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Doodle Tue 06-Apr-21 19:35:56

Hi all. Just carry on as we were before. Anyone who wants a chat welcome ?

Missedout Thu 08-Apr-21 23:11:53

Thank you for your PM, Doodle, I followed the bread/ cakecrumbs!

Should I still say "Hello gang", or are we now Chattees instead of Lobstars? It feels as if many are moving on - places to go, people to see.....

Not much has changed in The Redoubt, except it's dustier than ever. I really must try harder except it is still just DH and I and likely to stay that way for the time being. My excuse (if I need one) is that my dusting arm is a bit sore. When I had my first dose of vaccine (administered by a very pleasant young man) I honestly didn't feel it. This second time, standing outside one of two doors, waiting for the next person in front of me to be vaccinated, I overheard her wince and the vaccinator say that she thought the AZ needles were coarser than the Pfizer ones! I was hoping that I would be called into the next room ...but no - and I was duly and truly stabbed. My arm has been really stiff and I haven't felt well.

Although DH and I are still walking for exercise most days, and DS1, DIL, DGD1 and DS visited us for a BBQ in our garden last weekend (a rather busy day but so lovely to see DGD1 running round our garden again), we haven't seen anyone else. DH keeps saying that we could perhaps do a little shopping soon. He keeps making plans and I'm not enthusiastic, I wish I felt I could be more optimistic but need to wait and see (and get tested for antibodies when the time is right). I have realised though that I am ready to take a risk to have my hair cut soon - I have an appointment!

Various friends are already visiting their families. It's a pity the weather is so cold, as soon as we have a warmer day, we hope that we will be able to have tea in the garden with anyone who is around friends.

I'm glad you are still all here, I can carry on looking foward to Kaimoana's posts, tales of Honey Beagle and Fergal, how Grammarretto continues to cope (potting, ceiling repairs), Cherry's weird neighbour and footie commentary, Doodle's, humour and kindness and of course, all the stars on here that have helped to make lockdown less irksome.

I think often of Panache and hope her dear one is not in pain.

Oh dear, was just about to post the above and realised so many of you have jumped in before me. It's great to see you Jan, Dragonfly and Norstat.

The wig discussion reminded me of the time in the 70's when I had been away on a boozy business weekend and was still a bit 'the worse for wear' the morning after. I couldn't manage to wash my hair before going to work so I put on my blonde wig (with the flick-up ends that my natural, straight hair could never achieve). Walking along, I noticed a really rather nice young man coming towards me (some things never change) and he half smiled as he walked past me. Turning my head to look at him, I turned my ankle too and fell over. He immediately came to my aid - I think because someone helped me up but I couldn't see who because my wig had swivelled round on my head and I couldn't see out! Oh the embarrassment!

"Hello again, Jeeves, I would be really grateful for some hot chocolate with marshmallows tonight. I don't suppose you could do a little bit of light dusting for me could you?"

Doodle Fri 09-Apr-21 12:55:50

Hi Missedout lovey to see you ?
No we are still gangster lobstars ⭐️ . I named this thread just chatting as I wanted you all to know that it’s lovely to hear from you all, as and when you feel like posting but not to feel you have to every day.
Life has moved on a bit and people can be busy doing other things, posting on other threads, not feeling well enough etc. So I thought I’d just make it welcome for people to pop in and post whenever they want without feeling the need to catch up with everyone’s doings. ?
Sorry to hear you have a sore arm. We haven’t had our second jabs yet but although I had a day or so of shivers and shakes with the first one I didn’t have a sore arm. I think you could have been unlucky with your jabber. Hope you feel better soon.
How lovely to have a garden visit from your family. Especially seeing the little one running round.
I hope to have a hair appointment soon. I will wait till I’ve had my second jab though.
I sent a PM to Panache yesterday as I felt she was missing posting here and feeling out of things. I told her not a day went past without one of the gang mentioning her and wondering how she and MrP were getting on and now you’ve just proved my point. ?
Oh what a lovely tale about your wig grin I can just picture you with the hair on back to front. I wonder what the young man thought. ?
I am sending Jeeves round with his feather duster. Just get him to do whatever tickles your fancy. ?
At last DH had a good night’s sleep. I was a bit worried about him yesterday as he is normally the most good natured person and complains hardly at all about anything but he was fed up with this irritation and restlessness in his body which wouldn’t let him sleep or sit in a chair. He was so tired.
Fortunately, our GP listened to the problem and has prescribed two tablets. One which is used for RLS and one to make him sleep. He took both last night and had his first good night for ages. He has to phone her again next week to report back. She only gave him 5 tablets so no chance of addiction with those ?
Have a good day all

