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Doodle Fri 20-Aug-21 20:59:41

Welcome all.

Doodle Sat 29-Jan-22 21:54:18

Grammaretto to the rescue. I hear there are lots of storms around at the moment. Was the power cut due to the weather or a planned one. Your MiL is lucky she could spend time with you. It’s a bit cold at the moment to be without heating.
I have learnt quite a lot on this thread. It’s amazing the number of different topics we have covered since lockdown.
Oh I think I have some eggcorns too.
I always thought people could be on tender hooks.
I also say off your own back not bat.
I’m glad your son enjoyed his party……..not sure about the haggis though ?
Boadicea I hope you’re keeping safe and isolated from the virus.
Oh I don’t like the sound of those mosquitos. Do you have to have nets on the doors and windows to keep them out of the house?
Your cruising club sounds much more fun than I thought it might be. I love looking out at the boats over a harbour and seeing all the yachts, and fish and chips too. What more could you ask.
Funny you should mention quail. Whilst I’ve seen quails eggs on a menu I don’t think I’ve ever seen the bird itself. A couple of days ago when I was watching the service at Canterbury cathedral, the Dean was in room in the Deanery where they look after sick animals or those who need to be indoors to keep warm. They had a couple of tiny lizards that had been abandoned on their doorstep and various birds including two quails. There were very small and fluffy. Quite cute really.
Oh dear, I think your will have to be the strict school marm and go and sort your two girls out. The brown one may have to go on the naughty step if she keeps misbehaving,
Hello Cherry . Nice to see you. Hope you are ok and your Tigger tail is firmly attached. x
Kaimoana I know your birthday is the 30th but not sure when the day starts with you so in order not to be late I will wish you a very happy birthday now. Hope you have a lovely time with your family and have a nice meal. Many happy returns u? ? ???

Kaimoana Sat 29-Jan-22 22:12:08

Oh, Cherry that is so special to see your good wishes. Thank you smile flowers Hope you are recovering well xxx

My dgs appeared early, singing 'Happy Birthday' and it's been so wonderful to have him here for the weekend. We've hardly ever stopped laughing! smile

I'm writing this in the 2 minutes I have free before the family arrive with my birthday lunch ingredients and that wee tyrant of a grand-daughter who laughs hysterically as she runs her little plastic car into her brother's legs - and he makes dramatic gestures and shouts.

A very good birthday. flowers

Pics of the Whangaroa Harbour, so you can see why BJ and I and pretty much everyone else is enchanted by it.

I have mozzie nets on my bedroom windows Doodle as the bush and a stream are only metres from my house.

They love the blood of emigrants and I used to suffer badly but once the mozzies stop biting you, you're a Kiwi! (or so they say) grin

Doodle Sat 29-Jan-22 22:40:49

A lovely birthday wish from your grandson Kaimoana . What a good way to start the day. I hope you have a lovely meal. Please tell us what it is.
Those photos are lovely. What a beautiful place. Yes I can we’ll see why you like it.
Are the mozzies only around for a short period of time or are they there all summer? Do you have creams or potions you put on to put them off biting you?
We’ve not got mosquitoes but have ladybirds ?. They nest (if that’s the right word) in the groove of the outer edge of one of our lounge windows and when we open the window they all fall in then we have to round them up and take them outside. It’s amazing how fast they can move when they want to.

BoadiceaJones Sun 30-Jan-22 02:45:20

Great photos, Kaimoana! If you look in the middle picture, almost dead centre of the top 25% (dividing horizontally), you will see there is a river debouching into the harbour. Look to the right bank of the river (as it is in the picture), and you can see some big Pohutukawa trees. That’s our property!! We look right across to the Whangaroa marina at the bottom of the photo. Well, we don’t any more, our tenant does. And Red Island, that little speck of tree-covered rock out in the water. That was the site of the Boyd incident of 1809 – a British ship coming into the harbour to collect Kauri spars for masts was burned to the waterline, somewhere around 70 people were killed and eaten. It was mostly to do with cultural misunderstanding, but also the crew, like most of the early traders/whalers/adventurers, tended to be pretty rough around the edges. In fact, the little town of Russell, just across the Bay, was known in the early 19th Century as the “Hellhole of the Pacific”. Grogshops, arms dealers, wideboys, ladies of negotiable affection, contract killers – you name it.
And just guess what I found when I attacked the overgrown herb garden! Dozens of self-sown chili plants! Last year’s plants live again. I bought 4 in the spring, which are now covered in chilis, which we’ve been using – but now it looks as though there’ll be lots more – yay! The rain set everything growing, even spinach, fennel and mint growing in the gravel drive. In the gravel, not the soil…very odd.

