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annsixty Tue 23-Mar-21 16:01:32

I am quite prepared to be jumped on from a great height but while having the utmost sympathy, her family are going through a truly dreadful time, I really would welcome a day when I turn to google news and she isn’t featured at least once.
The families who have gone through similar and lost their loved ones must be upset regularly by seeing yet another pronouncement from her.
Now I will stand back and wait.

Kate1949 Tue 23-Mar-21 16:18:25

I think she is promoting her documentary at the moment, which is on tonight. She's also written a book. I don't know what to make of it really.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 23-Mar-21 16:23:08

Her husband has been in hospital with Covid for a year, the longest for any patient.

She is effectively a single parent, bills to pay, children to care for and reassure.

Gannygangan Tue 23-Mar-21 16:30:10

We've lost 2 loved ones.

However seeing Kate doesn't cause me any upset at all. Not sure why it should.

Her case is very different others and, as GrannyGravy13 says she needs to carry on. She needs to support her family.

I think it's horrendous what she's going through. I am no medic but I'm not sure what his future looks like

Maybe we should watch. It might make us realise that these lock downs are worthwhile.

Framilode Tue 23-Mar-21 16:34:04

I too feel tremendous sympathy for her and her family. I do, however, think that some of the short clips of the documentary I have seen are too personal and too intrusive on her husband's right to privacy. He is not in a position to give his consent to this filming and I know that if it were me in that position I would absolutely hate to be shown lying so ill in hospital.
I presume the reason is to create more income for the family which I can understand. Nevertheless, it doesn't sit easy with me.

Sarnia Tue 23-Mar-21 16:37:23

It's very sobering watching a middle aged man so desperately ill from the after effects of this appalling virus. If he has an opportunity to go home I suppose she will become his primary carer. Not something either of them envisaged a year ago. As the main breadwinner she will need to work to support her family.

timetogo2016 Tue 23-Mar-21 16:40:24

Was thinking exactly the same Kate 1949.
With respect GrannyGravy13,i don`t think she has money worries and she has her parents supporting her with the children bless them.
Pretty much like so many families suffering Covid hospitilisations/deaths.
I pray everyone who is suffering to come through it and make it home.

grannysyb Tue 23-Mar-21 16:46:40

I read an interview with her in which she said that because they hadn't put powers of attorney in place it has been very difficult for her. Also, I don't think that they're married, which will possibly have an effect on their finances.

Kate1949 Tue 23-Mar-21 16:51:11

I think they are married grannysyb. The wedding photos were in the press today.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 23-Mar-21 16:54:16

They are married.

Hetty58 Tue 23-Mar-21 17:01:39


'families who have gone through similar and lost their loved ones must be upset regularly'

Why? It just doesn't follow that they'd be upset by it.

I think it's very important to raise awareness of the disability it can cause - as it's not a case of die or recover.

There's Long Covid and this awful state of semi-conscious/unconscious too, along with permanent heart or lung damage.

Kate1949 Tue 23-Mar-21 22:46:21

The documentary was heartbreaking.

Savvy Tue 23-Mar-21 23:04:19

I don't have live TV so I won't be watching it, but I have read about it online. I think it has a strong purpose on a couple of levels.

1. It shows just how bad this virus can be and might make the more blaise think twice about dismissing the impact it can have.

2. It shows the importance of putting a legal power of attorney in place so loved ones can deal with everything when you can't. From what I read the other day, she can't access his bank accounts or discuss the mortgage because it in his name.

granfromafar Tue 23-Mar-21 23:10:11

I found the documentary incredibly moving and have much admiration for her and the children. I think Derek may have given permission for the documentary to be shown as he is now able to talk. It's a must-watch programme if you missed it.

Kate1949 Tue 23-Mar-21 23:16:31

I agree granfromafar . Especially for Covid deniers.

BlueSky Tue 23-Mar-21 23:18:34

Didn’t watch it as I knew it would be upsetting. But I read on line that when he’s conscious he says he wants to die. Heartbreaking! Would have been easier if they had mortgage and bank accounts in both names, so she could have dealt with them. Should be seen by people who fuss about which vaccine, if any, they want!

