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First covid vaccine testing - lets start a book on the date

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GagaJo Fri 27-Nov-20 19:13:27

I say, 10th January (despite reading today's news).

Moonlight113 Fri 27-Nov-20 19:21:43

Testing? I hope they've done that bit.

GagaJo Fri 27-Nov-20 19:39:44

This isn't the article I just read, but it has similar info.

Starting in days, not weeks. Or so it says.

suziewoozie Fri 27-Nov-20 20:00:07

Do you mean the date of the covid first vaccine of any kind? If so before Christmas for a Pfizer one in a hospital - 10 December

MawBe Fri 27-Nov-20 21:21:40

Administering the vaccine is likely to start ebegore the end of the year Gagajo so I hope all the testing has been done by now!
What did you mean?

NotTooOld Fri 27-Nov-20 22:14:17

I reckon a vaccine will be given to health workers before Christmas. The Oxford vaccine has gone to the regulators today apparently and the earlier ones have been there for a week. To put a date on it, I'll guess 14 December.

MissAdventure Fri 27-Nov-20 22:30:50

I think it will be later than that.
The end of December or early next year.

NotTooOld Fri 27-Nov-20 22:38:16

Whoever thought we'd have a thread like this last March? It's brilliant.

suziewoozie Fri 27-Nov-20 22:42:38

I think the Pfizer one in a hospital because its effectiveness rates are apparently much better than AZ and also hospitals will have the proper freezers needed.That will save the AZ one for locations were only fridges are available which would make sense.

Casdon Fri 27-Nov-20 22:43:43

Pfizer vaccine for health and social care staff starting from 6th December, and for care home residents from 13th I’d say - they are geared up to go as soon as the approval is given.

Lucca Fri 27-Nov-20 23:27:33

? hooray

MissAdventure Fri 27-Nov-20 23:29:36

I'm social care staff, and I'm scared. I will have it, though.

suziewoozie Fri 27-Nov-20 23:40:33

My dd had her flu jab today at work ( hospital) and the nurse said, that’s good having it now because we advise at least a week between the flu jab and the Covid one. Which could mean ......

MissAdventure Fri 27-Nov-20 23:51:42

We've been notified it's on the horizon, and bought under pressure to have the flu jab, too.
Self testing as well, for us, on it's way.

GagaJo Sat 28-Nov-20 08:13:50

Whoo hoo! In Switzerland, teachers are the 3rd group to get it. Medical staff first of course.

NotAGran55 Sat 28-Nov-20 08:34:41

A friend’s daughter is a Doctor at a world famous English hospital and she has confirmed that the vaccine program is going to be started for staff ‘ in 2 weeks time’ .
She told me this on Thursday.

Jaxjacky Sat 28-Nov-20 08:38:34

My 10p goes on the 6th December!

Lisagran Sat 28-Nov-20 08:38:41

Ellianne Sat 28-Nov-20 08:44:26


Whoo hoo! In Switzerland, teachers are the 3rd group to get it. Medical staff first of course.

Good. France is prioritising school staff too, though apparently French people are the world's most reluctant to take the Covid vaccine.
Maybe 12th December here? And all over the Christmas period as it cant be left lying around unused for too long.

Lucca Sat 28-Nov-20 08:53:23

I haven’t seen mention of school staff here ?

NotTooOld Sat 28-Nov-20 11:13:41

Do you reckon they'll carry on jabbing all over Christmas? Even Christmas Day? (I hope so).

GagaJo Sat 28-Nov-20 11:26:39

I hope so too NotTooOld. So much so, I would volunteer for support duties.

GagaJo Wed 02-Dec-20 16:36:36

Casdon and Jaxjacky, only 2 days out! Do you two have insider knowledge???????

Casdon Wed 02-Dec-20 17:22:25

Not to that degree GagaJo, but I did know the Pfizer vaccine was with the regulator, and I have enough insider knowledge to know that the NHS has been preparing the rollout plans for months, so they are ready to go extremely quickly when the vaccine arrives.

Jaxjacky Wed 02-Dec-20 17:24:03

No insider knowledge...uneducated guess!