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Have you had to travel for your vaccination?

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Willow500 Wed 10-Mar-21 07:43:34

Just that really.

We are 67 and received the letter several weeks ago inviting us for the vaccine but if we ignored the letter we would be contacted by the GP. We opted for the latter but nearly 3 weeks later when everyone we know apart from one friend had been done locally and we had heard nothing I rang our surgery to be told 'it would be a while yet'. We felt that we had no option but to travel to the nearest centre which for us is 30 miles away - we are going tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong - I'm very grateful that we are able to have the vaccine at all and this country is doing an amazing job but can't help wondering how many of the over 65's have had the same experience. Our local paper recently had a list of the groups - the over 65's was the only one which said 'may be asked to visit a centre'. We are lucky we have transport and are able to travel (presumably we are allowed in the lockdown hmm ) but there must be others who are unable to do this and are still waiting.

clareken Wed 10-Mar-21 21:35:42

My DH got a letter, he is 61, and the closest centre was over 13 miles away, as the crow flies. The furthest was 54 miles away, at atcf. I didn't book, and two days later checked again, and there were appointments in the next town, in 3 weeks. I got a GP text on Monday, went online to book and I have my appointment this Friday at a town about 8 miles away. So we are both sorted for our first jab, his second is booked, but I have to wait for another GP text to book my second.

billericaylady Wed 10-Mar-21 21:35:53

Hello there.
If u go on the Gov vaccine website you can book it direct .smile

itwasntme Wed 10-Mar-21 22:16:16

I manage a vaccination centre but husband had to travel 30 miles to get his. We looked on it as a day out.

Marmight Wed 10-Mar-21 22:42:37

I received 3 separate letters over 2 days from the NhS giving me the choice of 4 locations, 30 miles each to Bath Racecourse, Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucester Royal Hospital or 20 miles East at a pharmacy. Having booked on line (it took me half an hour) for the pharmacy for both vaccinations, 3 days later I received a message from my GP practice asking me to make an appt at the local hospital 5 miles away. Until I worked out how to answer the ‘do not reply’ messages, I received a daily reminder. It was too complicated to change the appointment so I discovered the delights of an obscure pharmacy in the depths of an East Swindon housing estate. What a kerfuffle ? Very grateful to get the vaccination however!

Saetana Wed 10-Mar-21 23:24:40

We both had to travel from our home to somwhere close to our GP practise, maybe 2 miles tops. However, we live in a large city and a group of local GP practices got together to provide a hub for vaccinations. Cost around £5 by taxi.

hilz Wed 10-Mar-21 23:51:17

I had a text informing me that my cohort would be contacted shortly. The next day a text invited to select via a link when i would like to attend and informing me that it would be done at a centre about 2 miles from home no other options but contact details if you wished to discuss or chose not to attend .. Within a few days vaccine was given. Easy peasy and no major side effect apart from a heavy arm and chills the next day. Friends have either been called by GP practice or invited by text to book an appointment. Some from outlying villages attended in town about 10 miles away but on bus route. Also volunteer drivers were offered if unable to get yourself there.

NannaJanie Thu 11-Mar-21 09:16:45

Both myself and my husband booked ours on the NHS site, received our vaccinations a day later at a centre 10 mins from the house. The letter from the GP telling us to book an appointment using the NHS site arrived the day following our jab. Our area has been incredibly efficient with several doctors surgeries and a large vaccination hub all working flat out. We wouldn't have minded travelling a hundred miles or attending in the small hours if it meant we could receive the vaccine, but appreciate, some people cannot travel for various reasons.
We're both 67.

Shropshirelass Thu 11-Mar-21 09:41:51

We were lucky and went to our own GP about 5 miles away, our nearest vaccination hub was 18 miles away so not too far.

PamelaJ1 Thu 11-Mar-21 09:50:13

I went online and booked to travel 20 miles for mine. That was on a Friday. On Monday I got a call from the surgery offering me a slot a couple of days after my already booked appointment.
Apart from the faff of cancelling my date at the hub I was looking forward to a day out.
Washed my hair, got a bit dressed up and had a valid and legal reason for being out and seeing some of the countryside.

Magrithea Fri 12-Mar-21 18:11:34

I travelled about 20 miles for mine - I called our GP when I got my letter but they didn't have any slots so went on line. I wanted to get it done sooner rather than later and can drive myself so booked it

Anitae Sat 20-Mar-21 16:20:53

Wow didn't realise people were having to travel so far. Our local sports centre has been turned into a vaccination clinic. I could have easily walked there. They have a bus going there from a nearby town also

PinkSweetPea Sat 20-Mar-21 16:30:47

I was lucky and got into my local GP surgery for mine and had it this morning. Walked down there around 20 min walk and was in and out within 5 mins and back home within the hour.