Hope the party is going well, Kaimoana!

muse Sun 30-Jan-22 18:29:06

Kaimoana 3 days with no home care?.
Happy Birthday and hope you're having a joyous time with the family.
I shall zoom in on Kaimoana's beautiful photographs to find you BoadiceaJones.
Whangaroa Harbour is now on our 'to visit' list IF when we get to New Zealand. Truly enchanting, as you say.
I'd love to come in December, then I can have my first ever summer birthday celebration. MrMuse's antibite spray will have to be in his bag. He suffers from mozie bites to the point I have suggested, at times, he has a net up in our Cornish bedroom.

Lovely to see you CherryCezzy ?.

Doodle Kitchen unit doors are light grey. The exciting colours are yet to come. I'd like some of the woodland colours around us to come inside. Took this photo today to add to my 'moodboard'. Can you spot Mya?

Jan16 Sun 30-Jan-22 18:48:00

Hello All. Been an amazing day weather wise here. Sunny and quite warm al day. Unbelievable. BoudiceaJones did look at the garden but decided it was too early to start digging. Have had very little rain recently in fact the bird bath was completely dry. So instead of doing anything useful this afternoon a friend came round and we sat drinking coffee in the summerhouse- yes it was really warm in there with the sun coming in.
Think I should be sorting out some clothes for the cruise but still can’t get excited about it! 3 more weeks get so plenty of time. Heard on one lady who was taking 22 dresses for a 14 night cruise! Maybe she changes half way through the evening! I haven’t even got 22 dresses!!!
Went to stay with my daughter and son in law in Nottingham last weekend as it was my birthday. Had a lovely couple of days including a great birthday meal!
Doodle. Have you got anymore cruises booked? We have another 8 day one to Norway in April. Love Norway it’s so beautiful.
Have been trying to have a clear out of “stuff”! Has anyone else got a man who is resistant to throwing anything out?! Mine keeps anything that might allegedly “come in useful”! Our garage has more screws than Screwfix, cardboard boxes, etc. We have at least 3 dinner services - never used anymore! - etc etc. Do have to be careful though as I do have an awful lot of clothes! - especially so called bargains!!
Think it’s time for a glass of wine and a bit more of my new book.
Hope we will hear from Panache and Cherry soon

Kaimoana Sun 30-Jan-22 20:24:05

Not 3 days without homecare *muse but 12. sad
I spotted Mya but only just, her legs are silhouetted! smile'

Jan I think it sounds very useful indeed to have coffee and chats in the summerhouse. smile

Mine was wonderful too. My own chef to cook a splendid seafood meal (followed by his special chocolate mousse); my own hairdresser to do my hair and I even had a posh frock (bringing my total of dresses to 3, so I better not go cruising grin)

Best of all, I had all my family and grandchildren here.
Gubbins, after about an hour, deigned to include me in her games and smiled at me.

Best birthday ever.

Doodle Sun 30-Jan-22 20:39:11

Wow Boadicea you have a view like that on your doorstep. I am very envious. A fascinating history too.
We have a chilli plant too, only one though.
muse have you plans to visit NZ? It would be a wonderful trip. Our kitchen units look dark grey. They are actually supposed to be mocha chocolate but look more grey really. We have a light grey worktop. Ours needs a bit more colour…..I’m working on it. I see I’m trailing behind you in the Wordle stakes. You seem to be one ahead of me every day. Anyone else tried it? Your Mya blends in well. I can just see her.
Jan how are you? Ah, that’s where all the good weather has gone..,to be with you. What a nice afternoon it must have been for you to sit comfortably in your summerhouse.
Wow only 3 weeks till your cruise. Better start packing it will come round quicker than you think.
22 dresses for 14 nights ?. I only take 3. Two long and one calf length. The rest of the time it’s trousers for me. I like being comfortable. Oh we missed your birthday. I’m sorry. Belated happy returns. Glad you had a good time with your daughter.
Ooh Jan we are going to Norway in April too. Only 7 nights though. Norway is my favourite cruising destination so far. I love the fjords and the trolls ?
Ah yes, my DH is like that too. Ahem…..well I won’t mention clothes if you don’t….?. Cheers ?
Hope Kaimoana’s birthday meal was a success.

