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Infection rates down!

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Daisymae Mon 26-Jul-21 11:14:22

The rates are down for 5 days in a row. I wonder if we can allow ourselves a little optimism, especially for those who are ECV?

maddyone Mon 26-Jul-21 11:17:49

Thank goodness for that.

GagaJo Mon 26-Jul-21 11:19:10

Fingers crossed. I wanted to be more effusive but am wary. ?

geeljay Mon 26-Jul-21 11:22:05

I think we should remain wary, until no one else dies because of Covid. Just stay safe everyone.

AGAA4 Mon 26-Jul-21 11:24:56

Hope they keep going down.

Alegrias1 Mon 26-Jul-21 11:32:12

I think its important that they are going down. Five days in a row, and no lockdown measures. It might be a blip but I think we should be encouraged.

If we wait until no-one dies of COVID we're going to have a very long wait.

rosie1959 Mon 26-Jul-21 11:34:30

Rates are falling very quickly let's hope it keeps going no reason why it shouldn't with our massive vacination program
I think zero deaths is unrealistic as it is with any other respiratory virus.

BlueBelle Mon 26-Jul-21 11:36:46

Geeljay that’s unlikely to ever happen just as seasonal flu kills some each year this one probably will too
It isn’t going anywhere so you ll be waiting a long time
I feel very optimistic and my life is normal and has been for a long time apart from the darned masks but I m equally happy the numbers are reducing

MayBee70 Mon 26-Jul-21 11:54:31

I don’t understand because I know of far more people with covid than ever before. Given that symptoms now are more likely to be similar to a summer cold if you’ve been vaccinated could it be that many people don’t realise they have it?

Jaxjacky Mon 26-Jul-21 12:09:37

Pleased with the drop and interesting there’s no huge increases after the Euros, Wimbledon and other test events. I’ll be watching closely the next few weeks to see what follows the opening up recently.

rosie1959 Mon 26-Jul-21 12:18:12

Probably your area is like ours Maybee when it was very prevalent in some areas we had very few cases Now it’s dropping in those areas we are getting more cases We are quite rural so it seems to take time for a wave to effect our area.

Alegrias1 Mon 26-Jul-21 12:31:34

I'm getting a bit frustrated with the discussion currently on Jeremy Vine on Radio 2.

Sarah Jarvis saying we should be careful about thinking the numbers won't go up again - fair enough.

Then telling us how awful it is in Bristol with hospitals overwhelmed with young people. Jeremy basically saying "but that's not true is it"? Good for him. Dr Jarvis admitted it; the people in hospital are younger because the older people aren't getting so sick any more.

Sorry to keep harping on about this, but the media has a lot to answer for.

geekesse Mon 26-Jul-21 12:34:41

One reason rates may seem to be falling is that schools have broken up. Secondary school children and staff were testing twice a week, and so asymptomatic infections were picked up and reported to the NHS. It’s quite possible that there are similar or rising numbers of schoolchildren with the virus, but now they are on holiday and not testing, these cases are not being detected or reported.

TwoWolves Mon 26-Jul-21 12:38:43

Funny, isn't it? Boris said facemasks were mandatory last July and covid rates went up and up and up.

Boris says you don't have to wear facemasks any more and covid rates have dropped.

Hmmm - just waiting for the penny to drop - They DON'T Work!

Alegrias1 Mon 26-Jul-21 12:39:52

No dear, of course not. hmm

We're still wearing them in Scotland and rates have gone down dramatically. How does that work?

TwoWolves Mon 26-Jul-21 12:45:34

Scotland has one of the highest covid rates in Europe - didn't do much good there then, did they.

Alegrias1 Mon 26-Jul-21 12:55:16


Scotland has one of the highest covid rates in Europe - didn't do much good there then, did they.

Scottish case rate: 62,220 per million, which puts us at number 32 in the list of 48 European countries on Worldometer. i.e. 31 countries have higher rates.

Scottish death rate, 1,438 per million, number 24 out of 48.

Any more pearls of wisdom you'd like to share?

TwoWolves Mon 26-Jul-21 13:29:30

Phew, those rates must have dropped so much since Scotland was reported as having the highest rates in Europe on the news only last week!! What can I say?

Alegrias1 Mon 26-Jul-21 13:30:59

You could say that you don't really understand the stats?

And that having the highest rates in one particular week doesn't translate to having the highest covid rates in Europe, and that its a marathon, not a sprint?

Try that.

Daisymae Mon 26-Jul-21 13:48:21

Someone suggested on another site that maybe there's a link with the fact that a lot of people are deleting the app. I'm a bit muddled as to how that would impact - maybe people are not pinged so they don't get tested? I hope though that this trend continues.

Katyj Mon 26-Jul-21 14:30:07

I don’t believe it. I work with lost of Europeans, their all at work with coughs ! They won’t go to be tested as it means they have to isolate with only statuary sick pay. I’m working beside them with a mask on. Their not wearing one and they won’t be vaccinated either. ?

MaizieD Mon 26-Jul-21 14:44:31

I'm seeing it suggested that:

a) People aren't reporting positive LF tests or going for pcrs to confirm, b) the app has been deleted by many people who might have been pinged & tested positive, c) with schools now closed fewer children, staff and parents are regularly testing, which may be missing out positive cases, d) labs are struggling to keep abreast of processing tests because of staff shortages (because of pinging) so there's a big backlog as yet unreported.

It is just too much of a coincidence that rates fall so fast in the first week of freedom. hmm

kissngate Mon 26-Jul-21 14:55:25

Geekesse - totally agree that the only reason the infection rate is down is because schools are out therefore the same numbers are not being tested. Hospital cases are rising fast and visiting is no longer allowed at our hospital.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 26-Jul-21 16:16:48

Today’s positive tests 24,950
Last Monday’s numbers 39,950

Still looking good ??

lemongrove Mon 26-Jul-21 16:22:40


Phew, those rates must have dropped so much since Scotland was reported as having the highest rates in Europe on the news only last week!! What can I say?

I haven’t looked recently at the Scottish rates ( Covid) but you may have heard that Scotland has the highest drug death rate in Europe.