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Doodle Tue 06-Apr-21 19:35:56

Hi all. Just carry on as we were before. Anyone who wants a chat welcome ?

Doodle Tue 17-Aug-21 09:41:52

Oh dear Kaimoana that’s not good news.
Does that mean you won’t be able to see your DGS and family or are family visits allowed?
Knowing you, I doubt you’ll go hungry. You seem to be able to muster up a delicious menu at the drop of a hat. Hope you get some fresh food soon.
If Nortstat was going to be invited for a tasting then I want to come too. ?
Sorry about missing your lunches. Take care of yourself x

dragonfly46 Tue 17-Aug-21 11:06:12

Good morning Lobsters.

It is a mirky morning here so no trot round the block with DH!

How were the Tubular Bells Mamissimo. I remember when that came out - quite innovative!

I have a carpet on my hall, stairs and landing similar to yours Doodle. It has been there over 20 years and shows no sign of wear or any marks. It is hard to choose for someone else without seeing it in situ.

I hope you find your house deeds Grammaretto. I hate losing things and do not rest til I find them. I know we put ours in a safe at the bank for a time but then they started charging us so they are now in a drawer in the study.
At least you found your glasses so you can see better to look for them!

I hope you have now recovered Missedout we find family visits the same. It would be easier if they were closer and could just drop in for a couple of hours.

Kaimoana I am sorry you are in lockdown again. We are assured our vaccines do protect us from the Delta variant.
Pleased you like your new Homecare lady. What happened to the one who was having treatment at the same time as I was?

I hope Nortsat is feeling better.
I still miss Cherry she was such a caring lady and I wonder how she is faring.

GN is a sad place at the moment so I just wanted to touch base with friends.
Hope you all have a good day.

Mamissimo Tue 17-Aug-21 11:29:16

Good morning ?

Happy unbirthday Grammaretto.....?

Ive been reading but never caught my tail over the last few days.

Tubular Bells was an interesting concert.....the interpretive acrobatics were spectacular if you like that kind of thing but people kept clapping them and it interrupted the flow of the music. The acrobats did not seem to add anything but they certainly did take away! The concert started at 7.30, twenty minute interval at 8.00.....all done 9.15!

This was two hours before our booked train so we sidled onto an earlier one and hoped for a sympathetic ticket inspector. As the train was defective he was jolly busy being important making announcements so we got away with it ? Naughtiest thing we've done for years!

We spent Saturday building the anti pigeon defences as my winter brassicas arrived a bit unexpectedly.....and on Sunday we celebrated DGD's second birthday. Actually I celebrated and Mr M drove. Lovely day but I was a stunned slug yesterday ?

This afternoon is the chemo unit for me, followed by a big sleep so I'll be back firing on all cylinders tomorrow.

Nortsat Tue 17-Aug-21 12:23:57

Good morning Gangstars from me and the full Mog-star contingent - Missy, Minnie and Ollie, who are all having a busy day, as you can see.

I am feeling much better and almost eating normally. I bought my partner some Lindt Lindor truffles to thank him for his kindness while I have been unwell and I managed to eat four (one of each flavour). Truffles are an important food group, of course.
I am wobbly on my legs, which I expect is the impact of an extended period in bed. It’s disconcerting and not something I have experienced before! (despite many extended periods in bed in the last 3/4 years).
Kiamoana more lovely recipes. The Red Rice sounds delish. Doodle and I were on our way round for lunch, before the dreaded lockdown...
Nfk what a lovely photograph of the ducks enjoying the horrible Tesco-equivalent shreddies. Your break away sounds lovely.
I agree dragonfly, GN is feeling sad at the moment. It’s reassuring to touch base with friends.
Mamissimo blagging the train! I’ll bet you felt like a pair of teenagers...
Grammaretto hope you had a lovely day. I saw lots of birthday wishes for you, on Mick’s Good Morning thread.
I received another thoughtful email from Panache, bless her.

Sending good wishes to all the Lob-stars including Cherry, Missedout and anyone I have inadvertently overlooked.
Have a good day all, from me and the Gangstars Molls.

NfkDumpling Tue 17-Aug-21 14:06:52

So sorry you've been locked in again Kaimoana. I'm still not sure about the latest rules - or lack of rules - here in the UK, but hospital cases don't seem to be soaring the way they would have without the vaccine so it does seem to be working. I do wonder how many people are walking around with the virus now and have no idea they have it. And the vast majority of people are still taking the same precautions so they obviously must think the same.

