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Would you do this?

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FannyCornforth Sun 09-May-21 10:10:23

Hello Everyone
I'm not sure why I'm asking, because it's going to happen anyway...?

Neighbour, who is in his 80s, has asked DH to give him a lift to the hospital. DH will wait for him, and bring him home.

Neighbour will have had both vaccines I'm sure; DH has had one and has also had Covid (despite shielding).

Neighbour actually asked me and I said yes, it was fine. I honestly didn't think of the Covid risk at the time.
DH is absolutely fine about.
Windows will be open and I will ask him to wear a mask.

What would you have done?
Thank you

Hellis Mon 10-May-21 23:54:31

I have had to ask for a lift to get my vaccinations at the 'local' hub , some 15 miles away. Fortunately my daughter kindly came over and took me, otherwise it would have meant two different buses in each direction, which I felt was more of a health risk. The taxi option was way too expensive for such a distance

Eloethan Tue 11-May-21 00:02:39

I don't see a problem with it.

maddyone Tue 11-May-21 00:10:55

There’s absolutely no risk, so do your elderly neighbour the kindness of taking him to the hospital. I would do it happily in these circumstances. What has happened to us as people if Covid has terrified us so much that despite vaccinations and one person has actually had Covid, we still worry about doing someone a kindness?

FannyCornforth Tue 11-May-21 05:10:58

Thank you Maddy
DH took neighbour yesterday lunchtime.

I hope that you are feeling much better now, and haven't had any long term problems.

maddyone Tue 11-May-21 09:46:09

Thank you Fanny. I’m pleased your husband helped your elderly neighbour. Thank you for asking how I am now, the answer is pretty much back to normal except for regular chest pains in what I assume is my lungs. In particular my lower left lung where the Covid pneumonia was. I’m hoping that this will gradually disappear so I’ll have to wait and see.

FannyCornforth Tue 11-May-21 09:49:15

Hi again Maddy
DH is going to the post Covid respiratory clinic for the first time this afternoon. So fingers crossed.
Yes, it's all a waiting game isn't it.
Take care thanks

maddyone Tue 11-May-21 09:58:39

Thanks Fanny.

kjmpde Wed 12-May-21 18:15:38

I may not have read the post correctly but if the neighbour has not mixed with people, is wearing a mask then the risk of covid from the person to the driver is extremely low. I presume the same factors apply to the driver . My understanding is that the driver has had covid so therefore has more antibodies than most?

FannyCornforth Thu 13-May-21 05:22:21

kjdmpde yes, that is all correct.
Although I don't know who neighbour sees, other than his son.
My main worry is that DH is extremely clinically vulnerable, and probably even more so post-covid.
We are going to a funeral tomorrow, but I'm not so bothered about the risks there.

Classic Sun 16-May-21 18:55:02

I would do it in a flash and be pleased that I was able to do my bit to help a vulnerable elderly gentleman.

FannyCornforth Sun 16-May-21 19:03:59

Thank you Classic, it's done and dusted now.
But my DH is an even more vulnerable gentleman.
Not so elderly, but nearly.
The more I think about this, the more I realise that we / I have to say no to such requests.

welbeck Sun 16-May-21 19:12:47

why didn't the neighbour get a cab.

FannyCornforth Sun 16-May-21 19:23:19

welbeck I don't know.
He is a good friend and neighbour; he asked for a lift; and I said yes.
I suppose that I didn't give it too much post Covid thought.

FannyCornforth Sun 16-May-21 19:24:06

Perhaps he was scared of getting a cab?
For some reason he asked us.

welbeck Sun 16-May-21 19:32:48

i would prefer to offer to help with cost of cab.
or ask if he has tried to get hosp transport.
i wouldn't be happy to do it, nor mine.

Greeneyedgirl Sun 16-May-21 20:09:53

Gosh this has caused a lot of interest considering it’s all over & done with FannyC. Neighbour had 2 vaccs, very low risk imo. Really kind deed from your DH. A man to be proud of. Cherish him smile

JaneJudge Sun 16-May-21 20:30:25

How did your DH get on at the post covid clinic Fanny? x

FannyCornforth Mon 17-May-21 03:54:10

Aah, thank you Greenie smile

Welbeck he isn't short of a bob or two, he's probably better off than we are; he asked for a lift, not a loan.
In fact he offered DH 10 quid for petrol, so they had that usual cash tussle (he wouldn't take it).

Jane ah, thank you for asking. Pretty well to be honest. A few little niggles but nothing major, thank God.
He's just waiting to be given the all clear to go back onto his RA medication. He's not been able to take it since November.
It's second jab time for him this am.
I'm dreading it as he had such awful side effects the first time.
I wouldn't have it personally, but the post Covid consultant said that he should have it. Fingers crossed and all that.

JaneJudge Mon 17-May-21 07:25:56

Oh dear does that mean he has been in a lot of pain? sad I hope the jab goes ok today and he doesn't have as many side effects x

Mollygo Mon 17-May-21 10:23:52

Hi FC hope the jab goes OK and fewer or no side effects this time.
I had to wait till a fortnight after my second jab before I could have a steroid injection. Have they give you any sort of time-frame for resuming the RA medication?