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Have you had to travel for your vaccination?

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Willow500 Wed 10-Mar-21 07:43:34

Just that really.

We are 67 and received the letter several weeks ago inviting us for the vaccine but if we ignored the letter we would be contacted by the GP. We opted for the latter but nearly 3 weeks later when everyone we know apart from one friend had been done locally and we had heard nothing I rang our surgery to be told 'it would be a while yet'. We felt that we had no option but to travel to the nearest centre which for us is 30 miles away - we are going tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong - I'm very grateful that we are able to have the vaccine at all and this country is doing an amazing job but can't help wondering how many of the over 65's have had the same experience. Our local paper recently had a list of the groups - the over 65's was the only one which said 'may be asked to visit a centre'. We are lucky we have transport and are able to travel (presumably we are allowed in the lockdown hmm ) but there must be others who are unable to do this and are still waiting.

FannyCornforth Wed 10-Mar-21 07:49:00

I don't understand the part of your post where you say that the local paper said that 'only' the over 65s would have to visit a centre.
Where did the older and ecv people have their jabs?

30 miles does seem a long way to go.
What they first started doing the vaccines around here, the mega hub was the only option. Since then loads more venues have opened up.

FannyCornforth Wed 10-Mar-21 07:51:12

And all the best for tomorrow!

NannyJan53 Wed 10-Mar-21 07:51:23

I had mine 2 weeks ago, I am 67. I booked on the website and travelled 10 miles. I am yet to hear from my Doctors Surgery.

Galaxy Wed 10-Mar-21 07:51:25

Lots of people I know just waited and got their vaccination at the GP. Obviously you would be later than those who went to the centre. I dont think 30 miles is a long way really.

Willow500 Wed 10-Mar-21 07:53:19

The older folks and those with underlying health conditions (several we know here) have all been done at the GP's. Presumably the rest too although I did hear about my SIL's neighbour who is 98 and hadn't had her letter - another neighbour contacted her GP and took her down to the surgery the next day for it.

FannyCornforth Wed 10-Mar-21 08:16:53

Thank you. Apologies if my question sounded daft, GPs don't seem to be doing any vaccines at all in our region.

Maggiemaybe Wed 10-Mar-21 08:22:28

I’m surprised to hear that people are still travelling so far for vaccinations. I know this was the case at the start of the programme, but we had a choice of four or five venues within ten miles when we booked online. It must vary a lot between regions.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 10-Mar-21 08:29:09

I had to drive 3 miles. The vaccines are organised by our Health Centre but take place in a disused gym behind the Health Centre building . All very efficient. I am in Group 5 but was inoculated at the end of January.

rubysong Wed 10-Mar-21 08:39:20

DH and I went to a hub half an hour's drive away. The GPs have grouped together and are using a community centre about 10 miles away, but we chose the hub and the date, which was DGD's birthday. We had our jabs then went nearby to hand over the card and present on the doorstep.

Gwyneth Wed 10-Mar-21 08:39:59

I had my vaccination about 10 days ago and had to travel 15 miles. I did get a text from my GP surgery asking if I wanted to go on a waiting list. But even then you had to travel somewhere else. There was no information on how long the waiting list would be so I opted for the vaccination centre. Rates of vaccination seem to vary greatly in different areas. My sister who lives in Wales and is almost ten years younger than me is having her vaccination this week. All went well at the vaccination centre and I was grateful to have it although I would have said I looked to be the oldest person in the queue unless the rest had all had face lifts!!

Peasblossom Wed 10-Mar-21 09:09:04

In the past I’ve travelled more than 30 miles to have lunch with a friend, go to IKEA and, thinking about it, go to work every day.

Stands to reason a surgery dealing with all patients problems won’t have the volume capacity of a designated hub.

MrsEggy Wed 10-Mar-21 09:17:15

Our GPs have a local hub at the community centre, about a mile and a half away, a long walk or short bus/car ride. It is near several bus routes which are not crowded. We are booked in for our second jab next week, 11 weeks after the first.

