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Would you do this?

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FannyCornforth Sun 09-May-21 10:10:23

Hello Everyone
I'm not sure why I'm asking, because it's going to happen anyway...?

Neighbour, who is in his 80s, has asked DH to give him a lift to the hospital. DH will wait for him, and bring him home.

Neighbour will have had both vaccines I'm sure; DH has had one and has also had Covid (despite shielding).

Neighbour actually asked me and I said yes, it was fine. I honestly didn't think of the Covid risk at the time.
DH is absolutely fine about.
Windows will be open and I will ask him to wear a mask.

What would you have done?
Thank you

FannyCornforth Mon 10-May-21 13:57:00


I wouldn’t think twice. He’s a poor old fella who needs a favour.

Thank you Meryl
The problem is that DH is a poor old fella too sad
Anyway, it's all done and dusted now, but I think that if it happens again I'll be more prepared to say no and help find other options.
It may have been a learning experience.
Thank you again everyone flowers

Blinko Mon 10-May-21 14:02:04

The only issue for me (or DH) would be parking at the hospital. It's a nightmare in this area.

As we've had both jabs, and you say your neighbour has had the first jab, I wouldn't think there'd be a problem other wise.

Mollygo Mon 10-May-21 14:03:59

Yes I would. We just did it for our 80 year old neighbour who had fallen in the shower and brought her home afterwards. Windows and masks as you mentioned. My only concern was, should she have got an ambulance.

timetogo2016 Mon 10-May-21 14:12:16

I think thats really kind of you both FannyC.
Your neighbour is a lucky man,but i would ask him to sanitise his hands after his appointment before he gets back into the car.

Auntieflo Mon 10-May-21 14:26:00

I think it would be which neighbour asked.
With all of them, except one couple, there would be no problem in giving someone a lift.
The problem is that we are now the elderly neighbours, and everyone has been so kind with offers for all sorts.
As I have been bombarded with appointment letters recently, I have been so lucky in getting lifts with a local volunteer organisation.
They all have lanyards with permission to park in dedicated spaces.

Yammy Mon 10-May-21 14:47:20

I wouldn't dare offer DH for anything before first asking him. In this case, he would have said no use the NHS travel service. Though to be fair to him he would not offer me either.
Maybe your neighbour should have had a good think before asking and putting you on the spot.
Good luck I appreciate both your kindness.

FannyCornforth Mon 10-May-21 15:02:51

I didn't volunteer him. I knew absolutely that he would have said yes without question; that's why I didn't hesitate.
As soon as I said yes, I checked with DH seconds later.
I wouldn't 'volunteer' him to do anything.
It's me who didnt want him to do it!

FannyCornforth Mon 10-May-21 15:04:05

Sorry - the above explanation is to Yammy

FannyCornforth Mon 10-May-21 15:07:42

As soon as I said 'yes' - I thought 'oh bugger'.
To have got my way ie. no lift for neighbour, I would have had to do one of two things
1. Say no to neighbour and make up a pack of lies as to why neighbour was on doorstep
2. Have almighty argument with DH about why I wasn't allowing him to take neighbour.
And then DH doing it anyway

FannyCornforth Mon 10-May-21 15:10:39

DH is far nicer than I; I would have said no in a flash

EmilyHarburn Mon 10-May-21 15:25:07

This is a logical, friendly arrangement. I do not see a problem.

Callistemon Mon 10-May-21 15:31:19


DH is far nicer than I; I would have said no in a flash

Has it happened yet?

In some areas taxi drivers are taking elderly people for hospital appointments free of charge and are very conscientious about Covid precautions.

Where will your DH have to wait? In the car, presumably. It could take hours, can you do a bit of research on alternative transport and sort it out for him?

FannyCornforth Mon 10-May-21 15:38:01

Hello Callistemon it has happened!
The whole thing took an hour.

FannyCornforth Mon 10-May-21 15:39:35

The thing is, as I said upthread, there is no way that he wouldn't have done it.
It was only a small specialist clinic really, so no problems parking etc

montymops Mon 10-May-21 15:58:58

If we were both fit and able, I would do it. We’ve had both jabs and also had Covid last year.

Callistemon Mon 10-May-21 16:05:43


Hello Callistemon it has happened!
The whole thing took an hour.

Oh, I must have missed that!

Well done MrC.

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 10-May-21 16:13:09

I’m sure we would have done it too. Both wear facing each other. We’ve taken to doing tests now, before doing anything. My hairdresser came last week. We took tests first, to make sure. All of us. Can’t see a problem with that at all. Goodness me....everyone’s being ‘ let out’ on June 21st. Holidays and everything. I’m sure you’ll all be fine Fanny.

Yearoff Mon 10-May-21 17:01:55

I met my elderly neighbour heading for the bus to get her 2nd vaccine. I was heading in the same direction as the vaccination centre so I asked her if she would like a lift. (I’ve had one vaccine). We both wore a mask and I put the window down. Safer for her than the bus I thought. I saw nothing wrong with doing it.

Caro57 Mon 10-May-21 17:09:09

recommendation is that both wear masks - driver sits in driver seat (obviously) and passenger sits in rear near side seat i.e. diagonal to driver

FannyCornforth Mon 10-May-21 17:15:43

Thank you Disco
Though the thought of everyone being 'let out' is very worrying for the CEV

helen2020 Mon 10-May-21 17:21:19

I don't think there is any risk given usual precautions, but could you take him instead of your husband?

FannyCornforth Mon 10-May-21 19:04:14

Thank you Helen it's all done now, I would have done that - but I can't drive!

Peff68 Mon 10-May-21 19:27:10

I think it’s very kind of you and your husband, if only more people were generous with their time, as long as you all keep safe then what’s the harm? I must admit I do volunteer my DH but only where I know he won’t mind!

NannieAnnie64 Mon 10-May-21 19:31:30

I have been taking an elderly couple in their 80's for hospital and covid jabs over the last year because they were really worried about using a taxi. We wore masks and windows open. I also sprayed the seats and bets with antibac spray plus wiped doors etc.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 10-May-21 19:41:23

My husband would do it yes