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You couldn't make this up could you? Wonder how they voted... Elderly Britons are REFUSING Pfizer's vaccine because they'd rather 'wait for the English one' | Daily Mail Online

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biba70 Fri 08-Jan-21 12:08:50

this seems just crazy.

paddyanne Fri 08-Jan-21 12:12:21

you cant cure stupid !

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 08-Jan-21 12:15:55

I’m sure they mean ‘a few’ or even ‘some’ Elderly Britons.

I’m surprised they are being given a choice, it should be you get what you’re given or you go without.

janeainsworth Fri 08-Jan-21 12:18:02

Here's the link.

I thought you didn't read the Daily Mail, Biba?

Ramblingrose22 Fri 08-Jan-21 12:18:10

I may be wrong but the people concerned have may heard that it is "safe" to leave a long gap between first and second jab whereas Pfizer have said that they don't know if the 2nd jab can be delayed for as long as 12 weeks because they have never tested it. They have only tested a 3-week gap between jabs.

FlexibleFriend Fri 08-Jan-21 12:18:35

They may have a valid reason, I have an auto immune condition and am allergic to various medications. My specialist phoned me yesterday and in that chat I asked about the vaccine and what I should do when offered it. I was told to avoid the pfizer vaccine but the Astra zenica one would be fine. Maybe they've had similar advice.

TerriBull Fri 08-Jan-21 12:23:46

Yes on the face of it, it would appear to be stupid, although would the fact that it needs to be kept under 70 degrees, which from what I read can be a problem affect their rationale?? who knows! I wouldn't care who supplies the vaccine, if it proves to be effective.

MawBe Fri 08-Jan-21 12:23:57


Here's the link.

I thought you didn't read the Daily Mail, Biba?

Quote biba70 Thu 07-Jan-21 19:23:40
I have only read the Daily Mail a couple of times and was appalled each time

So, does this make it a THIRD time, Biba ? gringrin

I’m not surprised, I am fairly certain at least two GN members expressed a similar desire to wait for the A-Z vaccine

B9exchange Fri 08-Jan-21 12:26:02

Yes, I very much doubt that is the reason for the refusals, they must have had a hunt to find anyone to say that. I do have some sympathy with the difficulties people face. Do you take the Pfizer, knowing that you are effectively in a clinical trial, as Pfizer don't recommend more than a three week delay for the second one, for the 90% protection offered, or do you take the AstraZeneca vaccine, which only gives 70%, but the 12 week delay doesn't seem to be so much of a worry.

I think I will take which ever is offered first, but I will take a photo of the phial, I don't want to be given a different one 12 weeks later.

And I do worry about the 12 week delay allowing the virus to mutate and become vaccine resistant.

Callistemon Fri 08-Jan-21 12:26:19

I asked my consultant yesterday and he said either one is fine.
Neither is a live vaccine.

Why read the sensational Daily Mail, biba and get all wound up when you said you're not well?
Take care.

Namsnanny Fri 08-Jan-21 12:31:00

As flexiblefriend said I was told to avoid th P vaccine but the AZ was fine
I havent read the article, but there will always be exceptions to any rule.
Nothing to fret about really.

janeainsworth Fri 08-Jan-21 12:31:18

And what's voting got to do with it?? (referring to the thread title)

Callistemon Fri 08-Jan-21 12:31:26

Ten police officers were given the vaccine instead.
There's always a silver lining! smile

If you read that report you'd be really concerned, better to have listened to the Brigadier in charge of the Royal Logistics Corps, now in charge of getting the vaccine to where it's needed.

Callistemon Fri 08-Jan-21 12:34:00

I’m sure they mean ‘a few’ or even ‘some’ Elderly Britons.

Ten, I think, oopsadaisy
But, of course, the DM will put the wind up people now.

Anyway, I think the NHS staff should have it first.

BlueSky Fri 08-Jan-21 12:35:35

I’m sure they didn’t say that they want the Oxford one just because it’s English! They must be concerned about various aspects of the Pfizer and simply express a preference, which incidentally I share. If there’s no choice then we’ll take whatever is offered, unless advised otherwise by our GPs and consultants, as some on here have indicated.

MawBe Fri 08-Jan-21 12:36:28


And what's voting got to do with it?? (referring to the thread title)

How to get Brexit on to every thread! gringrin

EllanVannin Fri 08-Jan-21 12:37:12

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Callistemon Fri 08-Jan-21 12:37:51

You couldn't make this up could you?^

Probably the DM reporter did

Charleygirl5 Fri 08-Jan-21 12:41:16

To my knowledge, the only choice we have is to take it or leave it. I am happy to take the place of somebody who does not want it.

I picked up fish and chips yesterday and the owner has never had a flu jab and is certainly not having anything to do with the Astra Zenica vaccine because she does not know anybody who it has affected and/or they died. She did not understand when I said she could be asymptomatic and passing it on to her customers especially as she did not wear a mask. Folk never cease to amaze me. I would say she is mid to late 60's so no spring chicken.

Lucca Fri 08-Jan-21 12:43:57

I have a cousin who says he wants a particular one because he’s got shares......aaaargh.
I agree the article was probably sensationalised but it doesn’t actually surprise me that much !

biba70 Fri 08-Jan-21 12:43:57

Yes, a friend sent me a link- so no, not had the 'joy' of reading the DM.

MayBee70 Fri 08-Jan-21 12:45:46

On the news just now that the Pfizer vaccine does protect against the South African variant (I was getting very worried about that one). So anyone that refuses us is crazy. Not sure about the Oxford one yet. Fingers crossed though.

grandMattie Fri 08-Jan-21 12:47:39

I would personally prefer the Oxfors AZ one if given a choice, but I shan't refuse P if offered!
BTW in the Telegraph on Monday, they were reporting a lot of side effects lasting 2 days; fevers, myalgia, loss of smell, etc. I wouldn't look forward to that, thanks.

biba70 Fri 08-Jan-21 12:48:43

I only meant to post the link without her comment on the matter, but, as I agree with her, that is OK.

JenniferEccles Fri 08-Jan-21 12:51:07

There is one I wouldn’t relish having and that is the Russian one!
Either of the two we already have would be fine though!