FlexibleFriend Wed 10-Mar-21 09:20:54

I had mine a month ago, first invite was by text to go into central London. I was considering it but next day got a text to have it done locally which I booked. My son who's 32 has his booked for next week, no underlying health conditions etc.

tanith Wed 10-Mar-21 09:23:28

I only went a couple of miles didn’t hear anything from my GP I just kept looking online till it let me book I chose somewhere I knew was easy parking.

Brownowl564 Wed 10-Mar-21 10:38:21

They recently temporarily closed the local hubs in our area and moved all vaccinations to one central hub 25 miles from us but up to 40 miles each way for most rural people with little public transport but a local car dealer and taxi firm have organised volunteers to drive people to and from the centre if needed which is brilliant

SueEH Wed 10-Mar-21 10:40:48

Got my invitation last week and the nearest options were Newcastle, Durham or Ulverston. All approx 50 miles away. My local surgery is doing clinics but I know that after this week they don’t know when the next vaccine will arrive, plus they’re starting on cohort 6 and I’m cohort 7. So would be a long wait for the surgery. I opted in the end to book at a health centre close to where my parents live. 100 mile each way trip but get to see mum and dad at the same time!

Knittynatter Wed 10-Mar-21 10:40:56

The nearest I could get for the first available appointment (in two weeks) is 50 miles away. I don’t mind because I can get there and it’s a seaside town so I’ll be able to see the sea at last!! It’s late afternoon so I’m also hoping to find a fish n chip shop to have a Chippy tea!! Silver linings and all that ?
One of my colleagues is travelling 80 miles to have one this week but I hadn’t checked that far!
My GP tells me I will get an appointment locally in early April but I reckon the sooner the better.

BassGrammy Wed 10-Mar-21 10:42:11

We were lucky and live almost within walking distance from the vaccination hub, which is doing national vaccinations as well as local GPs vaccinations. My cousin had to travel 35 miles to "our" hub. Its an excuse to get out though!

jaylucy Wed 10-Mar-21 10:42:52

I'm having mine today and also travelling about 30 miles.
I booked online and my nearest options of 10 miles away were unavailable due to having to play catch up as they ran out of vaccine.
The other options were either in places further away or in an area that I didn't know.
The venue I am going to is somewhere that I have visited multiple times. Not bothered that I am having to travel, just glad that it's my turn and it's the first step back to getting back to something that resembles normal!
Funnily enough, my GPs rang yesterday to see why I hadn't booked an appointment at my nearest town - simply because after trying for a week, I just went for the soonest!

Ellet Wed 10-Mar-21 10:43:13

Willow500 67 is not old. 30 miles isn’t a huge distance. I am 67 with bone and various other cancers, I had to travel 20 miles for my jab, it was a lovely few hours out having spent the best part of a year shielding.

Gannygangan Wed 10-Mar-21 10:44:00

I got a text saying I was eligible and went online.

The first few offers were all miles away but I just kept trying and got one at my local chemist

So Saturday at 8am (why I agreed that time I'll never know) I shall be jabbed smile

Craftycat Wed 10-Mar-21 10:46:01

No- luckily it was just in the town about 3 mins drive. DH had his at his doctors when he went in for a repeat Prescription as he is diabetic . He would have had a wait otherwise as he is in his 50s.

Nannina Wed 10-Mar-21 10:46:22

I had the same options, and am same age, as Willow500 and chose the earlier centre on the other side of town. As I’m shielding my normal tram journey wasn’t an option so I was going to use a taxi but then read on our neighbour forum that our local Community Transport were offering free return transport. Appointment date arrived and due to snow and ice the minibus couldn’t get up the hill. Undeterred the driver collected me from the door and arm in arm we set off. He was so busy keeping me from falling that he came a cropper. He dutifully escorted me back home safely 40 minutes later. My first outing for ages-got the vaccine and cosseted by quite a handsome young man

Blossoming Wed 10-Mar-21 10:46:28

I had mine at a GP clinic, Mr.B has his at a hub. Fortunately we live near the hub so only short journeys for both.