Doodle Fri 09-Apr-21 22:18:34

Jeeves, looks like it’s just you and me for cocoa tonight.
Keep the light on in the porch in case anyone comes in later.

Kaimoana Fri 09-Apr-21 23:49:06

Doodle I don't suppose anyone's prowling the corridors at this time and I'm especially glad to hear your DH is sleeping at long last.
Poor man - I do know a wee fraction of how he feels because my sleep pattern has been totally shot to pieces lately.

I have my new computer system but sadly, all the very many technological things I downloaded over the years into my old one (making text bold; having things read to me from the screen etc) have all gone and it will take weeks of laborious work to restore them - and of course, the tools and text I need to do that are almost invisible because they are not meant for semi-blind people.

At the moment I'm fairly despondent and not sleeping doesn't help BUT I will make it work.

My son, whose time here was seriously curtailed, to our chagrin, is taking yet another day off work on Tuesday (so I had to give backword on the lovely kaumatua breakfast I was invited to) and we'll try to find enough work-arounds to enable me to find out what will help.

Meanwhile, be asssured I am thinking of each and every one of you (nice to see Nortsat with us again) and wishing you all well.

I may be gone some time.....sad

Grammaretto Sat 10-Apr-21 08:19:03

Hello Gang, Lobs or maybe Mobsters (with reference to the lack of haircuts?)
How are we doing in that department?
Mine is still moplike. I tried and failed to get an appointment.
I have been a bit awol myself due to being busy, The painter is due to come back today to finish the paint - I have shown it on the phone to DC who think it looks nice and fresh.

The young man is not coming after all but I decided to welcome a volunteer helper so I have her for a few weeks. This may mean I can't see my DC but it does mean I have help and company. So far she has begun to cleaned my kitchen and worked for hours in the garden ripping ivy from a hedge which it is strangling. I think she's a keeper.
We watched wall to wall TV on DoE last night.

I also had to have my photo taken for a local press release. It's for a volunteering award our charity was nominated for. Of course it had to be taken locally and my phone was the only one charged so I then had to transfer the awful photos. Nightmare.

It's lovely to see Nortsat back. When I think of you I think of music, I am missing music.
Sorry about the jab Missedout . How are you now?
Your blonde wig story had me falling about laughing, sorry.
DMiL has been feeling unwell since her 2nd AZ jag.

I am sad to see your technology has taken a backwards step Kaimoana I hope someone can help you soon.

Sorry that neither you nor the Dude are getting proper sleeps.

Any news from the Panaches ?

I will be back later to check on you lovely people.

Panache Sat 10-Apr-21 09:49:27

`Morning to you all,a rather grey and undecided sky here, whilst the forecast did not offer us much hope for warmth this weekend.

However a few changes in our humdrum every day life,my dear man has been offered some blood transfusions as he is not only anaemic but the last week or two his blood count has dropped significantly.Of course this means the trauma of an Ambulance trip to the Hospital etc and will only give him an uplift for perhaps a month,yet he has mulled this over and decided to go for it.
He still has the same determination to push back the inevitable,amazing me anew.
I am dubious but of course,it must be his choice........and is an extension of the massive fight he has put up all along.

I was treated to an hour outside yesterday as we had a carer in from our great Paul Sartori Foundation whom sat with my man.

