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Anyone having a reaction to Covid Vaccination now we are several months from first jab?

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Lyndylou Mon 24-May-21 15:57:59

My son's girlfriend is due to have her first vaccination for Covid very shortly. She has already rejected one appointment due her fears about long term effects. She is a professional working for the NHS but she has read lots of medical papers about the vaccine and is still unhappy.

Now that a lot of us have had several months since the first jab, I just wondered if there is anyone who had the jab early this year and is now experiencing problems, symptoms etc that they put down to the vaccination.

Ailidh Mon 24-May-21 17:00:42

No, not me.

After both vaccinations I had a slump day about 5 days afterwards but nothing else.

First one Valentine's Day, second one 10 weeks later.


Esspee Mon 24-May-21 17:04:26

Although several of my friends complained of a sore arm for a day or so only one has been ill. (She is the type who would be ill after a placebo TBH)

AGAA4 Mon 24-May-21 17:06:38

My first one was 8th February, second mid April. So far no problems. All my children have been vaccinated. My D, who is a nurse had her first in January and second in March. All fine.

lemsip Mon 24-May-21 17:08:09

had both, pfizers. no side effects apart from heavy arm after second.

MiniMoon Mon 24-May-21 18:07:53

Likewise lemsip. First jab in February, second on 1st May. No side effects whatsoever.

Jaxjacky Mon 24-May-21 19:08:24

No problems here, sore arms, slight headache next day, me Pfizer. DH AstraZenica nothing.

Baggs Mon 24-May-21 19:11:03

First jab (Pfizer) late January, second late March. No symptoms whatsoever at the time or since.

Lyndylou Mon 24-May-21 19:12:16

Thank you for the answers so far, it is very useful.

Gannygangan Mon 24-May-21 19:13:34

No issues at all. The only think that happened to me was after my first AZ jab. Came home and fell asleep on the sofa for 4 hours which was unusual.

Pleasant though!

BlueBelle Mon 24-May-21 19:13:59

No none from me ....first in January second April a bit off for a day or so at the time otherwise nothing

Chestnut Mon 24-May-21 19:19:03

Had two AstraZenica Feb and April no problems at all.

I'm afraid she may make herself ill simply by believing she will be ill. The mind controls the body in more ways than we can imagine.

foxie48 Mon 24-May-21 19:21:21

I had nothing from my first AZ jab, 2nd jab I was tired for a couple of days but developed a hives like rash on my upper arms, a few spots on my trunk and a small patch on my forehead. It's nearly 5 weeks and I still have a rash but it seems to be going now. It's nothing that would have stopped me from having the vaccination and I'm not 100% it's definitely related to the jab but who knows!

ineedamum Mon 24-May-21 19:52:51

My symptoms stopped after a few days.

However, I have just had a horrific cold lasting days and I never ever get colds!

prestbury Mon 24-May-21 20:31:35

First jab of AZ no problems with, second jab 3 weeks ago, again no problems, not even a mark on the jab site. Just hope it was the proper jab and not a placebo grin

SueDonim Mon 24-May-21 21:14:16

No long term effects for anyone in my family.

I do have a friend in their 40’s who is still suffering from Long Covid after catching it in March 2020, though.

ginny Mon 24-May-21 21:17:02

Some people may put symptoms down to vaccinations received earlier in the year but how do they know wether they are or are not related ?
I had no reactions to either of mine apart from feeling tired for a day or so. I now have a medical problem but how would I know if it is related to the vaccine ?

Daisymae Mon 24-May-21 21:19:51

I know 2 people having problems months after the first jab. They both have different conditions that sometimes need steroids to treat. Of course they don't it what effect Covid would have had.

Mollygo Mon 24-May-21 22:20:29

Jan/April. 2 doses of AZ, no problems except a sore arm and a lie in the following morning for me and nothing for DH.
To be fair I didn’t really need the lie-in, but it was very enjoyable.

Lyndylou Mon 24-May-21 22:25:49

Thank you for the responses.

Chestnut I understand what you say about the possibility of her making herself ill, however she is an intelligent girl with a medical background and she is reading in depth medical papers about possible issues with the vaccine that I would struggle to understand so I have to take her concerns seriously.

timetogo2016 Mon 24-May-21 22:37:43

As on another thread,my response was a damn nightmare.
Horendious side effects 5 weeks on,dreading my 2nd beyond belief.
Wish i had not had it.

Chestnut Mon 24-May-21 23:50:48

How does anyone know these symptoms weeks or months later were from the vaccination?

mokryna Mon 24-May-21 23:56:14

I have had both AZ, no problems.
NHS DD, who has had covid twice, plus the two Pfizer vaccines is fine also.

MaizieD Mon 24-May-21 23:57:31

No problems at all in my family. Three of us have had both doses (AZ) and one has had first dose, Pfizer. No apparent side effects at all, apart from slightly sore arm as to be expected after any vaccine.

Lollin Tue 25-May-21 00:03:48

Out of 23 of us and having had Pfizer or Astra Zeneca the most any of us have had is an achey arm but most have had no side effects at all.