Its wonderful to hear that you're eating well again Nortsat, but do make haste slowly, just keep eating the chocolates. Tim Spector says chocolate is really good for your microbiome.

I've found a recording of Tubular Bells on uTube. Off to watch it now.

Grammaretto Tue 17-Aug-21 15:34:37

Hello Lobstars,

I wish I was on your boat NfkD even though I get seasick. It looks divine,
Not so the tubular bells Mamissimo what a shame. I hate it when people clap in the wrong places.
According to the men on the scaffolding (who seem to live there) there's a pigeon's nest in the hazel tree, and there's been a murrrder of some kind. Feathers everywhere.
How clever of you to get the earlier train. I hope the chemo os bearable.

I had a very nice birthday thankyou. First a hair cut and then into town on the bus. I met a friend who offered to chum me around the city and watch out for some atmosphere or free shows. There really was very little going on so we joined a queue for an Indian restaurant where a delightful waitress brought round trays of hot chai. The meal was great but far too much so I was given a doggy bag and can live on curry for the rest of the week.
As I got home the electrician arrived and fixed my kiln which took over an hour and he informed me of all the things I (he) need to do before the dear little flat is fit to be let. I am rapidly losing the will to live or at least to bother with letting out the flat.

I will try the chimney for those dastardly deeds Nortsat thanks. I am so glad you are eating chocolate again.

DS is locked down too Kaimoana though they are quite happy with it. It's only 3 days for them. I do think it strange that the BBC seems to positively gloat when Jacinda sensibly locks down to prevent more cases.
90 deaths a day here and it gets hardly a mention whereas NZ has had a total of 26 deaths since the start.

Awful scenes in Kabul, I agree Dragonfly

I had a pm from Cherry and a birthday cwtch which I really appreciated. Love to Panache

Doodle Tue 17-Aug-21 22:12:48

dragonfly I see we have a similar carpet. Do you try and pick the bits off too only to find they’re carpet? ?
You haven’t got Grammareto’s deeds in the study with yours have you?
Nice of you to come and see us. Your are right about GN being a sad place at the moment. I think the news of Phoenix has come as a shock to so many.
I think we all miss Cherry our lovely bouncy Tigger. I do hope she comes back one day.
Mamissimo glad you enjoyed the concert despite the clapping. I didn’t realise there would be acrobats too. Did you have a meal first? Hope your little DGD had a happy birthday.
Good luck with the Chemo.
Nortsat how lovely to have you and all the Molls with us.
I could just curl up and join them.. they look very content.
So pleased to hear you are feeling better and starting to eat a little more.
Please be careful as you walk about. It’s amazing how a stay in bed can weaken our leg muscles. Hope you continue to improve and get stronger.
Nfk things do seem to be better don’t they. DH and I are still wearing masks when we go inside anywhere and my trusty bottle of hand sanitiser is not far from my side. My DGS was due his jab today. Hope he is ok. Only my youngest left to be done now.
Good tip about the chocolate….I may just go and get some….for health purposes only you understand ?
Grammaretto glad you had a good time on your birthday and enjoyed your meal. Sorry your flat seems to need so many things sorted. I image a lot is the elf and safety contingent. If we had all the things in our flat that we are supposed to there would be no room for us. We do have an escape ladder though……if I could just remember where it is ?
So glad you mentioned hearing from Cherry that’s cheered me up.
Panache much love to you as always. x
DH’s and I are going out to look for some artificial trees for our balcony. We have pondered real but I am allergic to so many things and being two floors up it would not be easy with potting or re planting. I’ll let you know how I get on.
Sleep well all

Kaimoana Wed 18-Aug-21 00:14:47

Doodle artificial trees and flowers have improved their looks enormously over the years, haven't they?
I remember plastic tulips being given away with soap powder.
People stuck them in their gardens where they looked sadder and sadder and never even remotely real.

Yes, I'm afraid the family visits are on hold for the moment.
I shall be okay for food as being isolated here in normal times, I have a back-up store cupboard of tins and packets, which I can use if no fresh food is available.
I don't think it'll come to that this time.

I hadn't realised ALL the country was at Level 4 until the Min of Health email today.
I thought it was just Auckland.

Better to be safe though, we know next to nothing about Delta except how virulent it is.

