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I'm ashamed to be part of the human race

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etheltbags1 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:12:19

What on earth are they thinking about when crowding the south coast beaches this weekend. They are selfish hedonistic people with no thought of the lives the might ruin if the virus comes back in great numbers. Why can't the close the beaches as they did during ww2 or perhaps just allow a few.
The pubs are the same, again selfish wastes of space crowding into beer gardens causing spikes.
It's quite simple to stay home , this will be over one day but they seem to have no sense, its the same with holidays abroad, why not be content to stay home for this year.
I've just had a friend say to me today that the pubs were boring with social distancing but these sort of people who think a pub is only fun if it is crowded have a mental problem. A quiet pub is nice and above all safe at present.
I'm so annoyed at the thought the virus is coming back and all those deaths were in vain. Tv needs to film more people on ventilators as a reminder of what might happen.
Anyone feel like I do?

Dorsetcupcake61 Tue 04-Aug-20 09:00:04

Etheltbags1 I think things are going to get a lot trickier☹. It was an interesting few days in the news with speculation about shielders having to return to work. The over 50s versus the younger generation being told to isolate. People eating out to help out. There are concerns about schools opening and the effectiveness or even possibility of bubbles and social distancing. There are people flocking towards anywhere they can have a holiday. Meanwhile there are local lockdown and reports of areas of high infection. There are reports of groups needing testing in hospitals, fast food venues closing due to staff infection. There were questions as to whether pubs would shut in order for schools to open safely.
Quick glance at papers this morning and it appears nothing will change. Pubs will remain open. Childeren will return to school as it stands despite the concerns raised and it is unlikely anything will change re masks etc. I actually read in that the Government has said the economy is the priority. The only likely changes are likely to be who we as individuals meet with in our homes and gardens as this is said to be the primary source of transmission. The testing of staff and residents has stopped for at least a month.
I think everyone should have a little think about this.
Indoors seems to be a massive source of infection unless very stringent cleaning and social distancing are practised. From your own experience and reading around in news and also on gransnet it's easy to see how varied this is. On gransnet there are examples of hairdressers,pubs,shops of excellent and bad practices. It's the same with family / friendship bubbles and interactions. Gransnet itself has countless examples of those that have followed the guidelines stringently and those that think its stuff and nonsense,sadly with the latter sometimes deriding the former. In the middle are lots of people just trying to do the best both for themselves and their families.
I would imagine there are few people on gransnet who dont know someone who is vulnerable to the virus whether due to age,health or situation such as living in residential care. The name of this site alone implies a vested interest in childeren.
We assume that a government will put the wellbeing of the people who elected them top of their priorities.
Other than using the slogan Put Economy First officially I dont know what it will take to wake people up.
We live in a society that is very divided, increasingly so over the past decade. There are those who are financially stable,own homes,gardens. Live in nice areas where there are resources from local shops and pubs where the chances are rules are being followed. I'm lucky I'm one of them!
There is of course the other side. Those who struggle with inadequate housing,jobs,opportunity. Those who are I'll,poor,badly educated, reliant on food banks etc. Of course it's all their own fault,they are feckless,lazy,living the life of riley on benefits.
There is a nugget of truth,there is a tiny portion who did and still try to live off the system. They are the minority, a tiny minority. The majority of people who access benefits are in genuine ill health/,disabled or working.
We need to look very closely at what information we are given and how we use it. Currently Covid is more virulent in Midlands/north. A lot of associations have been made about the actions of a particular group and how they socialize and practice their religion. I'm not saying this hasn't happened but its important to look at and be aware how a group can be vilified on the actions of a small part of it. Perhaps the best example of how we need to be wary was a study by a Scottish university in early 1980s called Bad News. It looked at the news content covering the Winter of Discontent. It examined bias in news reports on all channels,and results were startling. One that stuck in my mind was that the BBC showed footage of effect of bin mens strike with piles of rotting rubbish overrun by rats. Horrific. Also not even in the UK,it was filmed in Germany but the implication was it was England. I think we all are aware that different newspapers have different political leanings. Keep it in mind.
