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Can you catch Covid from grandchild

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Whiff Fri 22-Jan-21 21:56:47

My grandson was in contact with another child at nursery on Wednesday . Today my daughter was informed the child has tested positive with Covid. I looked after my grandson for 4 hours today . Not worried but just wondered.

Kandinsky Fri 22-Jan-21 21:59:56

Yes you can.

GagaJo Fri 22-Jan-21 22:00:56

I think age is irrelevant when it comes to covid.

Hope you're OK whiff.

NotTooOld Fri 22-Jan-21 22:02:33

Yes you can. Children frequently show no symptoms but they can pass it on to others.

welbeck Fri 22-Jan-21 22:29:39

surely you must know by now that anyone can catch it from anyone.

BlueSky Fri 22-Jan-21 22:39:13

Yes friends who never go out caught it from symptomless grandchildren.

Urmstongran Fri 22-Jan-21 22:47:41

Yes you can.
Our daughter caught it in September after teaching a class of reception children. PPE wasn’t allowed in class, only when moving about the school. She hadn’t been anywhere else. Shopping had been delivered during August. They went nowhere. Just stayed home with her own little family. She then passed it onto her husband and the four of them were in quarantine. 2 poorly adults playing tag minding 2 jumping beans. It was an awful time.

Whiff Fri 22-Jan-21 22:53:13

Thank you for replies. Wellbeck no need to be sarcastic. I am not stupid I only asked a question. Should have known better than ask especially on the Coronavirus forum. As I have noticed on some of the threads people aren't always nice to eachother. Manners don't cost anything.

GagaJo Fri 22-Jan-21 22:55:43

I'm with you on that one Whiff.

I know it's hard (I have a dry cough at the moment and am waiting to see if it is just a cough or...) but it's a waiting game for you for a week or so now.

Callistemon Fri 22-Jan-21 23:00:29

Your grandson may not catch it, Whiff ? but then again he could and be symptomless and pass it on.
Are all the nursery children in quarantine now?

Ellianne Fri 22-Jan-21 23:00:41

Whiff I know that you have been in a bubble with your daughter's family all along, quite legitimately, and that you have been careful. I'm sorry you have this worry but fingers crossed your grandson didn't catch it at the nursery. It is well documented that the risks are less with the younger kids.

welbeck Fri 22-Jan-21 23:01:57

well i couldn't see why you were asking, it just seemed so obvious.
if you had asked if anyone knew someone who had caught it from GC, then that would make more sense.
maybe i am overly literal, but i wasn't being sarcastic.

Deedaa Fri 22-Jan-21 23:06:22

My grandson was sent home before lockdown because he'd been sitting next to a boy who'd tested positive. He didn't catch it and neither did the rest of his family.

maddyone Fri 22-Jan-21 23:10:14

I think it’s possible to catch Covid from anyone, and it’s also possible to be in contact with someone who has it and not catch it. That’s why it’s so hard to track, it makes some people ill, others don’t know they have it.

Whiff Sat 23-Jan-21 08:35:15

The nursery is closed . Everyone contacted and in isolation. My cousin's youngest daughter and grandson live with him. She works in a nursery and was diagnosed with Covid on Christmas day. She is 30, my cousin 57 and grandson 6. They didn't get it. But he said it was 10 days from hell. Luckily she made a full recovery and didn't have to go to hospital.

FannyCornforth Sat 23-Jan-21 08:55:04

Of course you can.
Like Welbeck I still can't understand why you asked this particular question. Did you think that someone would say no, you can't?
I do hope that you are okay, and that you haven't caught it.

Sara1954 Sat 23-Jan-21 09:05:46

I don’t think the question was unreasonable, it has been said many times that the chances of catching COVID from a child was much lower.
One of my granddaughters nursery had to close because of eleven positive cases, luckily she didn’t get it, but because she lives with us, I did look at a lot of the information available. As with everything that’s come out of Covid, you can’t necessarily believe a word you read, but several sources said the transmission between small children and adults was much less than adult to adult.
I’m sure I’m going to be corrected, but in a world where information changes every five minutes, I don’t think whiff is asking an unreasonable question.

BlueBelle Sat 23-Jan-21 09:17:23

sara I thought it was the opposite I thought school children were deemed to be the super spreaders

FannyCornforth Sat 23-Jan-21 09:30:57

Sara you make an excellent point regarding conflicting information and lack of clarity, and BlueBelle
further proves that point!

MayBee70 Sat 23-Jan-21 10:50:21

I think it’s secondary school age children that are spreading it more. I also read that it has been found that treachery are catching covid at a higher rate than other people, including eg shop workers. Who’d’ve thought it confused?

MayBee70 Sat 23-Jan-21 10:50:44


Toadinthehole Sat 23-Jan-21 10:53:45

We had a similar thing with our granddaughter at school. We went for a walk with our son, and two of his children before Christmas, as we were allowed at the time. The following week, a child in her class tested positive. wasn’t a friend, but then someone in her friendship group tested positive. They were all sent home when the first child tested, but after it was one of my granddaughter’s friends, her parents had her tested twice. Negative both times, but she had symptoms in between, loss of senses, feeling sick.
Try not to worry Whiff. Maybe a test for your grandson would be prudent, but sadly....yes, in answer to your question, you could catch it.
I’ll pray you haven’t ?

Daddima Sat 23-Jan-21 10:59:44

My grandson (11) had to self isolate. because a parent took her child for a test in the morning AND SENT HER TO SCHOOL IN THE AFTERNOON!
Of course, it was positive.

Esspee Sat 23-Jan-21 11:08:38

I am surprised that this far into the pandemic anyone has to ask such a question.
Children are germ and virus spreaders par excellence and being in a bubble offers no protection whatsoever, quite the opposite. Any mixing with others is dangerous.

MawBe Sat 23-Jan-21 11:11:04

I think we as Grans all know only too well how quickly our GC especially the little huggy ones “spread the lurve” along with the snuffles they have brought back from nursery!
(Not that any of us minded back in the day sad )