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Social distancing.

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MayBee70 Tue 13-Apr-21 23:55:27

So I went into the nearby small seaside town today. First time I’ve been anywhere like that for over a year apart from going to Boots for my flu jab. Social distancing was non existent. We were the only ones moving out of the way. At one point a family of 6 plus a pushchair spread over the whole pavement and made us walk in the road. Is it the same everywhere? What happened to the two metre rule which changed to one metre and then changed back again? It seems to me that one metre is no different to how things were pre pandemic.

Biscuitmuncher Wed 14-Apr-21 04:42:13

I think people are done with living in fear.

Kim19 Wed 14-Apr-21 06:05:23

Think you have to make your own comfort space irrespective of what everyone else is doing.

Sara1954 Wed 14-Apr-21 06:12:56

I think if you’re outside, you don’t need to worry too much.

Franbern Wed 14-Apr-21 08:14:35

Surely you must have expected the town to be very busy on just the second day of all the shops being able to open!!!

If you are than concerned at being anywhere close to other people, then perhaps seaside town was not the best choice for you.

I was so happy yesterday, when I went down the High Street on my seaside town - it was buzzing, and most people were smiling. Shops were busy - and we had our usual busker area, once again, in use. Wonderful!!!!

The whole atmosphere made me feel good.

M0nica Wed 14-Apr-21 08:28:50

If you are so keen to obey the rules and keep your distance when out, why on earth did you go out on the first day the shops opened? You must surely have realised that everywhere would be crowded and that it would be difficult to keep your distance.

I do not know anyone who risked going shopping on Monday, just because they were concerned about the inevitable crowds

Esspee Wed 14-Apr-21 09:00:57

We are sticking to places where you are less likely to meet anyone until the novelty of being able to get out wears off.
If you have been shielding then the last thing you should be doing is going places you know will be busy.
Saying that, out of doors and moving past people is not high risk, but try to minimise breathing other peoples breath or touching things others have handled without using soap and water/gel afterwards.

eazybee Wed 14-Apr-21 09:06:08

I went shopping on Monday afternoon in a small rural town popular with tourists, and people were observing the distancing rules as best they could on narrow pavements and limiting access in small shops.

Ellianne Wed 14-Apr-21 09:13:38

Our seaside town was busy, people of all ages, residents and visitors alike. The shops were doing a good trade, the seafront was packed and there was a jolly atmosphere. Social distancing was certainly more relaxed but if you're outside and moving about what's the problem? Especially people who are visiting will forget the rules when they have other things on their mind, so I can see things getting very quickly back to as they were.

nadateturbe Wed 14-Apr-21 10:07:17

We've been told to still observe distancing and I agree with Maybee. Some people are not being careful enough. Havjng said that I would be giving the shopping areas a week to calm down before venturing into them.

Natasha76 Wed 14-Apr-21 10:38:15

scientists said yesterday that masks outdoors are a waste of time because of how the virus spreads.So I wouldn't panic too much about the number of people around you.
I agree with others that it wasn't possibly the best time for you to go out in a seaside town.
Also if its a family of 6 walking across the pavemnt ts easier for you to move out of the way than them with a buggy and other children.
Try to be a little kind to others, we all handle stress differently and some people have really had enough of this so may not be thinking of others at the moment.
If you want to see the sea go early in the morning or late in the evening .
Lastly don't forget that most of those people will have had some sort of vaccination now.

JenniferEccles Wed 14-Apr-21 10:38:52

I think it’s wonderful to see people out and about after months of being cooped up indoors.
Our village is thriving again with the little independent coffee shops putting tables and chairs outside and people were sitting together and chatting. Lovely. There were a number of men queuing outside the barbers most of whom were sporting Boris Johnson type unruly barnets!

We’ve been repeatedly told that transmission of the virus when we are outside is very much reduced, so momentarily passing others on the pavement poses just a minuscule risk.

I really hope people do return to our town centres and start spending, otherwise too many of them will become ghost towns.

