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Mask wardrobe malfunction

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rosie1959 Sun 06-Jun-21 17:20:45

Have been away in a hotel complex with all our family this week we had a lovely time thanks to beautiful weather
Getting ready to go to dinner my husband went first as I was not ready taking with him the room key. On went my nice dress and make up out the door I went and as it slammed behind me I thought oh no the f**** mask Locked securely in the room behind me. I had to phone my daughter go to her room to get one
I usually found getting up to go to the loo or nip back to the car half the time I would have to go back for it
Off to Jersey in a few weeks thankfully they will have dropped their restrictions by then

Notsoold27 Sun 06-Jun-21 17:29:16


Polarbear2 Sun 06-Jun-21 17:36:15

I must admit I’m quickly reverting to normal. I keep forgetting mine. I went in the supermarket the other day and didn’t notice I’d forgotten to put it on until half way round!!! Surprised no one challenged me tbh.

Parsley3 Sun 06-Jun-21 17:39:16

I have had the same experience Polarbear. I am now at the stage when I don't know if I am wearing it or not. I have to check.

rosie1959 Sun 06-Jun-21 17:41:50

I think it was being out of normal home routine.
Have never had to worry about masks before in a hotel setting

MerylStreep Sun 06-Jun-21 17:46:04

Same here with forgetting. The florist, the chemist, and looking at furniture with a friend.

Mattsmum2 Sun 06-Jun-21 17:48:22

It’s doing wonders for my hayfever !

BlueSky Sun 06-Jun-21 20:25:32

Would anybody, apart from security, have the nerve to challenge somebody for not wearing a mask? I can understand at the beginning of the pandemic when there was an ongoing witch-hunt, but now?

Peasblossom Sun 06-Jun-21 20:30:53

I’ve rather taken to mine and sometimes forget to take it off, even when I can.

It kept the east wind off my face in the Winter.
It covered up the broken tooth until I could have it fixed.
And now I don’t have to put sun cream on.


Talullah Sun 06-Jun-21 20:34:53

Has it been confirmed masks will be unnecessary soon? I thought I'd read they could be with us for some time.

JackyB Sun 06-Jun-21 20:56:57

I love the way it covers up my muttering lips as I walk round the supermarket doing my shopping.

Lollin Sun 06-Jun-21 21:02:11

I still worry about being without a face mask OP it is still so much easier to suddenly be stranded without one, so I have them everywhere!
I’ve rather taken to mine too for different reasons with differing seasons. However when really hot sunny weather I have struggled a little.

rosie1959 Sun 06-Jun-21 21:03:11

Blue sky there were some not wearing masks But I kept to wearing mine, saying that I will be more than happy to chuck them in the bin in almost every situation as soon as possible

BlueSky Sun 06-Jun-21 21:28:29

Rosie I don’t mind wearing mine as it covers a multitude of sins! grin

Savvy Sun 06-Jun-21 22:15:21

Mattsmum2 my hayfevers been a lot better with the mask too. I may carry on wearing one on high pollen days even when the restrictions are lifted.

Lucca Sun 06-Jun-21 22:26:03

I hope they do continue with mask wearing. I don’t understand the monumental fuss some people make about it.

nanna8 Mon 07-Jun-21 02:44:29

We stopped here for a while but now we are in iso and full on mask wearing, even outdoors. When it changed back I kept forgetting all the time, I would drive to the shops and then realise and dredge up some old unwashed thing from inside the car. Full of germs I’m sure.

rosie1959 Mon 07-Jun-21 06:07:38

Lucca there will nothing to stop you continuing to wear a mask as long as you like
But perhaps some are not so keen and find them hot and uncomfortable especially now the warmer weather is here

NanKate Mon 07-Jun-21 06:52:14

At the beginning of the Pandemic I went to the Doctors for a blood test. I realised on arriving that I had forgotten my mask. I went to the on site chemist and stood in the doorway to buy a mask. The would only sell me a pack of 25 which cost me something like £25 ? when I told the nurse she said she would have given me one !

NfkDumpling Mon 07-Jun-21 07:35:58

I find masks impossible to wear with hearing aids so wear tubular scarves of which I have many. But I am discovering that, now summer is here, finding one which doesn't clash with my top is a problem. I'm having to order a whole load of new plain ones. I shall be miffed if obligatory mask wearing is finished in a couple of weeks time. I shall certainly have enough to 'see me out'.

Lucca Mon 07-Jun-21 08:07:01


Lucca there will nothing to stop you continuing to wear a mask as long as you like
But perhaps some are not so keen and find them hot and uncomfortable especially now the warmer weather is here

Well it would be uncomfortable if you spent hours in shops yes.
Also getting covid would be uncomfortable.

rosie1959 Mon 07-Jun-21 08:21:43

No Lucca I don’t spend hours in shops
Covid is going nowhere so would you suggest we carry on wearing masks indefinitely
I have had two doses of the vaccine and I can see little point in having it if you don’t trust it to work

Lucca Mon 07-Jun-21 08:43:57

I trust the vaccine of course but as far as I understand you could still contract Covid albeit hopefully less dangerously. People are still dying with Covid !
I would suggest mask wearing as an additional measure in shops etc. For the immediate foreseeable future
I am not paranoid about Covid by the way but
It’s also quite a decent hygiene thing !

JackyB Mon 07-Jun-21 08:45:28

Here in Germany it is compulsory to wear an FFP2 mask - cloth masks are no longer accepted. This came into force back in January or so. We were all sent vouchers to collect 2 packs of 6 for a reduced rate (€2) from any pharmacy. I still haven't opened my second packet.

I am not sure what is available for those who need to be exempted - some form of doctor's note, I think.

travelsafar Mon 07-Jun-21 08:49:20

I keep a mask hanging on the handle of the front door as a reminder to wear it if anyone knocks and to take with me when i go out. I have several in the car as well, my handbag and even in my shopping bag. I still forgot to put one on the other day after driving to the local shopping centre, was so pleased i had one in my bag as it saved me going back to the car. I think it is easily done. On the other hand yesterday out for lunch with family and my daughter had to remind me to take it off once we were seated at our table!!!