So what's my point?
I have found myself in a rather strange position. I am well educated from a Russell Group University, worked for local government and Citizens Advice. Then I decided I wanted a job where I could just work with people rather than manage them. I found a part time job in a care home (private sector) working with residents with dementia on a 1.1 basis. Loved it. Then the pandemic hit. I am also high risk due to diabetes and other issues.
I have been in the position to see first hand how government policy is inequitable and how callously those that are vulnerable or work in frontline jobs with few rights are treated.
In mid March the government put on its website that certain groups including those in receipt of flu jab would have to isolate for 12 weeks. Those who work in government departments were sent to work from home on full pay. That particular advice was later taken down and replaced with stringent guidelines about not mixing with others etc. Since the end of March I have received no pay from my employer. There were tasks I could do from home such as supporting training etc. They refused. They also blanked requests for individual risk assessments and alternative roles in the building.i have to use to buses to get there and back. The home has lost a third of its residents to covid and has had several internal lockdown since. To travel there and work in a poorly ventilated building where Covid is present would put me in real danger of getting the virus. I am still in the process of fighting my case. I dont want their money or to go back,but I fear for the staff who have no choice.
That's where the inequality lies,a different job and my risk would not be questioned. There is no real protection in government guidelines. The rules on social distancing are now incredibly flexible. It's all about assessing your own risk and the onus is on the employee to prove the work environment is not Covid safe which can only be done by being in it.
Always bear in mind that shielding was more about protecting the NHS than the individual. That's been accomplished and shielders are on their own unless they have sympathetic employers or savings to live off.
Why have tests been stopped in care homes? Hand on heart I can say that ring of protection did not exist. Fortunately there is proof and evidence coming through. Although not a work for the worst outbreak I remember in the almost panic I felt before it was widely known, I know its dramatic but for me it was tantamount to murder. Its worldwide. I grieve for the twenty very lovely people I knew.
I am also on a diabetes forum. There are lots of concerns,especially amongst anyone in teaching profession. How can it be sane for pubs to be given more support than our schools?
The economy rules do not doubt that for a minute. Those of you that are privileged and can keep yourselves safe please take time to think of those who are not as lucky,the frontline workers in shops, leisure, social care,bus drivers they are working and doing their best with limited protection. Anyone you know who is vulnerable be worried, including childeren.
The government I think are relying very heavily on new tests that can give results in 90minutes. Hopefully it's more world beating than the rest?. Of course that doesnt stop people getting the virus,although if is widely used could contain it. Regardless a lot of very vulnerable people are being set adrift. I do hope I'm wrong but I fear more of them will die unnecessarily. My eldest grandson starts big school in September. My daughter has been very mindful of the risks. The general feeling has been that childeren are not at great risk. News reports are coming through from summer camps in USA where problem with infection. No one has died but its early days in terms of knowledge about how this virus affects us. Oh well,eat out to help out and all that!

maddyone Tue 04-Aug-20 10:18:13

Thank you for that well thought out and articulated post. You are correct in everything you say. It does now seem to be assess your own risk and do as you like. I will not support the economy at risk to myself. Therefore I wasn’t eating out yesterday on the chancellor’s offer. On the other hand I’m having dental surgery on Thursday. I’ve been on antibiotics for two solid months because some bits of root left behind after an extraction some five or six years ago. The Dental Hub has been pretty useless, and left me in pain for two whole months. I was not seen as urgent. Now I’m going privately, and it’ll be done this week. I cried when they gave me the date, I’m so relieved. The government have seen fit to leave people in this appalling state, but hey, eat out and protect the economy!

