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Indian delegation to London forced to isolate

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maddyone Wed 05-May-21 11:27:00

The Guardian has reported today that the entire delegation from India to the G7 summit in London has been forced to isolate following two members testing positive for Covid upon arrival in Britain.
Am I alone in thinking that it’s foolhardy to be holding such international meetings whilst Covid is still so prevalent in much of the world?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 05-May-21 14:23:42

I suppose this is mostly to do with our desperation for trade deals.

Apparently most of the deals that Truss has done so far are only temporary and will need to be dealt with later down the line.

Desperation is never a good look I find, especially when it comes with Covid.

MayBee70 Wed 05-May-21 15:29:13

Aren’t they saying that people can come from India and stay for two years as well? That’ll go down well with those who voted brexit because they didn’t want people coming to the country and taking our jobs. Not that anyone did vote for brexit for that reason of course.