Not only was she a hit,but a snooker fan so I rather think there was quite a discussion whilst I was gone!!!
As it was my first break since Christmas I found it hard to actually leave the home.....and my "patient"
However although not very warm,the sky was blue and the air pleasant,I thoroughly enjoyed it,taking a good stroll around our garden,and on spotting a seat in a nice sheltered corn er,I sat awhile letting the sun shine on my very pale face!!
A touch of heaven...........never have I been so delighted with a touch of the outdoors.

Our neighbours continue to look out for us,helping weekly with our shopping needs and often there com es the added bonus and uplift of some lovely flowers.

Hearing our carers talking about us as they left our flat the other day also was rather nice..........."What an adorable couple they are,just seeing them together makes this job so worthwhile"........

So yes,amongst all the long hours and hard the ents like these mention ed help enormously.

Thinking of you all and sending blessings galore.

Jan16 Sat 10-Apr-21 10:25:07

Panache that’s great news for you husband. I’m sure he has made the right decision and as you say it has to be his choice. I’m sure we would all do the same even though it will mean a traumatic trip in an ambulance to the hospital. Pleased you got out for an hour. Makes us all realise how much we take our ability to be able to go out and for granted. Hope all goes well. Sending hugs.
Grammaretto I’m having my hair cut Tuesday. My hairdresser texted everyone when she knew she could start again and offered them an appt. Needless to say I grabbed the first appt she offered! She works on her own so it’s all very cosy and friendly. Hoping she brings her newish puppy with her. She’s a cockerpoo - I think - and was soooo gorgeous. And she was so good in the salon. Made me really want another dog. We lost our Sophie almost 3 years ago and made the decision not to have another one. I know that at our age that is the right decision but.....!
Neither my husband or myself had any side effects from our two jabs. We had the Pzifer one and that one seems to cause less problems than the Astra Zeneca but having said that my daughter had the AZ one and was ok.
Doodle. My eldest daughter lives over 80 miles away but we are used to seeing her around every six weeks. Either we go to them or they come here so 4 months seems a long time. So excited! Just hoping the weather warms up so we can sit outside in our local pub garden!
Kaimoana Hope you are feeling better soon. Love your usual chatty posts! Sammy is keeping us entertained by his antics. No idea if it’s the same squirrel as apparently sqirrels have 3 - 9 babies at a time!! Mmmmm. Will not be feeding all of them!
Well we have an electrical problem so there is an electrician upstairs trying to sort it and expecting the chap who put our decking down to come shortly as there is a problem there!
Have a good day All

Doodle Sat 10-Apr-21 11:42:18

Kaimoana I’m so cross on your behalf about your new computer. I realise how much you rely on it and setting up from scratch takes such a time. Hope you are fully back with us soon. Hope your son can help you in Tuesday.
We miss you ?
Grammaretto surprisingly my hair has reached a manageable length. It is now so long it flicks up at the edges and my style is similar to what it was in my 20s. Unfortunately, my face isn’t. The bags under the eyes don’t help and my long face has lost the rounded ness of youth and as for the neck....well the least said the better. ?
I can’t wait for my haircut. I will try phoning on Monday but won’t book till after our second jab.
Good to hear the painting is going well. I hope you got your colour of choice.
I’m glad you’ve found a volunteer. If she runs out of things to do with you, she’s welcome to come and clean my kitchen.
I’m glad you seem to get on with her. I too watched programmes on DofE last night. Many things about him I didn’t know including how religious he was. Glad he and the Queen managed to have some time together at the end.
I bet you wish you could have had your haircut before the photo shoot. Congratulations on the award.
Pleased to report the Dude slept well for a second night and so did I phew.
Panache how lovely to have a post from you.
MrP has always shown strength in his determination to spend as long as possible with you so I am not surprised he is willing to try the blood transfusion. I do hope it helps.
Pleased to hear you spent time in the garden while MrP was entertained with a snooker discussion with the carer ?
Your friendly neighbours have been a boon. What a lovely thing to overhear the careers say. You are a lovely couple x?
Jan one of our grand dogs is a cockerpoo. So lovely and curly like cuddling a little lamb (....not that I ever have ?)
80 miles away. Not too far but still a journey. No wonder you are looking forward to seeing her. Fingers crossed the weather is good for you.
We went for our daily walk yesterday and found it quite mild in comparison with the previous day.
Got back to the apartment and found we had forgotten the zapper to open the gates. We can open the gates using the keypad but the code changed recently and neither of us could remember what it was. Several attempts at guessing were met with a loud beep and no movement of the gates. We were finally let in by a neighbour who saw us standing there. Needless to say, first job on getting in was to put the new code in our phones.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.
I am wondering where our Cherry is. Hope she’s not wandering the streets looking for us. ?