Dorsetcupcake61 Tue 04-Aug-20 11:10:13

Thankyou Maddyone. I do hope all goes well with your dental surgery. It must have been awful. My daughter had an extremely painful tooth just after lockdown was eased. She was very lucky to be seen and treated within 24hours.
There are several articles on news websites this morning about schools,lockdown and the effectiveness of the government's message. Browsing gransnet people are getting back to normal meeting families etc. I noticed one gransnetter had really enjoyed meeting up with her family for a bbq. I'm sure everyone was very careful etc. I do worry that whilst caught up in the easing of restrictions people put aside or relax the basics. Although they dont emphasize it now the government did say that in such circumstances you should have own food,cutlery etc. Its so tricky,things may feel as if going back to normal and maybe we are getting accustomed to the risk the virus poses and people feel impervious. As always the devil is in the detail. It's what you are doing,who with and where.
I do hope some thought is put into the opening of schools. I dont think the government will take any further action as apparently all the guidelines for parents and schools are on I'm sure the governments approach is theres the information get on with it! Meanwhile theres a degree of antagonism towards teachers who are accused of being lazy and over cautious. I doubt theres many people who would say outright keep schools shut. People are asking for creative thinking such as using community and church halls to ease the overcrowding in classrooms,staggered hours maybe. Of course it must be remembered that precovid a lot of schools were struggling with poor buildings, lack of resources,difficulty recruiting teachers,especially those in socially deprived areas. Those problems still exist only now with the virus. Heaven forbid there should be outbreaks but if there are I have a feeling those that get the virus will be blamed. It's all so interconnected. The government want the schools open so parents can return to work. Childcare is expensive and in short supply. Large groups of frontline workers have little realistic financial support if they have to isolate....Oh dear. Hope all goes well Maddyone. I'm off to clean out the cat litter,and count my blessings,of which there are many?

Orangerose Tue 04-Aug-20 11:25:14


Thank you for that well thought out and articulated post. You are correct in everything you say. It does now seem to be assess your own risk and do as you like. I will not support the economy at risk to myself. Therefore I wasn’t eating out yesterday on the chancellor’s offer. On the other hand I’m having dental surgery on Thursday. I’ve been on antibiotics for two solid months because some bits of root left behind after an extraction some five or six years ago. The Dental Hub has been pretty useless, and left me in pain for two whole months. I was not seen as urgent. Now I’m going privately, and it’ll be done this week. I cried when they gave me the date, I’m so relieved. The government have seen fit to leave people in this appalling state, but hey, eat out and protect the economy!

You poor thing. I had a terrible tooth/ jaw abscess and was in agony. I had antibiotics it it eventually cleared up but now I have to wait for treatment on the cracked tooth. Like you I will go private if it comes back before they can resume full treatments as I can’t go through that hell again. I glad you are going to get it sorted as tooth pain is absolutely dreadful. Hope all goes well for you. ?

Greeneyedgirl Tue 04-Aug-20 11:53:09

maddyone how awful. I have been living in fear of dental problems these last few months.

I go to a private dentist and they have not recommenced any treatments causing aerosol risk, such as drilling, or hygienist. They are only doing urgent temporary treatments, and those with a Denplan regular insurance!

I can’t see when any regular checkups or usual treatments will recommence.

Dorsetcupcake61 Tue 04-Aug-20 12:14:47

I'm beginning to think my daughter was very lucky indeed. I have fortunately only had a tooth abscess once but never experienced pain like it,and never want to again!
Thinking about it I'm not quite sure what's happening with dentists. I imagine the risk is really high. Maybe it's about the virus in the environment as be a lot of aerosol spray everywhere and not sure the level of decontamination practical. As this situation is carrying on you would think there would be some system where you could isolate/ be tested before treatment. Not ideal but two weeks better than months! Maddyone it does make you wonder what they class as an emergency! I hope you get your treatment to orange rose.?

Greeneyedgirl Tue 04-Aug-20 12:20:45

Perhaps with the new 90mins test they will be able to Dorsetcupcake? My dentist charges extra for PPE on top of already v expensive treatments, so no doubt will have to pay for that also.