MayBee70 Wed 14-Apr-21 10:40:26

Well, that’s me told. I only pointed out that it was a small seaside town to describe where I went. It is the next town/village to where I live and I had to go there there for a specific reason. I didn’t go for a day out. We were there for a short time. I just wondered how people were behaving in other parts of the country. From what I can see we will be back to square one if people don’t respect other people’s space whether it’s inside or out.

rosie1959 Wed 14-Apr-21 10:51:09

Perhaps OP as you haven’t been out much for a while it may have been the newness of the situation that unnerved you.
As towns get busy the 2 meter rule is going to slip but the chances of catching anything when walking past anyone outside are negligible
We are gradually coming out and things hopefully are going to change considerably in the next few months life has to get back to a more normal state
We are all being vaccinated and I can see little point in having the vaccine unless a bit more normality resumes
By June all restrictions are to be lifted and I for one hope they drop all these masks everywhere

polnan Wed 14-Apr-21 10:54:03

my present thinking,, the so called experts/scientests, actually do NOT KNOW enough about this virus, why it was/still could be so deadly and devastating..

why they don`t admit that,, o.k. people! I really believe no one
really knows enough about this virus yet.

masks? dunno! distancing? well makes a bit of sense to me, personally that we shouldn`t be hugging and kissing as we used to, not yet anyway....

we do not know!

leeds22 Wed 14-Apr-21 10:54:06

There was no social distancing outside our village pubs on Monday. Tuesday was colder, so not as many people about. Last summer, between lockdowns, it was mostly tourists who ignored social distancing - they are on holiday and seemed to forget the virus. We are putting off going anywhere too busy until two weeks after our second jabs, today hurrah.

Nanatoone Wed 14-Apr-21 10:54:17

I don't often comment here but feel motivated to respond here. Yes, we do need to continue to observe social distancing but ay least half the population has had it's first vaccination. Peple were outside, we have been cooped up for so long. If concerned the answer is to stay away. I am not rushing back to shops personally, the thought of the crowds is very off putting. But what joy to see life coming back to our towns, cities and villages. How wonderful. This last year has been horrible for so many. I think the best thing to do is to take care that you do the right thing for you and you will be ok. I cannot relate to this obsession with contamination out of doors following a momentary passing between people. You would need a hefty viral load to come your way to catch it (if not already vaccinated). We all have to try to live and let live a bit now I think. Try not to worry, it was always going to be like this immediately after lockdown.

Redhead56 Wed 14-Apr-21 10:56:05

I went to a large garden store yesterday it was very difficult keeping distance between other people. People did have masks on but a lot appeared to be not concerned about personal space.

4allweknow Wed 14-Apr-21 10:58:12

Rarely have experiences social distance outsider since March last year. The number of times I've had to go on road,climb bankings in parks due to folk being totally selfish and not streaming into a single line. Women with pushchairs out with friends for a chat have been the worst, either their arms or pushchairs seemed to be welded together! No hope of social distancing out and about now.

Juicylucy Wed 14-Apr-21 11:03:00

Certainly no social distancing in my area people have stopped moving out the way of each other. I can’t see how it’s possible now we’ve all been released.

Dee1012 Wed 14-Apr-21 11:13:11

Not a lot of social distancing in my area of the North East to be honest, I still see a lot of masks although again, it's visibly reducing.
I've heard "it's okay, had my jab!" from many too.

I've decided not to focus on it and do what I'm comfortable with....

MayBee70 Wed 14-Apr-21 11:17:03

If people in this country don’t respect people’s space the way that they do in eastern countries we will never be free of this virus. Normal has to be the new normal and hands face space ventilate has to become part of our culture for the foreseeable future.

Nannashirlz Wed 14-Apr-21 11:20:30

Well I’ll be. Who would have through it would be busy. Lol come on you seriously must have figured out it would be busy. Ppl are like ants they follow each other. I also had to stay home for most of the time until my Dr said I was in group two. I haven’t gone to town for simple reason. It didn’t take a genus to work it that it will be busy. I will in few weeks once the mad rush as slowed down.

Happysexagenarian Wed 14-Apr-21 11:23:00

People in our village haven't social distanced for months except inside shops. I heard that our main town was absolutely heaving with shoppers yesterday, no distancing and very few masks being worn. I need to go into the town next week (first time for nearly 12 months) but I'm not looking forward to it, I hope things will have calmed down a bit by then. I think we still need to be cautious and observe distancing or we will be back in another lockdown.

Rosalyn69 Wed 14-Apr-21 11:41:21

It’s a personal thing. I’m not going out until the end of the week when the initial rush is over but then I don’t like people and crowds in normal times.