Grammaretto Sat 10-Apr-21 17:24:36

I am glad that MrP has perked up a bit and is going to get the transfusions. A df of mine did that and he was pretty much fine for a long while after each session.
I love that the Carers were overheard saying nice things. Ofcourse you are a lovely couple!
The painter will finish tomorrow. I am like Jan in that I really don't want workmen in the house for long so I shall be glad when it's done and dusted, whatever the colour.

I am loving getting the garden help and the volunteer also likes cooking.

One of our granddogs is a cockerpoo! also a recent acquisition. She seems very nice and well behaved and adored by the whole family. She was clipped recently so has had a more recent haircut than me. They are 250 miles away so no chance of seeing them any time soon.

I had a hat on for my photoshoot Doodle . We had snow today.

I'll join you for hot chocolate later. The quiz tonight.

Doodle Sat 10-Apr-21 20:49:47

Grammaretto years ago after DH retired, I carried on working for a while. We moved to our current home and had quite a lot of work done on it. New bathrooms, kitchen etc.
I would come home from work to find DH exhausted from having people in the flat doing things. I didn’t realise what it was like till I retired. By the time you get things ready for them to come, make copious tea and coffee, tidy up when they’ve gone, it’s a busy day.
I do hope you are pleased with work being done.
Does your volunteer live in the flat? Nice to have someone to share the cooking.
Our other grand dog is a German Shepherd. I was horrified when my son told me what sort of puppy they had bought for my DGS. I had visions of being attacked every time I visited.
How wrong I was. My DGS’s beautiful dog is very calm and sedate. Quite aloof too. You really have to work hard to get her to come close. She graciously allows me to give her a little treat now and again and holds her paw up to shake hands with me with an expression on her face that I can only interpret as ......I suppose I’d better please the old girl and show willing, sigh.
She is incredibly gentle. I think they were very lucky.

DH and I went for a drive today to boost the car battery. On one of our country lanes we found a car stopped in the middle of the road with a small dog standing in front of it. There was no one else around. The passenger in the other car got out and called the dog to her. I think it was lost. I do hope the owner is found.
Hope all our missing friends are ok. Take care all.

Doodle Sat 10-Apr-21 20:51:28

Forgot to say good luck with the quiz.
Ah yes, I too have taken to wearing a hat more frequently since my hair has grown. Good idea ?
I will make sure Jeeves has a good batch of hot chocolate brewing for later.

Kaimoana Sat 10-Apr-21 22:30:17

This is me fighting back grin and apologising blush

Panache wonderful to read your hopeful post and of course we always knew you were an adorable couple smile
Glad your DH was offered and accepted the transfusion; they really do perk a body up.

Grammaretto your new girl sounds a veritable tonic and so good and willing to do everything.
So, you're a famous media personality are you? wink you may well have the body-builder back with suggestions.

Cherry hope all is well with you. Come back when you can.

Doodle cuddling a lamb is just as cute as the cockerpoo puppy - but twice as smelly, as lambs have no sense of personal hygiene.

I did my poor son an injustice yesterday by posting that dismal dribble.

I was so downhearted and had to cancel both my Sunday talk with my friend in NJ and my student in Korea....and a special breakfast on Tuesday with the kaumatua. I was so much looking forward to that.

My very busy son took a day off work to set up my computer and was supposed to be here from breakfast to tea time.