Doodle Sun 30-Jan-22 20:44:55

Well there I was composing my message and after I pressed post who should I see but you Kaimoana sneaking in behind me. ?
Wow you didn’t tell us you’d coloured your hair again. It looks gorgeous. I love the purple and the blending of colours, and a lovely dress too. You look very happy., what more could you wish for than a happy family birthday with a smile from Gubbins as icing on the cake. ?

Grammaretto Sun 30-Jan-22 22:37:35

Beautiful photo muse I thought it was a book illustration.

Sounds like your birthday was just wonderful Kaimoana I love your hair!! and happy belated birthday to you Jan.
A cruise for you too.
Goodness. All these holidays and all those dresses!

I am also drowning in stuff. I had to show the decorator around today. He is quite surprised by how much is still to do before the tenants move in and I have to move out. I'm beginning to think I am on the wrong thread here. I should be on the help me I'm moving one.

BJ and K. what fabulous photos. Makes me homesick.

I escaped to the Storehouse this afternoon where they are now having live music on Sunday afternoons. I also did some potting and must pack my kiln tonight. One of the potters is also a woodworker and has made 2 beautiful rattles for my gt nephew in exchange for a throwing lesson. The rattles, made of oak, cherry and beechwood are so tactile. I want to keep them for myself.

I don't think I will go away for a holiday this year. Too expensive with all the bills I have, and I am not quite ready for a singles holiday yet although I know people enjoy them.

Mamissimo Mon 31-Jan-22 10:33:06

Good morning ?

Happy unbirthday Kaimoana ?

The loft boarding went well yesterday with almost 60% done. Mr M and DS looked like public health forensic investigators in their white hooded overalls, goggles, gloves and masks and a little bit like huge babies in what we call gro bags

We stayed for a roast in the evening and H Beagle quietly pinched and ate the creme brûlée desserts while we ate the main course........

My hairdresser has covid and is very poorly, poor woman. As she won't be back anytime soon I have been given a replacement appointment with a young gentleman. DS is most amused as this chap is his preferred stylist. I'm now anxious.....will I look OK with a graded fade?

It's grey and grumpy weather here today so it's quilting for me today. I've nearly finished the top layer so I need to book in with the quilting studio to book it in. DS had so many old T shirts that it's come out big enough for a king sized quilt and it's too much to do myself. I'm hoping they'll let me stay to watch the computerised machine do the mesmerising dance.

Ocado sent me a txt to tell me that "Yokel" will be delivering my shopping later.....well I do live in the wilds of Hampshire so it may be true ?

Enjoy your days....

BoadiceaJones Mon 31-Jan-22 19:21:09

Well, that's it for me, then. No cruises sad. 22 dresses!! I don't even possess ONE! I live in shorts and jeans, though I do still have some nice skirts from my teaching days in posh schools. Not suitable for cruising though. I hope you have a wonderful time cruising, Jan. And a happy belated birthday!

Kaimoana - love the hair colour, and how very happy you look! So glad you had a wonderful family party.

Oh dear, Grammaretto, you sound so snowed under. What a pity the LDG can’t all turn up for a working bee at yours, and get everything done in one hit. The rattles sound beautiful – your DGN is a lucky babe.

Doodle - what are your plans to add colour to your kitchen? Do you like bright primary colours, or more muted shades? Always fun to get it just how you want it.

Muse - that’s a beautiful photo – such lovely muted shades in the woodland. That would be such a lovely colour scheme. I did the same as you, at the Whangaroa house – rather than going for the usual kitsch seaside blue and white, I used the soft greys and greens of the bush and trees around the house, with subtle touches of silver, like the sunlight on the water, and small black features to “anchor” it. Lots of plants and rattan, and my Japanese blue-and-white china. It looked quite nice. You really should start planning to come to NZ. The best month is February, when the weather is warm and settled, and holiday makers have gone home. We can show you around our lovely part of the world!

