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Surge In Care Home Coronavirus Outbreaks As New Variant ‘Breaches Defences’

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GagaJo Sun 10-Jan-21 11:21:36

Scary, BUT the bit I took home from in the article states:
the vaccine rollout is stopping potential outbreaks from escalating in homes where residents have had an initial dose.

I think this is positive. Just got to get the vaccine to those in homes that currently have yet to have it. With the Oxford vaccine it shouldn't be that hard, surely? It isn't temperature sensitive AND care homes have staff that can given injections.

vampirequeen Sun 10-Jan-21 11:35:26

I think the gov see Care Home residents as expendable. They pay lip service to keeping them safe but do the minimum to ensure that happens.

But it's OK because

Jaxjacky Sun 10-Jan-21 11:46:58

vamirequeen where we live all care home residents, 250+, have had their first vaccine, all over 80’s will be completed in the next two weeks along with healthcare and care home workers in the local community.

vampirequeen Sun 10-Jan-21 12:23:37

I would have more faith in their intentions if they hadn't sent so many infected people back to the homes during the first lockdown.