Due to family circumstance he was late arriving and had to leave hours earlier than anticipated, so did a "Lift & Shift" - transferred the basics, with the intention of restoring all my sight-friendly items on Tuesday.

Yet still got my knickers in a twist when I couldn't see any darned thing onscreen and my daily journal seemed locked!
My fault entirely and a gross over-reaction, not at all the fault of my DS, who is heroical patient when faced with maternal stupidity.

He was here at the same time as Hanna, so she couldn't rave at me for leaving washing up but huffed and puffed throughout; then yet again took 45 mins to go (alone as she prefers) to the library and dairy, a job regularly completed in 15 minutes if I'm in tow.
It's only 4km away and all the books are pre-ordered and waiting.

I'm wise to her now. She thinks if she goes alone and sits out there wasting time as she's done before, she won't have to clean the bathroom or hang laundry and can just rush in at the last minute and sign off.

By the time she got back, DS had left and she began complaining that jobs here (changing my single bed, cleaning the toilet) were hurting her back; holding it dramatically; and she'd have to visit an acupuncturist.

I showed her my black-purple knees and cut shins - no reaction.

If the back problem is genuine and it may be, she needs a job which doesn't make it worse.
If this is a put up job, I'm not being its victim. I've had enough.

So I told the agency I didn't want to exacerbate her health problems and maybe I needed a fitter support worker.
They have very strict Health & Safety rules for workers.

Jeeves old buddy, do you think you can rustle up a large mug of hot chocolate with some of that special stuff you put in to calm old ladies down?

Have a peaceful Sunday everyone. flowers

polomint Sat 10-Apr-21 22:57:12

You all sound like a overly bunch of friendly people who have plenty things to chat about
Lovely thread you started doodle but since I've only joined gransnet in the last few months, I assume you had started a thread a year ago for the posters who were not coping too well with the lockdown. This sounds such a friendly thread that I'm sure it cheered you all up to have someone to talk to. As lockdown eases and we try to carry on with our lives, I'm sure you all will have nice memories of the support you all gave one anotherthanks

polomint Sat 10-Apr-21 22:58:25

Sorry not an overly bunch.. I meant to text lovely bunch. I really should read text first before I post it

Kaimoana Sun 11-Apr-21 02:40:29

Welcome, welcome Polomint I hope you stay with us.

We are a lovely bunch and eternally grateful to Doodle and Cherry for the innovation which brought us together and has been a lifesaver for so many of us.
Now there's a coincidence: in the USA Polo mints are called Lifesavers grin

Jeeves keeps us all happy with his special hot chocolate.
(though Grammaretto was offered an alternaive by a body-builder)

I'm currently saving on hairdressing bills by pulling out my own in frustration as I try to see the impossible.
I'm usually up and about when everyone else is asleep.

Important Announcement Gubbins can use a spoon!
I have photos to prove it, which I wish I could share, she's so cute.
Doodle email on its way.
Must catch up with the Dean and his livestock. Does he have Spring lambs I wonder? As a religous bod, lambs are vitally important to The Message grin

dragonfly46 Sun 11-Apr-21 08:28:50

Thank you for posting Panache. You trip around the garden sounds wonderful. It is amazing how such small things can be so pleasing. How lovely that the carers are so kind.

Gubbins using a spoon is exciting. I seem to remember when my DGC reached that hurdle.

Not much happening here except second jab under the belt and hair appointment booked for Wednesday. Also booked in to See DS at the end of May. Who thought small things could be so exciting!

Mamissimo Sun 11-Apr-21 09:51:23

Good morning from the late one! ?
I have been drifting around doing nothing in particular but lots of it....

Pananche I am quietly pleased that you got the sun on your face and that you overheard those kind words to store away. Tell Mr P to ask for young people's blood.....I always do and I have convinced myself it makes a real difference. ?

I have been to visit my new grand dog at the seaside and it really brought home to me that when H Beagle chases over the hill I will not want a puppy! I'd forgotten those nippy first teeth and play fighting. It will be another rescue job for us. Have you seen the price of puppies? £2000 for a pedigree German Shepherd! That's a lot more expensive than trees!

