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Andrew Marr - slight summer cold, turned out to be Covid

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FarNorth Thu 01-Jul-21 22:17:40

Andrew Marr was double vaccinated but still got very ill with covid.
The first symptoms seemed to be a summer cold - not the ones we have been told to look out for.

This article by Marr includes a video -
"Was I just unlucky to get Covid after double vaccine?", Andrew Marr asks Sir Peter Horby, who chairs the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag) .

Kandinsky Thu 01-Jul-21 22:39:27

I think he was just very unlucky.

MissAdventure Thu 01-Jul-21 22:48:28

I suppose we need to see how many incidences there are of bad luck after both jabs. (Sorry, pedants) before it will become clearer.

FarNorth Thu 01-Jul-21 22:54:19

Cases are rising again but hospitalisations & deaths are not rising at the same rate.
It is still possible to be very ill without having to go into hospital.

FarNorth Thu 01-Jul-21 22:56:46


MissAdventure Thu 01-Jul-21 23:03:09

I think yesterday was something like the highest recorded rise since something or other.
I've given up on poring through the news, but I read it somewhere.

gillgran Thu 01-Jul-21 23:03:17

I saw the Andrew Marr programme last Sunday morning, when he said that he had covid, despite having had both doses of vaccine.
We have two friends (who also are double-vaccinated), normally very fit late 60's, they have both been very poorly, having been tested positive for covid, one of whom only narrowly missed being sent to hospital as she was so ill.
Fortunately they now seem to be on the mend, but it's been ten days now since their first symptoms.

It's made me even more cautious, just when we were starting to feel safe.

nanaK54 Thu 01-Jul-21 23:07:02

My DH is CEV, this is making me quite nervous

Teacheranne Thu 01-Jul-21 23:10:14

I read about the new cold like symptoms a few weeks ago but I don’t think it has been added to the official list of Covid symptoms on any NHS information. I do know several people who have recently had Covid after one jab and they indeed described it like having a bad cold for a few days but they did not need medical intervention luckily. Living in Greater Manchester I am close to areas with high infection rates so it is more common here. Last week a local high school has so many cases in years 8 and 9 that half of each year group were sent home to self isolate.

MissAdventure Thu 01-Jul-21 23:12:12

I think we will soon be at the point when people will act on their own risk assessment, regardless of any restrictions being lifted.
I certainly will carry on mask wearing on the bus.
There has been no taped off seats or spaces for a good few weeks, and the roads are busy, so buses are packed again.

Teacheranne Thu 01-Jul-21 23:19:33

Totally agree MissAdventure, I’m still going to keep my distance and try to avoid crowds but I’m enjoying going to restaurants again, eating outdoors if weather is good but am happy to go indoors if not over crowded. I don’t go shopping much, prefer click and collect which is done in the car park but I’m not sure about mask wearing when I do pop into shops. Again might depend on how crowded the shop is.

Living as I do in Greater Manchester, I’ll be cautious until our rates reduce to the national average - if they ever do as we had months of extra restrictions here last year due to high rates. I look at the local levels for where I live which are much lower than parts of the NW and will make my own risk assessment.

maddyone Fri 02-Jul-21 00:38:28

I saw the Andrew Marr interview. He said he had felt very poorly despite having had the two vaccines.

kissngate Fri 02-Jul-21 06:10:33

There are three wards full of Covid patients in the hospital my son works ( as of yday) and they may have to open another. Mixed age groups quite a few have been double jabbed some very poorly.

What I cant understand is why is it rising so rapidly again in this country when other countries seem to be on top of it. For example Germany had 171 cases we had 28,000, America only had 6000.

MayBee70 Fri 02-Jul-21 06:18:45

It’s because the new variant is far more transmissible, slightly more resistant to the virus and makes you slightly more ill. The variant hasn’t taken hold in other European countries yet.

kissngate Fri 02-Jul-21 06:27:39

Sorry I misquoted its 16,000 in America and 717 in Germany but still a big difference.

WhiteRabbit57 Fri 02-Jul-21 08:10:13

I was talking to my pedicure lady yesterday and she told me quite a number of her clients are getting Covid. In the most part they are younger and are having the mild cold-like symptoms. After they recover they are losing their sense of taste and smell and it’s very distressing for them. One lady said if she eats meat it tastes like petrol! Her doctor told her this could go on for a long time. We’re not hearing very much about this are we?

MerylStreep Fri 02-Jul-21 08:29:56

As someone who lost their taste &smell in nov/dec 2019 I can tell you there is lots of talk ( on line) about this subject.
There is far worse than petrol ?
I taste and smell things that have no relation to food, drink, perfume, flowers etc etc. It’s very odd.
I’m used to it now, though. It’s been a long time. Texture is everything now, as I joke with friends and family ?

Mamardoit Fri 02-Jul-21 09:57:14

My 28 year old (double vaccinated) is isolating. He thought it was just hay fever but did a home test when he found out that one friend had tested positive. Now all six friends who watched the football out doors have tested positive. There must be lots spreading the virus without knowing.

FarNorth Fri 02-Jul-21 10:07:24

If the vaccination is preventing serious illness and death that's obviously great, but now we need to know how likely it is that getting infected could still mean being very ill.

Shelmiss Fri 02-Jul-21 10:13:04

My friend who is double vaccinated tested positive for covid earlier this week. She’s had a bad head cold and unfortunately I was with her on Friday last week before she felt poorly and she was tested on Tuesday. I got tested and was negative. Still have to self isolate though.

So you can still get covid even though you have had both jabs, but for some (how many I don’t know) it’s just like getting a cold, rather than ending up in hospital.

MaggsMcG Fri 02-Jul-21 10:36:36

He was unlucky. But had he got this before he was vaccinated chances are he would be dead.

MaggsMcG Fri 02-Jul-21 10:40:54

You also have to realise that the vaccines have never claimed to prevent you getting it at all, always the object was to make the illness less severe and save lived.

polnan Fri 02-Jul-21 10:41:41

now should I worry, my best friend has a bad cold, she is diabetic, so ... we have both had both jabs... she is early 50`s, I am in my 80`s, but overall I am in better health than she is, (so far as I know.) docs don`t want to see us do they! so I can`t get checked for health conditions

jaylucy Fri 02-Jul-21 10:42:27

This virus is ever changing, as viruses do.
There were reports several weeks ago that the symptoms my change - but how many people over the last 18 months have had what they thought was a cold, but was actually Covid and just because the main symptoms weren't apparently present, no testing was done, hence the continued spread?
As it is a virus, the main point with vaccination is to prevent death - how many people have a flu vaccination every year, but still have it?

Bazza Fri 02-Jul-21 10:45:29

A friend of my daughter caught the delta variant from her husband, both have had two vaccinations. They are healthy and in their forties, but both were in bed for two weeks. Their 10 year old son also caught it, but not his younger sister.