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Oxford Vaccine approved

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rosie1959 Wed 30-Dec-20 07:02:58

Some good news for a change

MayBee70 Wed 06-Jan-21 13:26:45

Jane: was that for the Pfizer one as well?

Moonlight113 Wed 06-Jan-21 13:33:18

Lucca they would just chuck mine over the fence. grin

Moonlight113 Wed 06-Jan-21 13:35:43

Thank you for your reassuring posts Alegrias

That from me too.

janeainsworth Wed 06-Jan-21 14:23:10

Maybee was that for the Pfizer one as well?
Yes I think so, I think he meant as a general principle that the interval wasn't that critical.

millymouge Wed 06-Jan-21 15:37:13

Have just been for our second Pfizer vaccination. The medical centre where we had the first done are giving the second dose as they feel it is the correct thing to do. Pfizer have said it should be given 21 days after the first.We feel we are very lucky as so many haven’t had their first yet.

MayBee70 Wed 06-Jan-21 15:51:24

Does anyone know what the situation is if you’ve had an allergic reaction to penicillin in the past but don’t carry an epi pen? I assume you would just have to make sure you have it at a doctors or hospital rather than one of the large centres that will be doing vaccinations.

Greeneyedgirl Wed 06-Jan-21 16:02:30

I assume they will check known allergies before you are injected and if you are allergic to the vaccine constituents they may not give it.
When I immunised children I always had adrenaline with me in case of anaphylaxis. I’m assuming this will be part of the protocol wherever you have the vaccine.