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Doodle Fri 20-Aug-21 20:59:41

Welcome all.

Doodle Fri 20-Aug-21 21:01:53

Well that was a surprise. ?
I logged into the thread to read the latest and discovered we’d reached another 1000 posts so hastily set to and created another.

I off back to the old one now to see what I’ve missed.
Catch up later. ?

Doodle Fri 20-Aug-21 21:25:23

Kaimoana. I love poached eggs on toast. I used to have one in the mornings on the cruise (when I didn’t have to so the washing up ?)

grammaretto is it safe to come out from behind the sofa now? ?
Did your son really help produce the film? That’s exciting. I had a look at the clip and it was quite scary. Does he work on films all the time?
Sorry your trip out has been cancelled. Be funny if your MIL knows where the deeds are.
Well done to your DGD. Mine did DOE award too. I think it’s a wonderful idea.
I’m off to the GM thread in a minute to see what Nortsat’s been up to.
Mamissimo so the poorly patient has recovered under your loving care. That’s good news.
MrM apologises when you complain of the pong……..are you sure it’s Honey Beagle at fault? ?
Apricot buckle sounds nice. I will look it up.
Have a lovely weekend with your DD. Glad to hear she is a little less anxious this time.
Please let us know how your T shirt quilt gets on.

Hurry up and join me someone. It’s quiet here on my own.

Mamissimo Fri 20-Aug-21 21:33:02

Good evening ? I'm just popping in to escape from Mr M's choice of TV programme. I can't believe he doesn't know what happened to Anne Boleyn by now......?

Missedout Fri 20-Aug-21 22:33:04

Hello Lobstars, I'm feeling a bit more upbeat for several reasons.

1 I'm starting to feel less tired after the Northern invaders and the family quarrels seemed to have dissipated without much in the way of fallout!

2 The expensive new bbq I bought for outdoor meals with family while they were here proved to be faulty. I haven't used it and the company I bought it from were not very good at replying to my emails. I had started trying to find out how to get my money back legally when they sent me a replacement yesterday and will pick up the faulty one next week.

3 I managed to buy a Bramley apple tree today. (I don't know if Lobstars remember that mine fell down last year and there has since been a tremendous shortage of trees.) We went to a tree specialist on the off-chance today and asked if they had any Bramleys. Yes they said, they had just had a few in. We went to chose one and they were even big enough to have apples on them! It will be delivered (with the other two trees I have also been wanting) after our camping holiday - another reason to be cheerful (3a).

4 Finally, I saw on the BBC website that Covid-antibody therapy has been approved in the UK. This will be a game-changer for severely immunocompromised patients like me. I thought I may have to stay in semi-isolation for many months more but now I can hope that this will be my 'get me out of jail' card. Perhaps!

There was a debacle at the hospital where I have been undergoing new treatment this week. I drove 20 miles there only to find they had no blood product for me. As I have been given some to keep at home, DH then got in his car and brought some from home to the hospital so I could continue my training (new product, new way of delivery, I'm being trained how to 'do it myself'). I complained via PALS, my nurse/trainer asked me to as she was annoyed as well.

I hope that fellow lobstars are OK. I often think of Panache and that supportive friends are around when needed.
I'm sorry that Kaimoana is back in lockdown. I can imagine that you will manage to make meals fit for a king with a few mushrooms and some porridge oats and other bits and pieces in your store cupboard.

Well done for trying to make yourself some trousers Doodle, I wish you luck with them. Making trousers were about the only domestic science lessons I remember from my secondary school days. They went well until I tried to walk in them.

To owners of flatulent animals (I think I have that right - it is their pets that have the problems?) it's still better to have your sense of smell, than to be without it. My DIL is still complaining after her recent spell of Covid.

Hello Jeeves, please can I have a really celebratory hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows please.

grin Just seen Mamissimo's post!

Nana3 Fri 20-Aug-21 22:40:41

Hello Mamissimo I've just watched the programme about the Boleyn family, it has information about them I hadn't heard before.

Kaimoana Sat 21-Aug-21 00:29:41

What a wonderfully cheerful post Missedout; I'm so glad you got your Bramleys at last...and that your treatment is progressing. Bet of luck with the training.

I'm sure you were joking about the oats and mushrooms but I can make biscuit from fine oats and a mashed banana, or oats and peanut butter. The 2 and 3 ingredients recipes are a hit with my dgs. smile

Mamissimo your windful post made me laugh and if you can bear her voice, this woman has good ideas for windy poocjes and Papas.

I tried again to find a slot at supermarkets but, despite being registered as 'High Priority' (elderly and totally isolated) it seem I have to live on oats and mushrooms for the next 5 weeks at least.

As I don't get any homecare visits either, I'm relying on the good graces of the girl next door who is very obliging but I can't take advantage by asking her to buy all my vegetables.