Grammaretto are you ever going to have any respite from all the constant repairs and renovations which seemed to have swamped you recently?
I feel so sorry that you can't just have a calm and peaceful summer. flowers
Glad you enjoyed the Indian experience though.

dragonfly I detect a note of relief that you were not dragged out encouraged to walk grin
Yes, Kathy is doing well and we've had a few get-togethers as she's felt stronger. We send each other photos of our grand-daughters, both of whom are the love of our lives smile

Mamissimo I used to love Tubular Bells but I too would have been irritated by unnecessary applause.
Quite often here, an announcement is made prior to a show, asking people to refrain until the performance is over, as it interferes with the flow and atmosphere.
Oooh, cheeky on the train, although you had paid, so what could they do, make you ride on the roof?

Nortsat I am reliably informed by my dgs that chocolate is, 'a plant-based superfood' grin and therefore can be eaten at any time and often.

His Mum loves those Lindt truffles too and last Christmas asked me if I could taste one then duplicate it.
Oh dear, what a terrible chore, being forced to taste chocolate hmm but I survived somehow.


Yes, like everyone, I miss Cheery Cherry and my heart aches for what she must be going through, poor love, to keep her away, as I know she enjoyed this thread.
I do hope she's feeling better soon.

My dgs having fun on a trolley and steering with two of my walking sticks.

And Panache is never far from my thoughts too. I understand she's getting the support she needs, so that's great news.

It's not quite 11am and already we've had bright sunshine, torrential rain, a thunder and lightning storm and wild winds. It's also cold.

Tawhirimatea keeping us entertaned during Lockdown grin.

Kaimoana Wed 18-Aug-21 06:41:15

Yep, it's the Delta variant we got sad
that means extended lockdown until every possible contact is traced, isolated and tested negative.

Jan16 Wed 18-Aug-21 09:20:26

Hi All from a damp and miserable corner of Norfolk. Some summer this is. It was so cold yesterday evening we nearly put the heating on but DHs accountant brain couldn’t quite make that decision! Nearly put it on myself but heroically put a jumper on! It’s not so cold today but still drizzling and dull. Think it’s having an affect on my mood. Can’t shake off this “low” feeling. No reason for it and it will pass eventually!
Think I said we’ve cancelled our cruise for next month - well transferred it to Feb next year. So as Theo cat was booked into the cattery we decided to have a week in this country. Eventually manged to book a week in the Cotswolds for which we didn’t need to take out a mortgage and are off next month.
“Kaiamona” so sorry you are back in lockdown- really feel for you as I nearly went mad during lockdown here! As you can probably tell I’m not good at being isolated and I have DH to keep me company!
Hope all poorly and troubled Lobsters will soon be on the mend - love to All

NfkDumpling Wed 18-Aug-21 13:34:19

I've just been reading a few of the messages on Phoenix's thread. I do hope Mr P reads them and sees how much she is loved and missed. A wonderful lady.

It's stopped raining here Jan! Just for the moment. I really wanted to put the heating on yesterday evening but DH says we can't as it's summer. But I did indulge in a hot water bottle last night! We've booked a couple of nights in Colchester for the end of the month so I hope it warms up just a little.

And that the sun shines soon as well so that all the poorly and under the weather Lobsters can soak up the rays and feel better.

Kaimoana Wed 18-Aug-21 14:08:36

Gosh, poor cold, Norfolk, I hope you get an Indian summer.
Yes, Jan I do remember you genuinely suffered in lockdown but I'm a loner so I'll be fine. smile

Nfk you and Jan need to give your men the cold-shoulder I think! grin

I've just completed a survey (I get paid) asking what and how I intend buying for Christmas ! shock.

We're up to 8 cases of Delta now and it seems more to come.
At least one pretty near me but I'm sanguine about that. When your number's up, it's up.
But I'll still be taking all precautions for Gubbins' and the other dgc's sakes.

Grammaretto Wed 18-Aug-21 15:34:06

Hello Lobstars,

Just checking in to read your news.
Sorry the sun isn't shining much for you. It's lovely here, probably because the schools have just gone back. My DGC are all polished up for their first day with new enormous shoes.

I am most impressed by your DGS and the trolley Kaimoana

Nothing much to report here. The deeds weren't in the inglenook.

See you all later.