Mamissimo - H Beagle seems to be a dog of insatiable appetites. I trust that you weren’t relying on the pudding to fill any gaps, and that the richness of the crème didn’t have serious after-effects. Love the image of the white-clad babies in gro-bags!

We start back with the official U3A groups this week. One of my Roman History group, a very enthusiastic man, resolutely refuses to be vaccinated. The rest of the group are really quite elderly. I’m going to have to tell him that he can’t attend, in the home of my 89-year old friend. She cheerfully says “Oh, I’m nearly 90, I’ve got to die of SOMETHING”, but that’s not the point, really. Omicron is out there in the community, and not everyone is boosted yet.

Have a lovely evening/day.

Doodle Mon 31-Jan-22 20:13:17

Grammaretto I’m amazed at the amount of stuff we collect. If we had a bigger house like you we would probably fill that up too. Do you have a lot of furniture that has to come out of the flat before it is rented?
Sounds like a jolly afternoon yesterday. Those rattles will be lovely. Are you sure you can’t pretend they are maracas and keep them for yourself?
Mamissimo your son must be very pleased with the progress in his loft. Sounds like MrM was a big help (no leg of lamb required this week ?)
Oh ?. Honey beagle. Whatever did you say? I bet they were nice too.
Sorry about your hairdresser having Covid. Hope the replacement does a good job.
Do you only provide the top layer for your quilt or do you have to prepare it all with wadding and backing before taking it to the quilting studio? I have seen a video of those huge machines in use and I bet it’s fun to watch.
It’s only to be hoped that the ‘Yokel’ delivers in a more timely manner than their namesake.
Boadicea no need to dress up like that for cruises. Dressing up is not my thing either. I doubt you have any desire to cruise living where you do. Why travel when you have such glorious scenery on your doorstep.
Well we are having a new kitchen blind fitted soon. Instead of the grey Venetian blind we are having a copper colour and silver patterned roller. Our floor is a red wood (Amtico not real I hasten to add) so the two should blend in well. I’m thinking of some colourful accessories like towels. Hope the new blind lightens it up a bit.
I think I should have come to you for decorating advice before we started. DH and I are hopeless. No idea of colour blending/matching at all. We are the masters of beige ?
Good luck with sorting out your U3A group.
We are just waiting for Sainsbugs. I wonder if they will turn up before Mamissimo’s yokel. Nothing much to unpack this time. Household items rather than food.
DH is battling with Photobox to do our DGDs photo book. They have changed their software and he hates it. There is a black cloud hanging over the study………I’m keeping out of the way. Have a good evening all.

Kaimoana Mon 31-Jan-22 20:53:55

Doodle would this site help your DH?

Or Search 'Old Version Photobox'

Grammaretto Tue 01-Feb-22 10:21:52

Hello again lovely Lob-stars,

I was pondering about the LDG BJ It took this bear of little brain a while to realise it was you or yous as they say around these parts us, the gang. Yes please come and camp in one of my rooms. muse will be fresh from house building so can be team leader.
Mamissimo will you bring DH and DS please?
I recommend coming in August while the Festival is on in Edinburgh.
Oh dear I am already being distracted by the thought of sunshine and music.

I have just been asked to a family reunion in NZ in October. Are people being allowed in ? I have asked my cousins to film it and to have a zoom contingent.

On a sadder note. 2 of my neighbours have died. Both had been really unwell but the second one had been feeling better and was planning to redo his kitchen and had bought a new cooking pot. He loved to cook and was an excellent host.

Mamissimo Tue 01-Feb-22 11:12:32

Good morning ?

Grammaretto lovely idea to come and stay......but Mr M and I wistfully decline as we don't travel in August because other people do and they may spread germs ? In May we are making a stately progress to Luss, Oban, Skye, Torridon, then gently up to top over a few days, On to Orkney, down to Speyside for Mr M, Pitlochry and then home. We are staying in establishments known for their seafood. We are looking forward to it enormously ?

