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Have you had to travel for your vaccination?

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Willow500 Wed 10-Mar-21 07:43:34

Just that really.

We are 67 and received the letter several weeks ago inviting us for the vaccine but if we ignored the letter we would be contacted by the GP. We opted for the latter but nearly 3 weeks later when everyone we know apart from one friend had been done locally and we had heard nothing I rang our surgery to be told 'it would be a while yet'. We felt that we had no option but to travel to the nearest centre which for us is 30 miles away - we are going tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong - I'm very grateful that we are able to have the vaccine at all and this country is doing an amazing job but can't help wondering how many of the over 65's have had the same experience. Our local paper recently had a list of the groups - the over 65's was the only one which said 'may be asked to visit a centre'. We are lucky we have transport and are able to travel (presumably we are allowed in the lockdown hmm ) but there must be others who are unable to do this and are still waiting.

Mal44 Wed 10-Mar-21 14:15:39

We have been very lucky as we had our vaccines at our local surgery 5 weeks ago and our 50yr old daughter has an appointment for 22nd March.The P.M.congratulated our practice in the House.

JaneR185 Wed 10-Mar-21 14:18:49

We are 70 and 76 and live in Medway. Our surgery contacted us and we had our vaccinations within a week of each other and at a clinic six minutes away from where we live. We consider ourselves very fortunate indeed and the staff at our surgery work so very hard and are amazing.

sazz1 Wed 10-Mar-21 14:50:03

I had the letter but it was about 35 miles away so didn't book. A week later I had a phone call from GP to go to previous minor injuries unit with a choice of 3 days and times. It's a 2 minute drive or 10 minutes walk from my home.

readalot Wed 10-Mar-21 15:14:08

Me and my husband had to go to a hospital twenty minutes away as our surgery wasn't doing them. I told the receptionist my husband couldn't stand in a queue so she said she would put us down for the second appointment. You are told not to go too early so we went five minutes before our appointment. There were already 8 people in the queue. We couldn't just barge to the front of the queue, luckily we only stood a couple of minutes before getting straight in. My sister went to her doctor's for hers.

Nainijo Wed 10-Mar-21 15:18:24

Willow post, I am 67, and wasn’t expecting my jab until beginning of March, so completely surprised when a post on FB said that a Nightingale Hospital 18 miles away was now doing over 65’s!!! Just phone up and book, needless to say I did, had the appointment for the next day, two weeks before my husband, who is 70 this year, at our GP’s. Travel I say, if you have to.

EMMF1948 Wed 10-Mar-21 15:18:26

I booked the nearest, about 10 miles away, I wished I'd booked one firther away, the drive was great, channeling my inner Lewis Hamilton after so long!

Mirren Wed 10-Mar-21 15:26:30

It's funny how people view distances, isn't it ?
Here in the NE many have had" the letter " and taken the option to travel to Newcastle for their jab. It's about 12 miles from where I live.
I have been vaccinating, as part of the local GP hub , at a cricket ground in the next town. Thats 13 minutes drive from my own door.
I have vaccinated several folks who are complaining they have had to travel the short journey to the hub.
They want to know why thry couldn't have it " locally "
They soon became quiet when i told them I was making the same journey as them in order to vaccinate except I am doing it regularly and having to leave home at 7.30 am to be ready for the first clients at 8 am

Jillybird Wed 10-Mar-21 15:52:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GrammarGrandma Wed 10-Mar-21 15:53:12

Had ours at the GP surgery down the road. Could have walked there if it hadn't been pourng!

Tangle Wed 10-Mar-21 16:06:21

I walked to my GP surgery, 20 minutes in the snow. Very pleased.