Doodle Wed 18-Aug-21 21:02:49

Kaimoana I hope you’re not in lockdown too long. What vaccine did you have if you don’t mind me asking?
Oh yes, the plastic flowers with the soap cartons. I remember that well ?
Your DGS seems to be having a good time. Sort of thing mine would love to do too.
We had a good time at the garden centre although the journey there and back was a nightmare of traffic jams and road works.
Glad we went. We have chosen 4 small artificial bushes. They look quite good I had to check they weren’t the real thing.
Jan the weather certainly isn’t doing much to lift the spirits is it. I’m glad you’ve booked a break in the Cotswolds. Lovely part of the country and one we enjoy. Glad you’ve re booked your cruise. Hopefully things will be better next year.
Nfk phoenix’s thread is lovely isn’t it. She touched so many with her humour. So sad.
We have resisted the heating too although it’s certainly not warm.
I received a parcel with two lots of fabric today, I am attempting two more pairs of trousers. The original pattern was not exactly what I wanted so I taped it to some wrapping paper and drew round the bits I wanted to keep and then altered the rest to be more in line with what I wanted. It remains to be seen if it will be wearable or another item for the textiles bin at Sainsbugs .
Kaimoana love your humour grin
Grammaretto perhaps you should hold a themed event in your home. Like a mystery event, whoever finds the deeds get a surprise. Like a version of Cluedo………do you have any hollow candlesticks where the deeds could be hidden? ?

Kaimoana Wed 18-Aug-21 22:53:10

I think Grammareto should write a story for People's Friend 'The Mystery of the Missing Deeds". She could end it by asking for suggestions from readers as to where they might be.

Doodle I had the Pfizer vaccine. It was the only one rolled out en masse here.

The government said they'd carefukkly evaluated the effectiveness and possible side effects before deciding on Pfizer.

Secretly I think they were probably offered a few free plastic tulips as a game changer.

Mamissimo Thu 19-Aug-21 10:02:31

Gone! I've just tryped my innermost thoughts on the location of the.deeds, how a girl guide pack could be used to find them....on DS getting his sense of smell back when the beagle puffed.......on making a nee quilt....and it's apricot buckle for desert tonight......thoughts of Phoenix and the value of you lot.

That was it really......but longer! ?

Grammaretto Thu 19-Aug-21 11:26:04

The Peoples Friend it is! grin

Thanks for the idea of a prize for finding the missing deeds Doodle It just might work wink nothing else has

I have invited my badminton chums to share my birthday wine with me tomorrow evening. Should I set them to search before or after?

I am going to take DMiL out today or tomorrow depending on whether we can arrange things.

Your sewing spree is impressive Doodle and the drawing around the pattern should work, shouldn't it?
My Dsis made 2 pairs of shorts out of pillow cases by drawing around a pair she already had. Clever clogs. mind you I haven't seen them and she says she only wears them on her exercise bike

Coffee time already.

Grammaretto Thu 19-Aug-21 11:29:50

Mamissimo Bgrrr
But I am very glad to hear those good things although what's the story of the beagle?

Nortsat Thu 19-Aug-21 11:57:22

Grammaretto, I think the beagle ‘puffing’ causing MrM to recover his sense of smell, is Mammissimo being polite about the indignities which pet owners have to endure.

Missy (the Gang-Stars Moll) lies innocently sleeping and then something dreadful happens. ‘Puffing’ is far too polite a term to describe what she conjours up.
It is certainly sufficient to cause someone to recover their sense of smell.

Mammissimo so pleased something positive has resulted from something quite challenging... ?

Nortsat Thu 19-Aug-21 11:59:43

Sorry Mamissimo, I meant your DS not MrM.

muse Thu 19-Aug-21 12:51:25

Hello to all Lobstars
Sorry, I've stayed away so long. I hadn't realised till I started to scroll backwards just how long ago it was. I'm inside today: two reasons. Drizzle outside so no gardening but there again I couldn't do much if I was out there, I trapped a sciatic nerve again two days ago. The pilates mat has been left out on the floor for me to do regular stretches.

What a search you have had on Grammaretto. I don't think I have scrolled back far enough to see where you have searched. I remember looking for my parent's deeds after father died and the house was about to go on the market after we had cleared it. Nothing so we had to buy another set. They duly came and we started to clear the house. My brother went to dismantle the bed and found a drawer in the bottom as well as the two on either side. We'd looked in the two side ones but had no idea about this third drawer. Yes - there were the deeds.