Today's photos of a cheeky Gubbins cheered me up. She's such a character.

Nortsat Sat 21-Aug-21 08:54:00

Good morning Gang-stars from (non puffing - hurrah) Missy and me.

A nice new thread Doodle, well done on maintaining the Lockdown conversation and looking after us all.
Please send Jeeves with a tray of scrambled eggs for my partner and me and Missy could manage a grilled sausage.

So sorry to hear about the issues with grocery deliveries Kaimoana. I found I experienced some low level anxiety about shopping and deliveries, during our lengthy shielding.
I hope you find a solution. You are clearly a highly solution-focussed woman, so I imagine you hatching all manner of ingenious plans.
Thinking of dear Panache.
Wow Gammaretto, I watched the trailer to Coming Home in the Dark. It was so atmospheric and looks beautifully filmed. A bit like Scandi Noir but NZ Noir.
What an interesting job your DS must have.
Was it yesterday you were sharing the birthday wine with ‘the girls’? Hope you all had a good time (which ever day it was).
Missedout it’s lovely to hear all your positive news. ? Hope your DIY administration of your meds works well and brings benefits.

My cousin in Canada, whom we were going to visit in 2020 (but of course couldn’t) died unexpectedly in February this year. He had left me a gift in his will and the money arrived this week. I so wanted to talk to him about it, to thank him and discuss why he left me such a gift. I had a couple of lovely Zoom discussions with his son, whilst we sorted out the transfer of funds, but I really wished my cousin was there so that I could talk to him.
He was a very tall, broad, exuberant man, who loved life and seized every opportunity. I am sad that I will never see him again. My family is small and without him, it’s much diminished.

Sorry Gang I am growing somewhat maudlin ...

Wishing everyone the best weekend possible ?

Doodle Sat 21-Aug-21 21:23:54

Mamissimo I hope MrM wasn’t disappointed to learn the fate of his heroine. ?
I watch a lot of things on my iPad as DH and I have different interests. We don’t watch tv much at all these days.
Missedout lovely to hear you are feeling a bit better. It’s so good when the family get on with each other. That’s all most of us want really.
Shame you weren’t really able to use the BBQ, mind you the weather hasn’t been that good for it anyway.
Sounds like your orchard will be having more trees. Are you thinking of brewing some cider. I could taste it for you.
I was thinking of you and Marydoll this morning when I read the news of the new antibody therapy. I hope it can help all those who don’t have enough protection from the normal COVID jabs.
Jeeves is on his way with your beverage of choice, sounds so good I think I’ll join you, ?
Kaimoana I once made oat biscuits with banana for DH. He nearly broke his tooth on them. Over baked perhaps ?
Are there any local services you can phone to get help with a delivery slot. DH was contacted by the council here several times to see if he was coping ok.
I think little Gubbins would warm anyone’s heart.
Nortsat I do enjoy everyone’s company but don’t want to make people feel obliged to post if they’d rather not. I know others, including myself, post on other threads and sometimes it can be a bit difficult to keep up.
I will continue with the thread as long as I have someone to talk to.
Jeeves wants to know if you want toast with that and would Missy prefer tea or coffee?
What a shame you missed visiting your cousin. How nice of him to leave you a gift.
I have been on a tidy up session today. No cleaning just tidying. I keep getting side tracked. I found an old photo I wanted to put back in the album…………. Half an hour later I was still sitting there looking through the photos.
I have some good news to share with you all. I sent a message to Cherry to tell her we have a new thread and had a message back. Cherry said I could tell you that I’ve heard from her and she sends everyone her love and she misses us. ?
Panache hope you are ok. x
Take care all and sleep well. Hurry up with the hot chocolate Jeeves.

Kaimoana Sat 21-Aug-21 22:56:18

No, no Norstat it's not maudlin to talk about a cherished cousin.
I know why he left you a gift - because he loves you...and I can see why smile

You can always use the BBQ next summer wink see it as an investment.

Our family is small too. Formerly just me and 2 boys.
Now I have a lovely dil, 2 more beautiful grandchildren and I am so very appreciative of that.

I hooted when you told me the local Council contacted your DH Doodle. The idea of Auckland Council caring about anything but $$$ is hilarious. They break laws to get money, knowing they can.

I used to be the same with photo albums; I have B&W ones and glass plates going back generations.
I'd love a digital photo frame, those which hold several photos and change regularly.

Hee hee, yes, I think the oaty biscuits were possibly overcooked grin

If the worst comes to the worst (and it won't) my son is allowed to buy fresh vegetables, if he can find them, and bring them here....right across town hmm although we must have no contact.

I am still hoping Waipareira has plans for kaumatua as well.
The last lockdown stretched their resources to the limit as they were delivering thousands of food boxes a week to families as well as the elderly.
I hope they received more funding; there are a lot of needy people out there, even before lockdown.

