicester were denied the detailed information they could have used to to track the outbreak to specific postcodes etc.

Grandad1943 Sat 04-Jul-20 07:58:34

Public Health England (PHE) will only be able to obtain accurate data on Covid-19 workplace infection if employers are required to document the illness under the "Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations" (RIDDOR).

The problem in using RIDDOR to report Covid-19 infection would be that the regulations are specifically aimed at accidents and illness which are definitely incurred in a workplace. However, with Covid-19 An employer is unaware whether the infection was incurred in the workplace or an employee was infected in another environment outside of the employers control.

The Health & Safety Executive have been looking into "an emergency adjustment of the regulations" in the light of Coronavirus but that is proving to be a complicated problem, as RIDDOR has only been required and used to report individual incidents to the HSE in the past.

Furret Sat 04-Jul-20 20:35:40

This might clarify the requirements GD

Coronavirus & riddor

Grandad1943 Sat 04-Jul-20 21:49:52

Furret, your link, I believe, confirms what I stated in my post @07:58 today, so many thanks for finding that link.