Kaiamona so sorry you are back in lockdown. Do you feel that the track and trace system is working? The number of people that are getting pinged here and then having to isolate is rising quickly. Cases in Cornwall are very high. It's peak season now with a record number of visitors.

Lovely to see a post from Panache. Hope she is getting out with the friends that live close by.

Off to take Mya for another short walk. She has just been to the pet hospital for a scan. She was sedated a week ago so my vet (local practice) could have a look at one of her ears. Turned out a bad case of thrush. Whilst she was sedated, he gave a check and rang me to say she had an enlarged spleen. Explained the dangers so she had a scan yesterday. Another sedation but it was a false alarm. Perfectly healthy spleen. Seemed my vet misread what he saw/felt.

Will pop back again soon. Oh! I did find some hex screws for MrM ??

Doodle Thu 19-Aug-21 20:54:29

kaimoana we had the Astra Zeneca but my son and DGS both had the Pfizer. Articles in the paper seem to say the vaccine keeps people who have had it from being seriously ill.
Oh Mamissimo these lost posts are annoying aren’t they.
A search before or after wine ?. Depends perhaps on whoever put them somewhere safe was tipsy or sober at the time ?
Whether the trousers will be worn outside or not remains to be seen. What could go wrong?
Nortsat ah now I too understand the comment. My DGS’s puppy has an …….interesting digestion.
Missy looks so innocent lying there.
Hello muse sorry you are in pain. Trapped nerves are so difficult to deal with. Usually it is just time that heals.
Ah another idea for grammaretto’s search.
Hex screws grin I’d forgotten about that.
Panache you see we are still thinking of you. x

Kaimoana Thu 19-Aug-21 22:52:52

Grammaretto I assume you've asked you dear MiL for any clues about the deeds?
Maybe your DH mentioned the hiding place to her? Is there anyone else he may have told?

Definitely search before wine but lashings afterwards for anyone (or Timmy) who finds them.

Hi muse nice to see you back. I listened to Phoenix on the BBC; what a character. smile

I don't use the tracing app personally as you need a cell phone for that. I'd guess it works though. I've seen my son scanning.
We also test waste water here for any early signs of Covid. It alerts the authorities to the possible Covid contamination, long before symptoms appear.

Doodle I hope your brave trousers turn out fine. You are a very clever lady.

It's eerily quiet: no traffic, so no eejits with stereos outside their cars assuming we all want to hear their execrable taste in 'music'; no children playing out either as it's raining.

I'm off to make myself a poached egg for breakfast.

Grammaretto Fri 20-Aug-21 08:57:41

Hello Gang,

So the lockdown continues in NZ. DS is a bit fed up now the novelty has worn off. A film he was helping to produce before the pandemic was about to open and is on the posters but of course it can't go ahead. Not sure I would have wanted to watch it.

The outing with MiL isn't happening. The people whose house we wanted to see can't have us to call after all at least not this week.

I will go to see her anyway and will ask after the Deeds. grin Perhaps there's a drawer in a bed I don't know about Muse

There are still plenty of places I haven't looked and for years we hosted all those 100s of volunteers but I can't blame them yet, can I?.
DGD proudly showed me her bronze Duke of Edinburgh award certificate yesterday. I hope she will continue with these challenges
I saw on the morning thread that Nortsat has been self harming injuring herself and is black and blue. Rest up and leave the energetic stuff to the moggies is my advice.

Mamissimo Fri 20-Aug-21 11:19:19

Good morning ?

DS has returned home so we have the fridge house to ourselves. Sainsbugs are delivering a restock in the next hour! ?

Poor old Honey Beagle is a weapon of mass destruction these days.....she's like the air freshener adverts that show green puffs of miasma. I swear she smiles when she does one! We did laugh with her though when DS smelt one. His first olefactory experience in a month. I can't quite understand why Mr M apologises when I complain of the pong......

I made an Apricot Buckle last night.....a bit like a cross between a very light sponge and a cobbler - very nom! Very easy! I will post a link but you can google it. We even had custard so today we will try to diet until we're starving dinner time.

We are going to Kent for a long weekend to stay with DD2. She seems more sanguine this cycle which is good. Doesn't stop us worrying though!

I'm going to work out my materials list for the T shirt quilt today so that I can get cracking before the whim passes.....

Thinking of the missing in action.....

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