Doodle the quilters are great....I supply the quilt top, suitably squared off, and the backing made 8" larger than the top. They supply the batting. They then layer it, baste and quilt for £2.35 a square foot. The quilt is returned to me ready for binding. It costs a little more for stitch in the ditch and custom quilting but you can basically have anything you want. The company will even collect and deliver free of charge. If you want to quilt it yourself they also offer a basting service so that you get it back beautifully basted and ready to go. advert over Saves a lot of stress!

DD1 and family went to visit other GPS at the weekend and on return received a message to say two cousins had tested positive for covid! My DGC had been playing with the contagious ones for two days. I sadly declined to have them visit today as planned because I can't believe that they won't be harbouring the darned virus! we're leading by example to show Boris the way ?

Mr M has suddenly started making a racket in the kitchen. Unheard of at this time of day so I'd better see what's afoot!

Mamissimo Tue 01-Feb-22 11:15:15

Part II......Yokel was a total delight of a delivery driver.....on time, smiley and safe. They even had everything I ordered and nothing was squashed! You have to love a Yokel ! ?

Doodle Tue 01-Feb-22 19:25:29

Kiamoana you’re so kind trying to help DH with his photo book. I will show him those links but he is making progress at last. Looking at their website he’s not the only one who’s not happy with the new software.
Oh Gramamreto I would love to come and camp in your house. Not to do any work mind you, just to explore the nooks and crannies ?
What a shame you won’t be able to make the family reunion. Participating on zoom would be the next best thing.
I’m sorry to hear about your neighbours. Always a loss when we lose people we are friendly with. Sad for their families.
Mamissimo apart from the seafood (DH and I eat fish in batter but not any other kind of seafood) your trip sounds wonderful. Taking your time and seeing the sights sounds a lovely idea.
Wow that is a very reasonable price for the quilting. I’m a dab hand at binding and stitch in the ditch but find manipulating a quilt with batting a bit big for my domestic machine and I’m hopeless at quilting any form of pattern. Sounds a brilliant idea. I have no idea why but I thought these sort of quilting places were in the USA didn’t realise there were some here too.
Hope you’re pleased with your quilt when it comes back.
I think you’re wise to avoid visits from the DGC if they’ve been mixing with other youngsters with Covid. Shame you’ll miss seeing them though.
Wow sounds like your Yokel turned up trumps for once.
I have to say, over the whole of lockdown and to date, every delivery driver we have had has been pleasant and friendly. We have quite a laugh with some of them.

ixion Tue 01-Feb-22 20:06:05

For New Zealand aficionados, Griff Rhys Jones on ITV4 is just commencing a 4 part journey along the length of the country.
Must dash ...

Grammaretto Tue 01-Feb-22 22:04:28

Thanks Ixion. I enjoyed that - albeit a rich tourist's view of the country.

A photo arrived from NZ of DGS back to school for the start of the year. He has grown very tall recently. 2/2/22 must be an auspicious day.

We made a model last year of the Yokel van whilst waiting for its arrival.

Your fishy Scottish tour sounds lovely Mamissimo but I am sorry you have declined my work party.
Any takers warmly welcomed.
I'm expecting the plumber at 8am to fix the boiler leak.
Early hot drink for me please Jeeves

Kaimoana Tue 01-Feb-22 22:14:16

Only six posts to go before we'll need a new thread smile.

Doodle & Cherry did you ever guess we would become such a firm band of friends?

Glad your Yokel did everything right Mamissimo and thanks for your birthday wishes. My chef (hee hee) did seafood courses on my birthday and truly delicious they were too.

When I was capable of quilting, I used to do the patches in summer (I only had a very old, basic machine) then in Autumn pin it all to the batting and backing and leave it until winter to do the quilting, all by hand.

I found it very therapeutic as well as the quilt keeping me warm. smile

Grammaretto so sorry to hear about your neighbours, a bit more sadness for you to bear.

I remember Edinburgh fondly but wouldn't if I'd been forced to battle crowds and music.
It seemed wonderfully clean and historic. We stayed near the Greyfriars Bobby Monument.

