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Covid: What's the situation where you are?

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FannyCornforth Thu 17-Jun-21 11:22:24

Hello Everyone ?

I fear that I'm going to sound, at best, terribly naive, and even possibly ignorant; so I apologise in advance if that is the case.

This thread was prompted by havimg just had my cat's grooming appointment cancelled due to the vetinary assistant having to self isolate.

I admit that I was sort of thinking that all that type of thing was over with now...

James O'Brien on LBC was saying some things the other day that prompted me to predict that the schools will be closing early for the Summer holidays...

DH and I were planning on going to the local pub tomorrow for the first time since February 2020; but now I'm not sure...

What is going on where you are?
What do think is going to happen?

Any thoughts; opinions; musings, please

Thank you, as ever

GrannyGravy13 Thu 17-Jun-21 11:28:03

We have been eating out twice a week since restaurants/pubs were allowed to re-open.

Table service only still in pubs, socially distanced tables, all staff wearing masks feels safe.

I am in S E Essex our borough has low Covid rates at the moment.

dragonfly46 Thu 17-Jun-21 11:31:53

I am in Leicestershire where there are quite high rates so I am still very careful when we go out but we are having coffee and meals out again. I suppose I am hoping be being careful and having had both doses of the vaccine it is okay.
I think we have to try and get a little bit of normality back into our lives.

rosie1959 Thu 17-Jun-21 11:31:53

Well we have had a sudden increase in our little town pushing the rates up to 132 per 100000 but we had zero to 2 a couple of weeks ago so according to our local figures published that's 8 people having a positive test in the last week. Will it make any difference to me not at all rates go up and down
I dont actually go out that much but pretty sure it wont stop my husband going to the local hostilary
The choice of course is yours but wouldn't stop me going out for lunch.

maddyone Thu 17-Jun-21 12:00:32

I live on the south coast, in Hampshire. I’ve just checked on the BBC Covid in my area site and in the last week we have had 41 cases in the previous week, which is 36 more than the previous week. This translates into 32 cases per 100.000 people. This is low, but unfortunately quite a lot higher than very recently, and it is reasonable to assume the numbers are now set to rise rapidly.

I am happy to go out to restaurants because I’ve had the virus and I’m fully vaccinated. I go shopping normally, to the hairdresser, and I’ve been for a spa pamper session, including a body massage and facial. I treated my daughter and myself to this before she left with her family to work in New Zealand for two years. I’ve seen my dentist, and I socialise every weekend with my remaining family, two sons and partners and one grandchild. We socialise all together in the garden, and my twice vaccinated 93 year old mother comes too. I went to London last week, and met a friend for afternoon tea in a nice hotel. I was amazed how quiet the trains and tube were, and also the restaurant, where we were the only people there after another couple left.

I am very happy to continue to wear a mask, sanitise regularly, and avoid very crowded places, but I need to get on with living my life. I need to guard against depression as well as a second bout of Covid. Depression is the bigger risk at the moment as I have suffered from it before.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 17-Jun-21 12:03:00

Gone from about 40 to over 500 since May bank holiday, when the city was crowded with visitors.

We do eat out, but always al fresco. Luckily our favourite restaurant in the middle of Sussex has a delightful terrace south facing looking at the South Downs ?

Galaxy Thu 17-Jun-21 12:13:59

North East. I work in schools, am part of a team therefore that is working in a lot of schools over the area. Have been made aware of numerous schools and staff who are self isolating, I would say it's been the last two weeks when I have noticed the shift. I have had both vaccines so have eaten out. My habits have changed generally anyway.

Redhead56 Thu 17-Jun-21 12:22:44

I am Merseyside on the outskirts of Liverpool reading the local news a top school here has sent home over 180 pupils. We have relatives of family who go to that school but they are not in the bubble they are older. The recent outbreaks are apparently the younger generation who have not been vaccinated yet.

We have been out just a few times for meal and drinks since rules were relaxed. We went for a short drive for a drink yesterday it was very quiet and lovely sitting in the beer garden. I have to say everywhere we have been to staff are sticking to the guidelines etc.

I think you should go out and enjoy your meal with DH have a nice time I hope you do. Let’s face it we just don’t know what’s around the corner.

JaneJudge Thu 17-Jun-21 12:30:54

I would go for a drink if your local levels aren't high

People seem to be staying at home here but our levels are high. I had to go to halfords to buy some adblue and I was only customer in there!

Blossoming Thu 17-Jun-21 12:35:02

Cases have been going up again here so we’re being careful. There is a huge drive to get people vaccinated, walk in vaccinations available at local colleges.

