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After vaccine question

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Nanderin Tue 16-Feb-21 08:05:24

Hello everyone you might think this a strange question but when you come home after having vaccine do you get a shower or bath and change clothes. Or just wash hands.

maddyone Tue 16-Feb-21 16:09:27

Absolutely Esspee I agree with you, if people feel reassured then they must do whatever makes them feel reassured.

Santana Tue 16-Feb-21 16:25:48

I've just this minute got back from the vaccination centre and made a cuppa and eaten three digestives.
Did take my bra off and change into joggers but not because they were contaminated.

MayBee70 Tue 16-Feb-21 16:46:46

I just changed straight back into my pyjamas. Why change the habit of the past 10 months!