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Stocking up?

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Esspee Mon 02-Nov-20 07:30:22

Although we are not at the same stage of lockdown as Wales and shortly England it does seem inevitable that Scotland will follow. I thought about what I would miss most if non essential shops closed and as a result now have enough hair colouring to last until next year.

What are you going to stock up on?

Casdon Mon 02-Nov-20 18:40:21

I’ve stocked up on two specific things that matter to me, I swore after the first lockdown I’d wouldn’t go without next time, so I’ve been getting two instead of one every time I’ve been shopping. They are - my favourite coffee, and Geetas mango chutney, both of which were out of stock for several months in my town. Average coffee is just not on I’m afraid. Otherwise no.

minxie Mon 02-Nov-20 19:39:50

I popped into Sainsbury today and the loo roll was non existent. People disgust me with their totally selfish attitude. You do not need to stock up as there is plenty for everyone. People should be ashamed of themselves

HillyN Mon 02-Nov-20 19:53:30

I don't get the Brexit thing. If the problem is likely to be fruit and veg rotting in lorries at Dover, how does stocking up on tinned stuff and pasta help? That won't spoil if it is held up!

B9exchange Mon 02-Nov-20 19:56:52

Just back from shopping at local Morrisons, and they were completely out of eggs!!! Who on earth stocks up on those, they don't keep!!

merlotgran Mon 02-Nov-20 19:58:39

Tesco are rationing eggs.

Oopsminty Mon 02-Nov-20 20:01:56

Not stocking up on anything

I should be stocking up on stocking fillers for Christmas but that can wait

Happysexagenarian Mon 02-Nov-20 20:04:00

I stocked up the freezers today (meats, fish, bread etc) which we usually do about every eight weeks anyway and especially before Christmas, so it will last us through into the New Year. Otherwise we'll just continue with our usual fortnightly supermarket shop online.

Florida12 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:10:31

No, I try to limit my time in the supermarket, I live by myself and either use my online slot or the local corner shop. I more or less have a well stocked grocery cupboard anyway. I just Do without if things are scarce. I went a bit bonkers with the white vinegar at last lockdown, I used it for everything. I have wondered about laundry detergent and what I would use as an alternative if scarce, bubble bath? Hair shampoo?
The toilet roll situation is just Barmy I had a hose type thing fitted to my toilet (similar to the airport toilets in the Middle East) a G-dsend, and much more hygienic/cleaner.

MayBee70 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:22:01

I buy Castile soap which can be used for just about everything including bathing the dog.

farview Mon 02-Nov-20 21:25:42

Just been to pasta,tinned tomatoes, mince,rice,etc....and I just wanted to do a normal shop..🤦‍♀️

MissAdventure Mon 02-Nov-20 21:37:55

Who are these sticker uppers? They fly into shops, clear the shelves, then disappear into the ether!

Rosiebee Tue 03-Nov-20 08:24:34

Enough wool/yarn/ crochet hooks for at least three projects plus leftovers for charity hats. Fabric for more quilts than I'll ever have time to make. Threads and fabric to make wall to wall cross stitch samplers. Yep, I'm all stocked up. Oh, forgot to mention the jigsaws.
DH? Folders of puzzles saved from newspapers. Both all sorted🙄🙄

Sueki44 Tue 03-Nov-20 20:21:48

I agree with Linky Pinky: I want to minimise my visits to supermarkets, especially if the number of cases rises. Both of us shielded last time and although my husband was considered vulnerable we were unable to EVER get an online delivery slot! I haven’t stockpiled, but my freezer is fully stocked.

mokryna Tue 03-Nov-20 20:30:01

Visit the hairdresser for a cut. Mine is too long.

M0nica Tue 03-Nov-20 21:00:48

Beautician came this afternoon and did my eyebrows.

I am busy trying to rake up all the leaves and get them to the tip before it closes. It is a job I usually do in early November.

WOODMOUSE49 Tue 03-Nov-20 21:32:15


Just been to pasta,tinned tomatoes, mince,rice,etc....and I just wanted to do a normal shop..🤦‍♀️

It must be something to do where we all live. I too went to Morrisons today. No problem. Shelves OK. No one with trollies showing panic buying.

MissAdventure Tue 03-Nov-20 21:44:14

It must be.
Even before the PMS lockdown speech, the shelves were emptying here.