MaizieD Thu 17-Jun-21 12:42:45

North East. Semi rural area. Numbers of cases are zipping upwards in Co. Durham as a whole (679 in last 7 days as opposed to 233 in previous 7) , but very low in our post code. My DD says that a lot of the Durham Uni students are getting the virus; I suspect that's what's pushing up our numbers. My grandson's school (local) had 3 year groups isolating a couple of weeks ago. One case in the staff.

Still living 'quietly'. Shopping as 'normal', excellent mask wearing compliance in our area. Would go for a drink or meal outside but would be dubious about doing either inside. Volunteering but in a huge, airy building with low 'inside' visitor numbers (everyone being cautious, I think). Lots of people are visiting its grounds. DP doing outdoor volunteering and playing lots of golf...

greenlady102 Thu 17-Jun-21 12:48:35

low but wibbly rates here

B9exchange Thu 17-Jun-21 14:23:16

We have 6 per 100,000 people, just two admitted to hospital and 0 deaths. Within commuting distance of London too!

AGAA4 Thu 17-Jun-21 17:09:08

Cases going up here in north Wales but not too alarming yet.

Mollygo Thu 17-Jun-21 17:53:19

Cases are going up in Cornwall but it depends where you are. We’re double vaccinated so we eat out-indoors or out, visit the hairdresser, gym, etc. and I have continued to work. We have visited friends and family and stayed in a hotel a fortnight ago. Face masks, LF tests, distance and sanitiser are what passes for normal nowadays.

ElaineI Thu 17-Jun-21 18:42:28

We have rising cases in our area. Primary school where DD1 teaches have had several classes off self isolating and 2 teachers have it, one quite unwell. Yesterday she had 3 children in her class who were absent when the covid contact was in school. Rest of class self isolating. She gets her first jag tomorrow as teachers not prioritised. Some parents have withdrawn their children from school because there is only a week left till summer holidays.
Childminder for DGS2 just posted to say another minder in her group's daughter has tested positive and if this minder is positive DGS2 childminder will have to self isolate so no doubt I will have him again! I know they have same working rights as everyone but seriously she has had so much money for NOT looking after him that it does not seem right. She won't take children with a runny nose or slight cold either despite the child minding association and Jason Leitch stating on their websites that children with a cold can attend nursery/childcare unless they are ill obviously or have covid symptoms. I don't mind having him but means I have to leave DH who is recovering from a stroke and I was meeting a friend for a walk on Monday as it is my birthday on Tuesday so that is also in jeopardy. Oh well best to be safe.

Santana Thu 17-Jun-21 18:44:56

Our local Somerset NHS trust has had 1 hospital admission in 7 weeks according to our local online newspaper.
Numbers of cases are up but obviously the vaccination programme is working here. We are a rural county so can't be compared to cities or densely populated areas that others of you live in.
I do think we need to focus on hospital figures rather than number of cases.

LauraNorder Thu 17-Jun-21 18:53:20

Rates currently low on the Isle of Anglesey but thousands of holidaymakers have arrived from many areas of the U.K. so we have decided to stick to lunch in the garden with our closest friends who we know are as cautious as we are.
We’ll wait and see how things go at the end of the holiday season.
If I lived in an area that wasn’t full of tourists and had low covid rates I’d love to go and eat in a pub garden.
I hope you can venture out a bit FannyC, it’s nice to socialise and have a change of scenery.

Casdon Thu 17-Jun-21 19:04:16

We have a low rate in Powys too, in fact there are only 28 covid patients in hospital in the whole of Wales at the moment. The case rates are rising everywhere though, and we have loads of tourists here, so still being vigilant. I’d have a meal outside at a pub with no qualms - we’re trying to make the best of the opportunities in case it gets worse again.

Callistemon Thu 17-Jun-21 19:55:49

Low here too, I think less than 17 cases per 100,000 which probably means about 15 in our whole area.

BBbevan Thu 17-Jun-21 20:15:15

Carmarthenshire. 9.5 in the last 7 days.

ElaineI Thu 17-Jun-21 20:48:13

Sorry I'm in Midlothian.

kittylester Thu 17-Jun-21 20:59:37

Our local town is having surge testing now as rates have shot up 6 times in the last week.

PaperMonster Thu 17-Jun-21 21:37:20

I’m in a rural northern area. There’s 16 cases in our msoa - which is three villages across quite a wide area. The highest it’s been for ages. I’m incapacitated currently so not out and about much and not at work (thankfully cos it’s v bad there). We’ve not been out to eat anywhere but looking forward to doing so at some point. We’re off to an event in another area next weekend so we can see family. We have been on holiday - about two hours away and it all generally felt quite normal.

baubles Thu 17-Jun-21 22:35:22

At least six children in DGC’s primary have tested positive, the entire class are self isolating. Two of the children are friends of DGC and one of them is quite unwell as are both parents of the other despite having had their first vaccine dose. It feels a little precarious again but I’ve got everything crossed that the outbreak has been contained to one class.