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*Clapathon for Sir Tom*

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Esspee Wed 03-Feb-21 14:49:05

How crass.

Surely a minutes silence is more dignified for such a wonderful man.

jeanio Wed 03-Feb-21 18:42:26

I had previously said to my husband we should have a minutes silence for all those who lost their lives in this pandemic.

Urmstongran Wed 03-Feb-21 19:43:03

I went out on our balcony and clapped. Himself felt no one else would be out .... he was right. That said, it felt good in my heart to say ‘thank you Captain Tom’.

I don’t mind feeling foolish. x

Eloethan Wed 03-Feb-21 20:04:46

I was very sad to hear of Captain Tom's death - more sad than I would have thought I would be about someone I did not know personally.

However, I think people should remember him in their own way and not be almost instructed as to how they should demonstrate their sadness.

nadateturbe Wed 03-Feb-21 20:46:53

Sir Tom did a wonderful thing but so did others. I'm sad for him and his lovely family. But I'm sad for others too.
I think his family would be embarrassed at the petition for a state funeral.

heath480 Wed 03-Feb-21 21:21:27

Was driving through my village at 6pm.2 people out clapping that’s all.

MissAdventure Wed 03-Feb-21 21:26:00

A state funeral?
Has the UK gone mad?

Urmstongran Wed 03-Feb-21 22:21:00

Seems so MissA! It’ll never happen, just a daft idea.

Franbern Thu 04-Feb-21 08:43:03

Heigh!! What about an idea of properly and fully funding the NHS, giving all nurses and NHS Support workers a proper pay increase, and stopping the need for dependency on charity for the NHS??? Perhaps an equal amount given to the NHS as to that given out to governement mates in the many unchallenged and unworkable contracts over the past year

PamelaJ1 Thu 04-Feb-21 09:11:52

I think a statue was also mentioned
Someone will tear it down in years to come because a woke person will discover he wasn’t perfect.
Just a man like many others who put their lives on the line for their country and continued to live a good and compassionate life.
Luckily we have quite a few of those. We have just lost one.

Gagagran Thu 04-Feb-21 09:33:52

Whilst admiring Captain Tom we didn't feel it at all necessary to clap at the prescribed 6pm. These public gestures do feel a bit like virtue signalling to us.

My DH made me laugh every time TV showed clapping for someone recently deceased, at football matches in the days when spectators were allowed in.
He used to say " Oh the manager's budgie has died then".

Might sound a bit heartless but it always amused me.

Alexa Thu 04-Feb-21 09:51:55

That is lovely picture Esspee tears in my eyes.

Yammy Thu 04-Feb-21 10:15:54

I agree with the non-clappers where has the practice of showing respect with a bowed head and a minutes silence gone. Has everything got to be a show or a circus we did not use to be a hysterical showy nation we knew how to show dignity.
The same for clapping at funerals, we were taught in my county to close the curtains until after a funeral. Maybe a bit dated now but let's keep our British dignity.
So many have shown true spirit and tenacity during this pandemic. maybe a national Peace park or memorial to all who have worked or died in all fields.
I did go out at 6 not one clap in my village I would have joined in to show unity but not really agreed with it.

dahlia Sun 07-Feb-21 15:34:33

It's a good many years since we attended a wedding where the congregation clapped at the end of the ceremony - the first time I have experienced this, but not the last. OK for such a joyful occasion, but not for a funeral or hearse passing by.

GillT57 Sun 07-Feb-21 16:01:39

Captain Tom was obviously a fine man and a gentleman but I think we should leave the mourning to his family and friends. The calls for a state funeral are frankly rather over the top. Captain Tom caught the public affection at the right time and subsequently many people donated but I find the veneration rather excessive. Over 111000 have died and they were all loved by their family as much as Captain Tom is by his.

25Avalon Sun 07-Feb-21 20:49:03

I read an article on where the money went. It was to make life nicer for NHS staff which you wouldn’t normally expect an employer to provide, such as hot meals to take home, coffee and snacks in the rest room etc.

I see Boris is talking about naming one of the new hospitals after Sir Tom.

nadateturbe Sun 07-Feb-21 22:48:08

GillT57 that's how I feel.

Kalu Sun 07-Feb-21 23:10:38

Thé Thanks and appreciation with all the clapping last year didn’t last very long as, after the christmas break, the NHS are once again on their knees with exhaustion!

The money generated from the acts and kindness of Captain Tom, a few personal minutes to thank and acknowledge this lovely man is sufficient for me. I don’t want to share clapping about it.

25Avalon Tue 09-Feb-21 11:57:49

A black clergyman referred to the clapping for Sir Tom as “white nationalism” on Twitter which he has subsequently withdrawn. This is not what Sir Tom was about. We are all in this pandemic together. What has happened to humanity?

25Avalon Tue 09-Feb-21 12:01:20

Sorry that should be a BLM supporting cleric.