There will only be rich people with good teeth in the future me thinks sad

maddyone Tue 04-Aug-20 12:25:41

Thank you everyone for your kind responses. I normally don’t really like dental visits as I’m a nervous patient, but I’m desperate now for this to be done. I feel very angry with the government for closing down dental services and leaving an entire population to risk serious dental health problems. Obviously I understand that normal check ups are not happening, but emergency care should have been provided for with dentists wearing full PPE. Evan now, as I understand it, normal dentists can’t drill, but the Hubs are doing drilling etc. But I’ve been waiting on the list for treatment through the Hub and heard zilch. Yesterday my dentist phoned me and said the private clinic would phone me at the end of this week, but it was still NHS. I phoned the clinic today and have brought my treatment forward by saying I wanted to go private, the same clinic would have treated me but not for another couple of weeks. By agreeing to pay the treatment is this week. The cost will be £378 which is not a lot, I would happily have paid more to get the problem sorted, but I’m aware that many people can’t afford to pay, and my heart goes out to them. I’ve had more than enough of this after two months. I think the government have behaved badly in leaving our entire population in this horrible limbo, with no date for dentists to be allowed to provide at least emergency care and treatment.

MayBee70 Tue 04-Aug-20 12:32:47

I’ve just had a letter from my NHS dentist asking me to go for a check up. And DH had an appointment with his private dentist on Monday and was very impressed with the safety measures in place. It will be interesting to compare the two if and when I go for mine.

GillT57 Tue 04-Aug-20 12:38:46

They are having ‘days out’ in the U.K. instead. Lytham beach, a home made picnic, ice creams then home. Safer for everyone

But surely, this 'safer' behaviour is just what everyone else is being criticised for? There is a strong whiff of hypocrisy on this thread, a lot of moaning about youngsters cramming onto beaches, into pub gardens etc., but then when it is a member of our own family, it is ok.

I don't know what the answer is, I choose to take care, only go out when necessary, safe distancing socially in friend's gardens in groups of four, wearing a mask etc., but I do not have the stress of going to work every day, of having to entertain and educate small children while trying to work from home or worry about future redundancies, so perhaps we should cut people a bit of slack, and understand just why people need a day out? We are constantly told to holiday at home, told how beautiful a country this is, so how can it be wrong when families do exactly that? There will always be a risk during the summer months as students move back home, families visit, people holiday at the seaside, and I don't think that all this blaming of 'them', of other people is very helpful. We all need to be responsible, and yes, some people are blatantly not taking the precautions that most of us are, but it was always thus.

maddyone Tue 04-Aug-20 12:39:58

Dentists can do check ups Maybee but the problem seems to be if you need any treatment which requires drilling. As I understand it, private dentists are starting to do drilling now, either privately or through Hub referrals ie NHS.

maddyone Tue 04-Aug-20 12:42:29

The problem is there are huge waiting lists through the Hubs and consequently long waiting times even for private treatment. Normally I would have gone to the NHS hospital for my treatment as it’s not something normal dentists do because it’s surgery. I’m just so relieved that it’s happening now this week.

Oopsminty Tue 04-Aug-20 12:47:15

My youngest daughter has noticed a grumbling in a tooth and was worried it could turn into something nasty, so she phoned up and was seen that day.

Not an emergency so we were quite impressed

Temperature taken at surgery. Waiting outside until the dentist texts to tell you to go in. Very efficient and the dentist was clad in PPE.

