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Oxford Vaccine approved

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rosie1959 Wed 30-Dec-20 07:02:58

Some good news for a change

NanaPlenty Wed 30-Dec-20 10:51:51

Great news and the second dose doesn’t need to be given for 12 weeks meaning lots more people can start being immunised. I have noticed a lot more negativity in Gransnet recently as I know others have. It’s a shame - we all need support especially at the moment. Of course people are entitled to their opinion but there is a way of expressing things surely. I would be disappointed not to be on Gransnet as it’s been a great site but I don’t want to come on an find people constantly sniping at each other - don’t need it anytime, especially now.

Carolpaint Wed 30-Dec-20 10:52:32

Yes Kamiso, the negativity of this forum does make me avoid it.
I worry that USA will now withhold and rubbish our vaccination as they have scuppered so many inventions that they have not created. Think Concord.
Am looking forward to my vaccinations and the return of the joys of freedom, museums, art galleries, eating out, seeing friends and family unfettered, etc.

Luckygirl Wed 30-Dec-20 10:52:58

Missed out a bit: "You say that your body knows best what to do in these cases, but it did not help these poor souls; and their bodies were not living on a cocktail of drugs."

Lin663 Wed 30-Dec-20 10:55:08

Seriously? I am sick to death of conspiracy theorists going on about “the motives” and “what we are all being told” and “what are they injecting us with”.....if you are so worried, don’t take it and risk joining the 71000+ who have already died.

LauraNorder Wed 30-Dec-20 10:58:47

?I’ll have my sleeve rolled up and ready as soon as it’s offered to me.
The more of us that have the jab, the more the future for our children and grandchildren will be protected.

Callistemon Wed 30-Dec-20 10:58:57

Genty I assumed that was why its approval was delayed - that more data was required in order for the study the effectiveness on older people . It was not as effective in trials as the Pfizer vaccine but cheaper and more easily transported.

I could be wrong.

Callistemon Wed 30-Dec-20 11:01:28

I don't mean to be negative, just realistic.
I don't mind which I have, after all, the flu vaccines are only about 60% effective and we trust those to protect us.

MissChateline Wed 30-Dec-20 11:05:11

Kamiso. I am certainly not complaining, criticising nor being negative about the news. I for one would be first in the queue with my sleeve rolled up. The news is fantastic. However I am somewhat cynical about the timing of this. I also have little faith in the promises that it will be rolled out to the masses in a speedy and orderly manner. Even this morning the timing changed from 2 doses within 3 weeks to everyone gets one dose and about 3 months later they roll out the second dose.
Nothing is going to get anyway normal for months and months, maybe not even next year. I am angry that I am losing years of my life when I had other plans. That my partner and I have been separated in different countries since March (now reunited in UK for 3 weeks thank goodness) and that it is going to be difficult to travel to our newly acquired holiday home abroad. I am angry about the appalling waste of money given to government cronies for failed services and all the expensive pop up testing companies which seem to have sprung up. I am angry about the increase surveillance which will remain long after it is needed. However I have like many people tried to adhere to the rules, kept myself and others safe and most importantly maintained a healthy lifestyle. Like others I will remain resilient and sit this out.

Callistemon Wed 30-Dec-20 11:10:04

What about the Chinese Government who tried to cover this up for so long and allowed it to escape, MissC? Does that not annoy you?

Kim19 Wed 30-Dec-20 11:15:23

Yes, I have to agree I have found more negatives than positives in general on GN lately. However the beauty is we just have to log off and come back another day. There's often some nice and uplifting stuff too. I seek that out.

Oldwoman70 Wed 30-Dec-20 11:21:36

MissC We are all "losing years" of our lives, but I would rather that than lose all of them. I am sorry you and your partner have been separated for months - others are now separated from their partners permanently. For now we must consider the needs of the whole community and accept there are things we have to give up for the time being.

Of course there have been questionable decisions and no doubt there will eventually be investigations into them.

Oldbat1 Wed 30-Dec-20 11:21:40

Positive news! I’m definitely in the queue.

leeds22 Wed 30-Dec-20 11:25:53

Definitely in the queue for either vaccine but a bit concerned about delay of 12 weeks for second shot.

B9exchange Wed 30-Dec-20 11:47:11

Yes, I am not happy about the 12 week delay. Some reports give efficacy of the first dose as only 50%, and if that is the case, full lockdown will continue until the summer, destroying the economy and wrecking thousands of lives. I will have which ever vaccine is offered, but this does seem a peculiar one. It hasn't been proven to offer any immunity to the disease, or to prevent onward transmission. Its only purpose is to prevent someone, once infected, from suffering the worst effects of the disease. So my taking it is of no benefit to anyone else and will have no effect on herd immunity. I can still catch it and pass it on, without displaying any symptoms to warn me or others. So at what point do we consider the pandemic over?

Patsy70 Wed 30-Dec-20 11:49:07

Well said Luckygirl. It is fantastic news and thank you to everyone who worked towards producing this vaccine, including the volunteers. Best wishes everyone for a happy 2021. smile

Taichinan Wed 30-Dec-20 11:53:33

Wonderful news indeed! I'm 79 so should be in the next batch of those to be vaccinated - just try and stop me! I have always disliked the idea of some alien substance being injected into me, but I hate the idea of having Covid much more. I too feel that the best of what is left in life has been 'stolen' from me and choosing to have the vaccine when it is offered seems to me to be taking back a little control over what has up to now been uncontrollable. Do I want my life back? Yes please.

Taichinan Wed 30-Dec-20 11:56:11

And further to the above - my heartfelt thanks to all the scientists and volunteer 'guinea pigs' who have worked so hard for such long hours to bring us this offer of freedom. Mere words can't convey the feeling.

MayBee70 Wed 30-Dec-20 11:57:03

I think one of the reasons for the delay was working out the most efficacious time scale between first and second dose. Interestingly wasn’t it Tony Blair who said the best thing to do was to vaccinate as many people as possible now, manufacture more vaccine and then give a second dose. Although one dose won’t give total protection it will give some but it’s so important that people still adhere to current safety measures for a long time. I’m really not confident that they will.

NotTooOld Wed 30-Dec-20 12:12:05

Wonderful news. I have my sleeve rolled up already. Well done Oxford University and AstraZeneca. Can't thank you and all the volunteers enough. flowers

Callistemon Wed 30-Dec-20 12:12:42

Which Tont Blair was that? The politician or the renowned epidemiologist?

Callistemon Wed 30-Dec-20 12:17:13

I was hoping that there would be a first half dose then a second vaccination within about a month, if that is what is recommended.

tinysidsmum Wed 30-Dec-20 12:17:40

Hooray !

NannyDaft Wed 30-Dec-20 12:27:53

I so agree Sparkfizz I to burst into tears !

Armynanny Wed 30-Dec-20 12:35:57


I'm not having the vaccine, you don't know what side effects it has, I don't trust it, I'm not being a guinea pig, to a new vaccine, that no one knows enough about

But you are happy to risk getting this dreadful virus and I guess you are quite happy to travel by car, bus etc which are lethal weapons

farview Wed 30-Dec-20 12:44:21

Thank you Oxford!!
Thank you also to all the people who volunteered to take part in trials..we are indebted to you!.?