Deedaa Tue 23-Mar-21 23:21:48

And the hospital is talking about keeping him till December! Lovely children, they reminded me of my grandchildren. The legal situation must be awful. So much that she can't do because he can't give permission. Fortunately DH and I had most things in joint names although he did have an ISA hidden away that I couldn't access till after he died.

Dinahmo Tue 23-Mar-21 23:27:08

I watched the first half and found it moving. KG is showing those of us who don't know anybody with covid how bad it can be.

Many months ago, having read an article in the Guardian about a young man, I posted a suggestion asking people to warn their youngsters about the dangers of long covid. This young man, in his mid twenties had previously led an active life, running about 5 kms 3 days a week. From what I remember he was a hospital doctor. After being ill he couldn't even walk upstairs without difficulty.

There was an interview with a nurse suffering from long covid who had formerly been in charge of a 40 bed acute ward. Now she cannot boil an egg because she forgets until she smells burning. She's not an old person, nor is Derek Draper.

I find it annoying that several GNers seem to think that few young people get covid but, they do. Because they're young and presumably in reasonable health, I assume that their bodies are fighting the virus more strongly than an older person, thus causing a bigger strain on those bodies which is why they are sometimes taking a very long time to recover.

welbeck Tue 23-Mar-21 23:37:00

i can't see what the OP is objecting to in this programme.
KG is a tv presenter, so obviously her traumas will be featured on news items. i don't think she wishes to be in this position.

Gannygangan Tue 23-Mar-21 23:46:20

That's very true, Dinahmo

A friend of mine, in her early 30s caught covid at work. Her father worked at the same hospital. He also fell victim.

He recovered quite quickly, but his daughter is still suffering 10 months on.

I honestly don't believe a lot of people quite understand how serious this can be for any age

Just because the majority of deaths occur in the over 80s doesn't mean younger people aren't affected.

Ellianne Wed 24-Mar-21 00:43:30

For me what shone through was her indomitable spirit and the power of her everlasting love. It didn't have to be all about covid, it wasn't all about financial issues. It was about soldiering on in any adversity that comes along. Heartbreaking, but also uplifting.

welbeck Wed 24-Mar-21 01:09:17

well said, Ellianne.

annsixty Wed 24-Mar-21 01:49:24

As the OP, nowhere have I objected to this programme, in fact I never mentioned it.
I also said I had utmost sympathy for the family in their ordeal.
I just felt the constant publicity was overkill.
I realise I am alone in my thoughts.
I also expected criticism, I wasn’t wrong there.
I will leave it now.
I wish the family well and a return to some vestige of normality.

BlueBelle Wed 24-Mar-21 04:47:16

Did you watch the programme annesixty and if so did it change your mind ?
I thought it was a beautiful documentary and whilst heartbreakingly sad had so much hope and deep love within it that it made it a programmer to inspire
What a lovely ordinary down to earth lady she is, apart from her large house you d never think she’s a well known, probably well off, personality.
The programme had no acting in it, it was as it was, she hadn’t tidied the house or coached the kids or even done her hair at times
It was incredibly sad but her love for him could not be acted and for me it shone through like a beacon
That poor man so locked in, in all senses of the word and still got another nine months in hospital I truly hope he regains as much of himself as possible and they carry on a good life together
A sad but totally inspiring programme

I wonder what it is that’s makes this illness such a lottery The two identical twins that they showed, one got better after 8 days the other one still struggling I m sure the scientist will find a clue soon

Framilode Wed 24-Mar-21 06:21:22

Having watched the programme my admiration for KG has increased. It was incredibly moving and her determination and positivity shone through despite the terrible circumstances they all find themselves in.
I also withdraw my criticism about her husband being unable to give consent to being shown in hospital. He seems to be lucid enough to do that now. I very much hope that he recovers enough to come home soon though that will be the start of another journey, which she knows only too well.