The picture of H Beagle has arrived and I attach it for your entertainment. I must remember if I commission against that I must stipulate the size! The lovely friend of DS who did it for me has done a massive A2 and I pictured a nice A4 in my mind...A2 will be difficult to place amongst the old relatives on my wall!

Mr M is still on the norty step and the porch remains half done. I have a nice gammon ready for him today as he seems to view lamb legs with caution

kiamoana I feel your pain....we need a new computer and we have decided to buy an IMac and finally give up on Microsoft. In the lon* run it will be simpler as we use Apple for everything day to day but Mr M is not strong on the IT set up stuff so it will be my job again. I can do it but I don't like it!

Maybe ? I can half do the computer stuff to encourage Mr M to finish the porch? Or half cook the gammon? ?

Mamissimo Sun 11-Apr-21 09:52:40

Forgot the picture......H Beagle and a pictorial representation of her thieving habits!

Grammaretto Sun 11-Apr-21 10:55:48

Hello Gang,

Welcome polomint/lifesaver
Gubbins can use a spoon! She is very advanced. She was only born a few weeks ago surely?
Unlike you Kaimoana I have never written a diary or blog but somewhere I wrote that DS2 "feeds self messily" when he was about 10 months.
Such a good thing to do, the blog and the feeding self
My DF wrote a diary from the time he left NZ in 1935 until his death in 1954. I opened it yesterday for some reason and it fell open at the page where he was outside Buckingham Palace for the coronation in 1937. He noted that the King spoke with no stammer at all. He was impressed by the crowds, half a million? the smart uniforms but especially the well behaved horses.

Lovely to hear from you Dragonfly and to know things are on course to get better!!

Jan16 Sun 11-Apr-21 12:03:23

Just lost 2 posts. Grrrrr! Will try later

Doodle Sun 11-Apr-21 13:30:50

Hello all. Lovely to hear from you.
Kaimoana didn’t think you’d be out of touch for long. Knew you’d find a way back somehow. ? You’ve nothing to apologise for as far as I can see.
Sorry you missed out on your Tuesday visits. Not surprised you were disappointed.
I really think it’s time you and Hanna part company. Despite her nice thoughts on occasions, she doesn’t seem at all keen on doing any of the jobs you need her to do and isn’t being much help. I think you are right to ask the agency for someone else.
Don’t think the Dean has room for lambs in his menagerie. He’s being overrun with piglets at the moment. When I first started watching he only had two now he has 18 I think.
So Gubbins can hold a spoon. Now the fun starts. ? she’ll soon be splattering mum and dad and all the walls in her favourite food colour ?
I will make sure Jeeves is on hand with a calming brew whenever you need it ?
Hello polo what a nice post from you. Yes we have been going for some time but you are welcome to pop in and post whenever you like. Basically, we just chat about what we’re up to. Hope to see you again ?
Dragonfly glad you’ve had your second jab. Hope it doesn’t produce bad side effects. I am jealous about the hair appointment. I’m hoping to book mine in a couple of weeks after I’ve had my second jab. How is Dexter getting on? I often think of him.
I bet you can’t wait till you see your DS in May.
Mamissimo it’s amazing how long we can spend doing nothing in particular. I can’t remember the last time I had an organised day of achievements.
Yes puppies are a handful and do need a lot of work and training. The price of pups is ridiculous. I am pleased my son bought their German shepherd months before lockdown started from a family home in a family setting. Expensive but not the sort of prices we are seeing now.
Hope you enjoyed your day at the seaside. I would love to stand (sit probably) and watch the waves.
Oh poor MrM. That porch not finished yet. You old softie giving him nice gammon. Is there still a big leg of lamb in the freezer ?
Just seen the picture of Honey beagle. What a wonderful idea. Is there a little mouse in there somewhere ? ?
Grammaretto hope things are working out well with your new lady. Does she spend the weekends with you too?
Fascinating to have your DF’s diary and what a page for it to open on. Must make interesting reading.
Jan sorry about your posts. Hope to see you later.
Panache hope you and MrP are having a peaceful day.
Dear Cherry I do hope you are ok. We miss you.

