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Apparently we can hug from next week

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ineedamum Sun 09-May-21 15:00:27

The rumours are that we can start hugging friends and family from next week. What do you think about this? I feel a bit anxious about this. In the past I've hugged people,not close friends, as a way of saying bye, but it can feel awkward. Do you hug or not hug so it has been nice lockdown not to have this pressure.

Blossoming Sun 09-May-21 15:06:32

Just go with what you feel comfortable with.

Skydancer Sun 09-May-21 15:09:26

I used to be embarrassed when someone who was hardly more than an acquaintance wanted to hug me. I'm sticking to family members - and I'm quite selective as to which of those! I think some people are more touchy-feely than others. I don't like it very much. We never hugged years ago did we?

Jaxjacky Sun 09-May-21 15:10:43

There’s an existing thread on this...hug or not to hug ??

greenlady102 Sun 09-May-21 15:10:52

love0c Sun 09-May-21 15:43:11

Bring it on I say! I never stopped hugging and kissing my family anyway. Can not understand people who have. Unless you are ill/vulnerable why would you stop. I am a healthy 63 year old and look after three grandchildren every week. Never stopped that either.

Teacheranne Sun 09-May-21 15:46:50

I’ve already told friends that I’m not going back to hugging! I’ve never felt comfortable hugging people other than close family and have no intention of going back to feeling obliged to hug. My own children will always get a hug hello and goodbye but I’m happy to be known as miserable to everyone else!

timetogo2016 Sun 09-May-21 15:54:08

Can`t wait.

Nanna58 Sun 09-May-21 15:58:10

Always been an inveterate hugger and have really suffered from not being able too. People I know and love will have to brace themselves for the onslaught!!!?

MayBee70 Sun 09-May-21 16:04:14

Hurrah. So the virus will miraculously disappear next week and rumours that the new variants are more transmissible must be wrong then. I hope someone is selling t shirts saying ‘don’t hug me’ because I’ll certainly buy one. I assume people will be advised that it’s only safe (er) to do so 2/3 weeks after the second vaccination.

NanKate Sun 09-May-21 16:42:11

I’m seeing my DGSs next Sunday for the first time since October. I’m already and waiting to give them a big hug a day early. ?

Willow500 Sun 09-May-21 16:46:54

This news came just after my son, DIL, GD and her boyfriend left after a 2 day visit to see us (not staying in the same house). We've not seen them in over 18 months and I would love to have hugged my GD before they left sad We're not a very huggy family really although my other son overseas is a great hugger as is his wife so that would have been even more difficult if we'd been together!

I think you just have to go with your instincts and stay safe.

AGAA4 Sun 09-May-21 17:14:27

There is some advice on the BBC website about hugging. Keep it to family and close friends and not everyone. Turn your face away as you hug but this is very close contact so will carry a risk.

Calendargirl Sun 09-May-21 17:57:23

I shall carry on as normal. No one I am desperate to hug.

BlueBelle Sun 09-May-21 17:57:24

I never stopped hugging my family
But it’ll be nice to give my friends a little hug when I see them

maddyone Sun 09-May-21 18:01:10

I’ve been hugging my family for a couple of weeks now.

BlueSky Sun 09-May-21 18:13:19

Well said MayBe70! I’m surprised some admit to having kissed and hugged family all along.

MayBee70 Sun 09-May-21 18:19:57

I’ve just been ridiculed on a Facebook page for pointing out that the vaccine isn’t effective till a couple of weeks after the second dose (even then not 100% but I didn’t want to push my luck). I’d still rather mention it and be laughed at than not mention it.

MerylStreep Sun 09-May-21 18:27:11

I never stopped hugging my family. Same with an elderly neighbour who gets confused and distressed.
Ive had lots of hugs with the husband and daughter of my friend who died 2 weeks ago.
I’ve been hugging a friend who’s sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
How could you not ?

growstuff Tue 11-May-21 12:55:45

I haven't hugged anybody since the beginning of the pandemic, but as I have a new man in my life, it will be quite pleasant wink.

PS. I thought we were supposed to wait until June.

Kate1949 Tue 11-May-21 19:56:25

I've never understood all this fuss about hugging.

sazz1 Tue 11-May-21 22:05:26

A member of my extended family caught Covid last week. Just when I was starting to feel safe again. They were quite ill with a heavy feeling in the chest, awful cough, fever and no sense of smell or taste at all. They had completely gone against all the rules since it began with lots of friends visiting every day as didn't think they would catch it.
But it is still around atm

Floradora9 Wed 12-May-21 13:34:39

You can only hug your loved ones we are told that excludes most people .

maddyone Wed 12-May-21 23:10:11

Hugging, along with all social distancing was never illegal. It was guidelines, and the latest guidance is only hug your family and not for too long. There is big difference between guidance and the Covid laws.

Gwyneth Wed 12-May-21 23:16:50

No thank you. I never understood all the fuss about hugging either Kate1949. One of the few positives of lockdown for me!