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Christmas break?

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Daisymae Wed 18-Nov-20 09:18:23

The government seem to be putting signals out for a possible 5 day lifting of restrictions over Christmas. Can't see this being a good idea bearing in mind the situation that the country is in at the moment. What can possibly change over the next few weeks that would make this government policy? I can see they are in a very difficult position but I would have thought that there's a need to keep a lid on things until the spring. The idea of a near normal festive season doesn't seem reasonable.

Woodmouse Sat 21-Nov-20 10:01:45

Whiff, I have obeyed all of the rules and will continue to do so. Like you I have never smoked and in March, realising that I could do with shedding a few pounds in order to optimise my chances of fighting Covid, I went on a diet to lose a stone. I also started running again to improve my lung capacity. What infuriates me is regularly seeing people wandering around who are clearly, significantly overweight and sometimes puffing away on fags!
Suziewoozie, you are completely right. I should have used the correct description.
To the poster who seems to be wishing others dead - REALLY?

suziewoozie Sat 21-Nov-20 10:25:49



la la la la I'm fucking invisible as is my almost 102 year old friend! So good to know the fabulous folk of `GN actually care about real people as opposed to the imaginary kind. I'll be sure to tell her the pure souls of GN say fuck you just get on with being totally isolated, depressed and sad, you've had your life............. I totally despair. I'm now hoping many of you don't
make it until next Christmas, payback is a bitch!

Wow. This from someone claiming to be a Christian.

And where are the posters calling her out for swearing? Oh wait a minute, she’s a right winger and therefore beyond reproach from her mates.

janipat Sat 21-Nov-20 10:49:46

I apologise for the unacceptable language I used.
To Growstuff my friend isn't in a care home, she lives in a tiny flat completely alone except for the carers who come to her 3 times a day, and who of course also visit other elderly people. She never goes out. She is not in a care home so no danger to anyone else at all. She'd like to have a visit from her children who aren't in her bubble, only her youngest son is bubbled with her. Compassion says they shouldn't be sanctioned and prevented from seeing her when her time left is so very limited.
suziewoozie how dare you call me a right winger, where is your evidence? My mates? Pray tell, who would they be? If you can refer to any post of mine that is right wing then please do so, otherwise I expect you to recant. As I recall other posters have sworn and you've not called them out, but then again I suppose they were your mates.

FannyCornforth Sat 21-Nov-20 10:56:00

You can swear until the cows come home for all I care.

What about you wishing folk dead, in two separate posts?

suziewoozie Sat 21-Nov-20 10:56:11

I don’t call people out for swearing - I couldn’t give a flying fig if people swear. Sorry for insulting you re your politics - I must have got you muddled up with someone else. Sorry again.

Misty22 Sat 21-Nov-20 10:58:21

The virus doesn't know it's Christmas!

Whiff Sat 21-Nov-20 11:03:22

Woodmouse I decided 3 years to tackle my weight problem. I have lost over 7 stone going from a 32 to 16. And decided to get fitter. Which I have. I will never been thin. Decades of being between 11-19+ stones. Means my skin will never skrink back . I still want to lose another stone but for me . Any lower and I will look haggard and even if I got to 9st my thighs will never shrink back.

Everyone has to make their own choices in life. I don't judge people by what they look like. You don't know what is going on in their lives or what type of person they are.

Janipat there is no need for that language. When you resort to using bad language you loss you argument.

petra Sat 21-Nov-20 11:13:01

I understand your post completely, although I wouldn't have put it quite that way. ?
I have several elderly/ infirm people in my close who me and my other half have been supporting ( other neighbours do, as well) before this horror happened and have continued to do so.
One of them is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. There is no way that you could deal with some of the stuff we have to deal with by standing on the doorstep 2 meters apart.
Another has poor mobility. He often has falls: again, how do you get someone off the floor 2 meters apart.
My dear friend/ neighbour is having a terrible time with a family member: she is distraught. How could I not put my arms round her and cry with her?
I often have 2 lonely neighbours for Sunday roast and good laugh and chat.
Yes, I know I'm breaking the rules but their mental health and well being means more to me.

janipat Sat 21-Nov-20 11:28:07

FannyCornforth yes that was disgusting of me to say I wished anyone dead. Of course I don't mean it, it was an abomination born of frustration, and I totally withdraw the comments and apologise for them.
petra thanks for your understanding. I think I'll take a break from GN for a while, let the dust settle.

growstuff Sat 21-Nov-20 11:54:44

janipat My mistake in thinking your friend is in a care home.

None of us knows yet what the "rules" will be on Christmas Day. However, assuming that they don't change, the question will be whether any of them are prepared to break them. Being practical, nobody would be likely to know.

The second question would be whether any of the children (I'm assuming they're not young themselves) would be prepared to break the rules and live with the consequences if she were to become infected. Nobody on GN can answer those questions for any of you. We can't send the virus packing for a day or two. You have to do your own risk assessments.

Is there any way that the younger son has a laptop and could organise a Zoom meeting with the others?

growstuff Sat 21-Nov-20 11:55:34


I don’t call people out for swearing - I couldn’t give a flying fig if people swear. Sorry for insulting you re your politics - I must have got you muddled up with someone else. Sorry again.

There is a poster with a similar username. I've made the same mistake in the past.

Maggiemaybe Sat 21-Nov-20 11:56:56

janipat, I understand your frustration, but it doesn’t follow that just because people haven’t responded to your posts and sympathised directly, they don’t care.

Don’t go, there are too many members leaving these days. You’ve explained and apologised. It’s done.

Woodmouse Sat 21-Nov-20 12:04:59

janipat, don't go. You've apologized and I think everyone here will understand how frustration can result in saying things we shouldn't. I've done it oh too many times.

petra Sat 21-Nov-20 12:54:55

Just take a break. Sometimes it's good for your mental health ?

Alegrias2 Sat 21-Nov-20 13:12:43

janipat I think many of us say things on GN that we regret afterwards. I would like to say that your apology and explanation is one of the most gracious things I have ever read here. I hope you don't mind me saying that.

janipat Sat 21-Nov-20 13:48:23

Thank you all for accepting my apologies, and Alegrias2 your kind comment means an awful lot to me. I am ashamed of my behaviour, and will take a little break for now.

FannyCornforth Sat 21-Nov-20 14:26:46

I'm so sorry that I've been a part of this.
It is such a difficult and emotionally fraught debate.
My grandmother is 96 and I haven't seen her since the start of the year. She is in a care home.
I know that I've said stupid things on here - and I've only been here for 3 months!
I hope that you come back very, very soon.

suziewoozie Sat 21-Nov-20 15:08:50

There’s no need to feel guilty about calling out a truly horrible post wishing people dead. The apology from the poster is fine but the criticisms were completely justified.