Hellis Wed 10-Mar-21 16:24:40

In my area, they seem to alternate between texts and NHS letters as each cohort is called up.The one's receiving texts are getting appointments in our town but the letters are for the hub about 16 miles away.I got the letter to book online, being 65 and in group 5. That's all very well if you have a car, which I don 't and I didn't feel safe getting the two buses each way , or have the funds for a taxi that far, so thought I would have to wait for the Gp to contact me as per the letter. Fortunately my daughter decided to drive over from hers 10 miles away and take me. So glad she did as friends in the same group are still waiting to hear from the Gp , 3weeks on. I only had to wait 4 days for the appointment and the hub was very well organised, 2nd jab already booked..

chazwin Wed 10-Mar-21 16:27:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Anniel Wed 10-Mar-21 16:41:28

I am in St Lucia and had to drive to part of 5he island 40 mins away from our home. They did most over 65s before I got there and there would have been about 100 people waiting but they did my vaccination fairly quickly given my age ...86 and health condition. We had to be interviewed twice and then we got Astra Zeneca son (58) was allowed in with me and given his first vaccination too. We get the second on April 30th and we are so grateful. When I listen to UK radio or watch TV I think the UK has done a great job about vaccinating.

Tinky17 Wed 10-Mar-21 16:45:47

My DSiL (34 with underlying health condition) was booked at a venue about a 10 mile round trip away. He has no transport, but no problem - he went by skateboard! Clinician said they had never seen that before. DSiL said the next day his legs ached more than his arm!

Jaxjacky Wed 10-Mar-21 17:40:00

We have local voluntary groups that offer transport anyway to various GP and hospital appointments, also a ‘cabs for jabs scheme, funded buy Go fund me sites.
My jab was at a local GP surgery providing vaccinations for 5 GP practices, my DH’s will be at a bigger hub, about seven miles away.

Happysexagenarian Wed 10-Mar-21 17:45:04

I and DH had ours in February. He was contacted by our GP surgery, I received an invite to apply online. The only locations offered were in Dorset, Wiltshire or Suffolk. We live on the Isle of Wight so the cost of ferries and travel etc would have made it a very expensive and tiring journey. However, I found if I applied at a different time of day (early morning or late evening) more locations were available, and I got one just 7 miles away at a new vaccination centre. On the day there were no queues and the medical personnel vastly outnumbered the patients. I'll be returning there in April for my 2nd jab.

Freespirit55 Wed 10-Mar-21 18:03:02

My friends have been able to go to their doctors and me and my husband have to travel 10 miles, for both vaccines. Let’s hope it works as there are not only one covid decease around.

Catlover21 Wed 10-Mar-21 18:34:21

I had to drive 15 miles each way to get my jab. What a joy, I felt a sense of freedom being able to go out of my immediate area. Am looking forward to my 2nd jab now!

Sassie1961 Wed 10-Mar-21 19:53:52

Our nearest is 12 miles, some are a lot further

Kamiso Wed 10-Mar-21 20:16:09

My OH had his about 6m from here, found via a link someone put on here. There was a choice of about 6 different places.

I had a phone call about 10 days after from our surgery offering an appointment the next day about two mikes away. I accepted but got the impression there was some flexibility if need be.

Kamiso Wed 10-Mar-21 20:20:47

Meant to say that OH is just over 70 and I am just under so we were indifferent lists. DD’s in laws ten years older at the same surgery had theirs done by the district nurse.

Elvis58 Wed 10-Mar-21 20:23:24

My husband had to travel 30 miles to York he is 65.l am going tomorrow again 30 miles to York.It was the nearest for us or phone everyday to get somewhere nearer as l waited 25mins to speak to anyone decided just to book it.

liniacaw Wed 10-Mar-21 20:25:36

I'm in the 65 to 69 age group.. My nearest vaccination centre online has changed every day but never nearer than a 90 mile round trip for me .. I've kept going online as advised but sometimes it's been 150 mile round trip.. I got my first letter from the NHS on 9th Feb and my 2nd on 28th Feb to remind me I am in the vulnerable group.. How happy was I today that my doctors surgery rang to say I can go there on Friday.. It is 5 minutes from where I live. I live on the East Coast of Yorkshire.

NannyMags Wed 10-Mar-21 21:05:29

I had mine on Monday at one of the centres that are popping up for vaccinating on a large scale. I was lucky enough to get booked in to one that is 10 minutes up the road. My husband had to go further away, about a 45 minute drive each way. They only seem to be vaccinating vulnerable people at the surgeries here.

melp1 Wed 10-Mar-21 21:18:58

Feel really lucky we had ours over 3 weeks ago 67 & 68, 10mins drive to local health centre, no underlying health issues.