Good luck with your treatment, maddy1

Dorsetcupcake61 Tue 04-Aug-20 13:20:04

Gill57 ,yes I think you are right in that often another group is seen as being more to blame which doesnt help. I live near Bournemouth and the beach invasion in June was quite incredible. Just seeing the mass exodus on trains arriving was jaw dropping, they were packed in like sardines! 500,000 people! Of course all individuals or bubbles but as a mass a sort of madness took over! Apparently the atmosphere was quite tense with visitors being quite aggressive when asked to do reasonable things,like not park on roundabouts! I do feel sorry for younger people. At a time when they should be carefree and exploring life the future is looking rather grim. Despite that I know so many young people who are caring and responsible. Yes there are always those of all ages who are disrespectful and selfish. I suppose the difference at the moment is the consequences of that behaviour are so much more hazardous, both for themselves and others.

maddyone Tue 04-Aug-20 13:20:17

Thanks Oopsminty
Was your daughter given any treatment Oopsminty? It seems to me that maybe a different pattern of treatments is emerging. The private clinic I’m going to seemed a bit shocked that I’ve been waiting since early June.

Violettham Tue 04-Aug-20 13:30:49

Yes agree being in the at risk category I do not know when I will feel I can go out. Cannot believe what these very selfish people are doing.

Sussexborn Tue 04-Aug-20 13:33:40

My husband had emergency dental treatment during the lockdown. Must be a local decision. The odd thing was he had to put on something to cover his shoes. I suppose when you lie back in the chair your feet are somewhat higher.

Dorsetcupcake61 Tue 04-Aug-20 15:20:30

It does feel as though theres a bit of contrast in services on offer. Some years ago there was a shortage of NHS dentists., I dont know if that is still the case. It's terrible that there is such a difference in how long you have to wait when in considerable pain. I think I just assumed it was a national policy and were issues due to procedures involved,but seems not. My daughters dentist is NHS and I am with the same one. They postponed my check up and hygienist which I wasnt at all bothered about as dont think twice yearly always necessary anyway.
You are not alone Violetham, i totally sympathise.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 04-Aug-20 15:27:27

In my area S E Essex dentists are carrying out treatments and hygienists are working. I have routine appointments with both next month.

AGAA4 Tue 04-Aug-20 16:43:50

I had a check up with my dentist yesterday. They were very well organised and it felt safe.

I saw the hygienist but only had the scale done. She was not allowed to do the polish.

Madgran77 Tue 04-Aug-20 16:47:07

I did go to a very well organised and completely socially distanced pub garden today and it was nice to do something normal and feel safe too. We have ben doing everything by the book including today's trip and felt it went ok. The pub arrangements were excellent

Oopsminty Tue 04-Aug-20 16:51:52


Thanks Oopsminty
Was your daughter given any treatment Oopsminty? It seems to me that maybe a different pattern of treatments is emerging. The private clinic I’m going to seemed a bit shocked that I’ve been waiting since early June.

Hi maddyone

She needed a filling so had to return the next day.

What I think they are doing is take in 5 or 6 patients a day for fillings and the like. Anything that needs drilling work is very carefully done . They have one appointment and then there's an hour until the next one so they can do a thorough clean.

She is a private patient

I do think that they probably do things slightly differently in different areas and NHS/private

maddyone Tue 04-Aug-20 17:29:57

Thanks Oopsminty.
I told my dentist that I was more than happy to go privately some weeks ago, but he got back to me and said that all the private dentists he had rung had long waiting lists. He had already referred me to the Hub and told them I’d go privately but then I was simply waiting. I have no idea why I waited so long after that, despite being in weekly contact with my dentist and trying to urge him to urge the Hub to see me. I was told yesterday that the private clinic would contact me at the end of this week, but I phoned them this morning. They still thought I was an NHS patient, they had finally received the referral from the Hub, but it would be a further two weeks before treatment. I said can I go privately and I can, and it will be done on Thursday.
Just seeing what experiences other Gransnetters have had recently has made me very concerned that our area is not doing what it should be doing quickly enough. The Hub was aware that I’ve been on antibiotics since early June and I feel that my case was still ignored at the Hub. To be honest, I’m just relieved that it’s happening on Thursday. Yesterday I was extremely depressed about it, as I was in a lot of pain. Today the pain is a bit less.
Thank you everyone for your concern.