Grammaretto just the trailer for Coming Home in the Dark scared the bejasus outta me, I couldn't watch the whole movie.

I am getting almost as 'deed-crazy' as you.
I have dreams about deeds!

If this were my task I would regard the attic as the first logical place to store them. Do you have an attic?
The deeds must have been hidden long ago and (speaking for myself) I wouldn't want an historical document in a drawer but as far away from harm as poss.
But I'm sure you've already thought all this through and your DH was super-efficient like that wasn't he?

When I awoke this morning I couldn't remember if it were Friday or Saturday. I asked Google.
"It's Sunday 22nd August 2021" she said.

Love to all flowers

Grammaretto Sun 22-Aug-21 08:01:43

Hello Lobstars!

Found you at last.
I think I saw the new thread thanks Doodle but lost it again and was told I couldn't post on the old one.

Anyhow it's been a fruitful read. Do you like my pun Missedout!
I am so glad this new therapy has been passed and that your treatment is working well.

And Nortsat you are feeling a bit better I trust and I am sad to hear about your cousin.

I was a bit too hungover yesterday to write anything. The deeds are still missing but I did ask my friends to think where they might be and was told so many secrets about where they keep precious things. grin

Those dark movies do seem popular in NZ. DS loves his job but complains about the long hours and he hates to be away from his family for months on end.

I am sorry Kaimoana that you are locked down.
I was listening to a piece on the radio about Bradford's bid to be UK City of Culture. A most impassioned bid. I thought of you, naturally.

A horrid wet gloomy day today but I have lit my kiln (the big gas one outside) and I hope to deliver in person the sweater I have at last finished knitting for the friend who doesn't know about it. As you see I live dangerously. and so does my grammar

There's a plan to light the pizza oven across the road at the storehouse later today. A bit more sleep is now called for. I was up far too early.

NfkDumpling Sun 22-Aug-21 08:17:04

Found you! I was a bit taken aback when I clicked on the "I'm On" key and found you'd all moved - and kept popping in until you reappeared on the "Active". I've never quite figured out the search thingy on my iPad as it seems to include a lot of the internet.

Virtual cuddles to you Kaimoana on your lockdown. It seems very extreme for only 116 cases? Is that right? We've got 22 just in our little town of around 6,000 inhabitants. But it doesn't seem to matter now its not translating into hospital cases or deaths. We went to see Russell Howard on Friday (he was, of course, very rude!) and people were only asked to wear masks when moving around, so everyone took theirs off when they sat down. The seats are quite snug in that theatre and we both felt very uncomfortable. It wasn't a problem pre-Covid, but now ...

We were very fortunate in getting our Tesco deliveries during the lockdowns, but the local shops were first class in arranging deliveries, especially to those more isolated. The butcher even popped in to the supermarket for milk for us before the supermarkets got themselves into gear. Are there independent shops who would deliver Kaimoana?

Congratulations on your Bramley Missedout. And wonderful news about the anti-body test. Now just to find out how to get one!

Back later. DH has lost something (probably unimportant).

Mamissimo Sun 22-Aug-21 13:51:22

Good morning ? I'm at the seaside! Haven't had any chips but have had a huge thunderstorm and a power cut. The storm clapped almost overhead and we all flew out of our beds but all is well ....except for the mess left by a load of shocked seagulls on the roof of our car.

This afternoon we will pay a visit to the Turner Gallery as one of their current exhibitions has several Turners in it. We love the gallery and the brownies in their coffee shop.

Tomorrow Mr M is going paddle boarding..........I am not! I'm going to have a lovely morning in the cemetery looking for an elusive ancient relative.

Missedout there's so much you can do with a bramley......are you team pie or team crumble?

Doodle Sun 22-Aug-21 14:22:37

Just had an SOS message from Jan. She’s lost us. I have set off to look for her and Jeeves is plumping up the cushions on her chair.
I will be back later to catch up with everyone.. ?

Missedout Sun 22-Aug-21 15:10:14

Mamissimo, pie, crumble, baked whole, suet pud, cake, sauce! Too many teams! The apples I can't use straight away are peeled, sliced and frozen and, when I run out of room in the freezer in good years, the remainder of whole apples go to the local retirement flats complex where they just about make it through the door before the residents nab them! Of course, the new tree will be small to start with.sad

I also bought an Amelanchier and a Katsura tree for sitting under - the Bramley is no use for that, the dropping apples in June/July hurt.

Jan16 Sun 22-Aug-21 16:02:12

Oh dear. I lost you all for a whole day! Thanks Doodle for sending me to the right place - Jeeves has just brought me a very large glass of wine to help with the stress! Will now catch up with everyone

Missismac Sun 22-Aug-21 16:37:43

Hi Kaimoana
I’m assuming you live in New Zealand and that immediately interested me because I have family in NZ and spent a three month holiday there during the winter of 1994/5. I t was wonderful, although emotional. Such a beautiful country. Which part do you live in? I’m very new to Gransnet and just navigating my way round the site - thought this looked like a very friendly forum - I hope you don’t mind newbies muscling in.

