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Exercising once a day?

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DaisyL Tue 05-Jan-21 17:19:17

Can anyone explain to me why we are only allowed to exercise once a day. I take my dogs out twice a day locally (in a very rural area) and avoid other people. What is the problem with this?

Buffybee Thu 07-Jan-21 12:05:45

As it is, if people want to ‘bend’ the rules to suit themselves, there’s not very much any one can do to stop them.
Perhaps if would have been wiser to not post on here, telling everyone that they were, in their opinion, an exception and would do what they wanted.
Then non of this bad feeling would have been created.

Moonlight113 Thu 07-Jan-21 12:06:13

A sad fact is, a lot of us older folk will come out of this considerably less fit than when it all started. I say, if you have direct access to wild countryside, use it.

BlueSky Thu 07-Jan-21 12:10:38

Hetty very worrying that your poor elderly neighbour still caught Covid despite shielding. If it is in the air then there is no escape.

lemsip Thu 07-Jan-21 12:11:58

Moonlight113 Can you explain what you are implying please?

lemsip Thu 07-Jan-21 12:13:22

Moonlight113 what are you implying re the over eighties!

Moonlight113 Thu 07-Jan-21 12:18:15


Moonlight113 Can you explain what you are implying please?

I remember seeing on the news, an old person being barricaded into their house whilst being told, "you've had plenty of life". Horrific that similar is apparently happening here. ?

Maggiemaybe Thu 07-Jan-21 12:18:56

Ah well, I’m off for my daily walk. This thread is just going round in ever-decreasing circles and the one thing it has done is establish that people will always find a way to justify whatever it is they want to do.

I don’t agree with everything Hetty says by any means, but right here she gets to the crux of the matter:

We have emergency laws right now, though. I don't break the law. I respect the law. I'm not a criminal. Do people realise that 'bending a rule' can be criminal behaviour?

Moonlight113 Thu 07-Jan-21 12:19:18

That was in China, of course.

Callistemon Thu 07-Jan-21 12:44:22

I've just vacuumed.
That was good exercise.

lemsip Thu 07-Jan-21 12:48:47

Moonlight113..........apologies, Thought you were suggesting over eighties should not be nursed but go straight to the morgue!!

Moonlight113 Thu 07-Jan-21 12:59:40

Good Lord no!!!! (To lemsip )

Moonlight113 Thu 07-Jan-21 13:01:35

My bubbled son has just vacuumed for me Callistemon. That counts doesn't it? (In my defence, I have an excruciatingly bad back at the moment)

lemsip Thu 07-Jan-21 14:04:15

moonlighting113..'Doctors and nurses in hospitals all over the country are practically killing themselves endeavouring to save the lives of the over eighties..'

That is what you wrote and caused my reply re what you were implying!, .......apologies again!

Moonlight113 Thu 07-Jan-21 14:09:25

Ah! I get it. I meant I couldn't understand why an ambulance crew would refuse to take an 85 year old woman to hospital, since a lot of covid patients might be around that age. Just awful to think of an old lady being left at home to cope on her own.

garnet25 Thu 07-Jan-21 14:15:18

I'm with the fittness brigade here I normally cycle every day with my OH for aproximately an hour. It gets us out in fresh air and keeps out fitness levels up. Howver since the snow and frost we have not gone as we dont wish to have an accident and end up in hospital. Insted we have found excercises to do from You Tube and make sure we do at least half an hour every day. At our ages 72 and 74 we know that if we dont keep our fitness levels up our muscles will atrophy and hasten our aging.

Nvella Thu 07-Jan-21 16:45:51

How on Earth are they going to police this?

MayBee70 Thu 07-Jan-21 17:01:36

I’m not going to do my late night walk if the ground looks frozen which it does at the moment. My dog walk was shorter than usual because it was raining. I’ll check out utube for some exercises tonight. If I don’t exercise I’m tempted to eat more.

MawBe Thu 07-Jan-21 17:14:11


How on Earth are they going to police this?

Maybe superfluous dog walks will be policed by police dogs?

Tweedle24 Thu 07-Jan-21 17:34:29

Suzy3. I think there are quite a few people on here who live alone. I am one, having been widowed 4 1/2 years ago.

I did have a friend here over Christmas and up today. She also lives alone so we ‘bubbled’. I have been out and about a little but, she, having a cardiac problem, is not allowed to drive and is scared to go out on her own. Last time she did that she dropped without warning and hit the pavement breaking both arms and her nose.

Having now gone home, she will probably not see another person, apart from delivery people, until this is all over. I can, at least, wrap up and go for a walk if I wish. It is people like her I worry about.

Eloethan Thu 07-Jan-21 21:29:17

No sense to it at all. I exercise for as long as I feel inclined and able to - which is usually twice a day with the dog. It's not as if I socialise when exercising. Quite ridiculous to confine people to their homes in this way - and actually very unhealthy

BrandyGran Thu 07-Jan-21 21:38:57

The problem with this personal "common sense" is that other people will see you out for the second time and think we'll that's OK then! Next thing there will be countless people walking about using their so called "common sense".
We are all in this together-that means obeying the rules.

BrandyGran Thu 07-Jan-21 21:46:45

Not we'll well

BrandyGran Thu 07-Jan-21 21:49:07

Oscar Wilde said that there is very little that is common about common sense as there's so little of it around.

Jaxjacky Thu 07-Jan-21 21:59:12

See another thread ‘what does walking near home mean’ about someone fined for being 4 miles from home.

BlueSky Thu 07-Jan-21 22:06:13


See another thread ‘what does walking near home mean’ about someone fined for being 4 miles from home.

How ridiculous! angry