Jan16 Sun 11-Apr-21 16:41:31

Been a lovely day in Norfolk but a very cool wind. We will need to get rid of it
before we can sit outside at cafes with our coffee! Fingers crossed it’s warmer during the week.
Kaimoana so pleased you’ve got your computer sorted. Would miss your entertaining messages. Think you need to get rid of Hanna too! You need someone who will do what you ask her not what she chooses to do!
Polomint lovely to hear from you. I’m a relative newbie on here but everyone is so friendly and I love this site.
Deagonfly I too have had my second jab and have a hair appt on Tuesday. Hurrah!
Mamissimo love the picture of your beagle! Bet she’s great fun. Do miss not having a dog.
Wonder where Cherry and my neighbour Nfk are? Hope they are both ok.
Right - now going to see if I can post this after 2 failed attempts!

Grammaretto Sun 11-Apr-21 16:42:07

Another kind letter from Doodle.
You are right, we do miss people when we haven't seen their posts for a bit.
I think you will sigh with relief Kaimoana when Hanna gets another more suitable posting.
I am not sure if my volunteer will stay long . She wants to volunteer in Africa and has applied. I think she is overwhelmed by the scale of the job here. I know I am. When I go away tomorrow, she will clean the kitchen.
The painter is almost finished - he's tidying up.

I believe German Shepherds can be big softies. Doodle DH's first dog was a Scottie who used to share his pram and the next was a German Shepherd. When we were small children our friends had a big dog who we played with and even rode on we weren't supposed to He was so patient but would sometimes escape if he saw us coming. Years later I discovered he was a Doberman Pinscher. I don't think he knew he was a dangerous breed.

Sorry your posts disappeared Jan

I love the portrait of Honey Beagle Mamissimo Never too big! But what has she been eating. Has she got my wedding ring by any chance? I've lost it again and tomorrow is our anniversary.
I have done 3 stupid things today so I hope that's my lot. First I knocked 2 antique cups onto the floor and they smashed into too many pieces. Then my knitting unravelled when I found the wool wound around my shoe and thirdly I accidentally dropped my phone into a bucket of clay and water. Amazingly it has survived.

Doodle Sun 11-Apr-21 19:12:26

Jan DH and I were going to sit on our balcony when we came back from our walk with a pre dinner drink but we met up with someone we haven’t seen for a while and chatted for over 30 minutes. When we eventually got home it had become to chilly. I agree we need some more sunshine.
Aah what a nice thing to say. We love having you here too.?
Glad you managed to get your post through.
Grammaretto I find it strange how attached we can become to people we’ve never met. I suppose the fact that we talk virtually allows us to perhaps reveal more than if we met in person. This chatting almost every day brings a familiarity with people and I am touched that a closeness has grown between us. I do worry if posters go missing especially if I know they could have problems. The world can’t be such a bad place if a small group of strangers can find comfort and companionship with each other just by sharing.
I do get the impression you have a sizeable house and garden area and quite a lot to keep on top of. Do you think if lockdown eases you will be able to get more help?
Hope you return home to a completed paint job and a clean kitchen. Have a good time with your DD and hope the memories are happy ones,
I suppose with most dogs, it is the way they are treated by their owners which has an impact on their behaviour with others.
I’m pleased your phone didn’t get set in one of your pots but sorry to hear your cups got smashed. I hope the knitting can be repaired.
I have become a bit disheartened with my sewing. It has not turned out like I wanted and is a bit wonky. The colours aren’t too good either. I was thinking of scrapping the ideas and moving on to something else then I remembered my first attempt at quilting and how awful it was. I kept on going, watching videos, trying it again and again till I got the knack. So I am not giving up I just need to practice more.
I’m wafting out hot chocolate smells from the kitchen in the Hope it attracts our missing posters back. ?

Doodle Mon 12-Apr-21 19:19:10

A quiet day in gangster palace today. I hope you are all ok.
I will pop back later to see if any of you have found your way in?

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