Does anyone remember the Eugene Flying Ballet from the 50's? It was London-based but I saw it in Bradford when I was 4 and it was quite spectacular.

Had a delightful and lengthy phone call from the agency which oversees the agency smile which let me down on homecare.

We reminisced about our very similar childhoods (his Maori, mine Yorkshire) and he's promised to give them a rocket look into what went wrong.

Shortly afterwards, someone rang to apologise and explain they'd lost 15% of their staff from fear of Covid. shock

muse Tue 01-Feb-22 23:15:46

Hot drink for me too Jeeves. Hot chocolate with spiced rum, if you please. What was your's Grammaretto?

Hello Jan16. I have one of those. MrMuse collects things that others are wanting to get rid off. I have been very sneaky of late and have two large full removal boxes destined for the Charity Collection Depot tomorrow. He has a workshop, I dare not touch but I'm craftily going through cupboards and a container we store our build things in, if there was room!

You have planted a little seed in my head Grammaretto. Two years ago just before we heard of Covid, my DD and I were going to Edinburgh at festival time to celebrate her 50th and my 70th. Of course, it never happened. Perhaps it will in 2022.? I went to the festival about 20 years ago. Sorry to hear about your two neighbours. Hope the boiler is now fixed. Did it mean you were without heat?

Good news sort of Kaimoana. I was going to say the lovely agency man should give them a good rollicking (excellent word?) but hopefully there will be someone soon to call in on you.

MrMuse and I are doing to watch that tomorrow ixion. Thank you. We plan to visit there one day soon.

I've tried my best to get the internal workings of the build started again but the stress levels are up. Calls, texts and emails have been sent over the past two weeks. The electrician called today and promised an email tonight. That's not arrived yet and it's 23:09. Plumber can give us a few days mid March but that won't be long to finish it all he says. So? No reply at all from the carpenter. I can't order the kitchen and utility units until the carpenter has checked all the measurements which the carpenter needs to do before he quotes.

I need that hot toddy Jeeves. Quickly please!

Night dear Lob-stars?

BoadiceaJones Wed 02-Feb-22 05:01:35

Just in from another trip to the Big Smoke to take MrJ to the specialist. Results from his scan - all is well! All that's required is some moderately minor surgery, and he's on The List. What's more, the specialist said he'll live into his 90s!! Good news indeed.

Nothing to do with the hospital visit, but we also went to see a cemetery. It's the family burial ground of the Scots settlers from the 1850s on. Tiny little place, on a hill, looking down a wooded valley, way out in the country. So beautiful and peaceful. My family from the gt gt grandparents down are buried here - not all of them obviously, but quite a few. Suddenly, it seems important to get loose ends tidied up. Cousin just bought a plot, and with her encouragement, I've decided I will do the same. Half my ashes there, amongst my ancestors, the other half, with MrJ's, scattered on the sea. Travelling the world for eternity - now there's a plan.

Grammaretto Wed 02-Feb-22 09:18:37

Hello Gang,

The early birds plumber and mate can't find the fault so has left a tupperware bowl beneath the leak for now while he has an appointment to sort his sore back!

He also inspected the gas in the flat and couldn't find enough wrong to condemn it so I guess that is good news, especially as the new tenants are visiting later today to measure up..

A plot in that cemetery BJ sounds lovely, and with the news from the hospital you don't have to think of it for a long time. When I was researching for a distant NZ cousin whose family had come from Inverness and the Black Isle, I found several buried in a spot overlooking the Cromarty Firth where I would have wanted to live. We are having an old family stone inscribed for DH in a graveyard he loved, next to a church he sang in.

I will be very pleased to see you if you make it to Edinburgh this Summer muse just bring your boiler suits

I can't recall Eugene Flying Ballet Kaimoana though I do know an Ariel dancer who gives lessons smile.

I really hope you are getting some home help again. It sounds very hit and miss mostly miss

I'm having lunch with a DH cousin today.

Doodle Wed 02-Feb-22 10:18:11

Sorry all can’t stop I’m off to a residents board meeting but just saw Kaimoana’s post about reaching the end of the thread.
I’ve just got time to start a new one.
Hope to see you there.
Can’t think of an inspirational title so I’m going with
The Lockdown Gang still chatting ?

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