Missismac Sun 22-Aug-21 16:43:06

I think it was a good move on your part to buy a Bramley apple tree. I read in the paper just this morning that Bramleys are going to be in very short supply because they were badly affected by the unusual weather in the Spring when the fruit was forming. How lovely to have your own tree for the future.

Doodle Sun 22-Aug-21 17:31:38

Kaimoana I must admit we we're very surprised at how many times the council phoned DH. They didn’t actually do anything for us as we were set up with home deliveries but they did keep check and at one point asked him if he would be willing to do a survey on his mental health having been shielding and through lockdown. Haven’t heard from them since mind you ?
I have a feeling you would be a super sleuth. Shame you can’t fly over and help grammaretto with her search.
Grammaretto the closing of the old thread caught me on the hop. I only found out it was closed when I went to post on it too. I put a little star ⭐️ At the end of the new one so you can spot it easily.
I got a little confused when you said you’d lit your kiln and were hoping to deliver your sweater…….. my weird mind immediately thought you were going to bake the sweater in your kiln for some reason.
Pizza oven sounds nice. Can you go and cook your own?
Nfk I am so glad you found us. I must remember next time to get Jeeves to make some signposts and leave a trail of crumbs.
I hope you enjoyed your show, I wouldn’t be happy being that close to people either. We still wear our masks a lot when going anywhere near the shopping centre and always in the shops.
Wow you live in a nice place when everyone is so helpful. Mind you, I can’t complain. All our neighbours here offered to help with our shopping…..even the one who’s 94!
Mamissimo how lovely. I love being at the seaside. Sounds as though you have some good things planned. Now you’ve got my mouth watering, fish and chips, apple crumble ?
Missedout you sound as though you produce quite a lot from your apples. Do you have many apple trees in your garden. It sounds lovely, sitting out in the shade of a tree but I can understand you don’t want apples dropping on your head. ?
Jan glad you made it and Jeeves is looking after you. We don’t want anyone being left behind. ?
Missismac no indeed you are welcome to join us. We started the thread originally in lockdown but it has just carried on going. We just chat to each other. ?

Jan16 Sun 22-Aug-21 18:17:15

Obviously losing you is a Norfolk thing as NfkDumpling had trouble too and like her I’m not sure how to find you on a new thread! But all’s well now!
Not much to report really except I’m so sorry Kaimoana is having troubles in lockdown. We started having groceries delivered when I broke my leg several years ago and still do now. Never had any problems and I’m no lover of supermarket shopping! Clothes shopping yes but not food!
* Mamissimo* Kniw what you mean about tv choices. We seldom agree so I pads come in very handy!
Missedout your problems at the hospital sound a bit of a nightmare but pleased you got sorted. And pleased you’re feeling better.
Grammaretto sure your deeds will turn up when you’re not looking for them! Hope for your sake they do soon so frustrating for you.
I know lots of people don’t like grey squirrels - my eldest daughter calls them “rats with tails!” but we have several around here. They kept eating the bird seed so being a soft touch I bought a squirrel feeder and food. Mr J put the feeder on the fence and within minutes one appeared knew exactly how to lift the lid with his nose and get at his food! Will try and put some photos on here but I’m not very good at photos on here!

Nortsat Sun 22-Aug-21 18:39:28

Good evening Gang-stars from me, Missy and Ollie (mercifully in a ‘puff free’ environment).
Kaimoana thank you for your kind words about my cousin.
On that issue of waking up and thinking it is the ‘wrong’ day, it used to happen to me more frequently when I was at work. The worst examples being Fridays which were mistaken for Saturdays. It’s disorientating isn’t it?
Grammaretto how was the sweater received? I would be thrilled at such a gift.
Nfk, I can imagine your discomfort at sitting in theatre seats with people not wearing masks. After shielding for so long, my partner and I are still ultra cautious.
Mammissimo are you in Margate? I love the Turner Contemporary there.
The light in the bay is beautiful and you can immediately see why he was drawn there.
We had a lovely long weekend in a little hotel on the front called Sands. Our room overlooked the sea and had a tiny balcony and I took some lovely photos (see attached).
Jan aren’t grey squirrels clever and determined.
Great selection of photographs... well done.
Missedout if you are ever overstocked with apple tarts, cakes, crumbles etc, I would be willing to take some off your hands ... just to create a bit of space in your freezer, you understand. ?
Doodle good to know you have heard from Cherry and have sent her our love.
We’re all nicely gathered on the new thread.
Did you let dear Panache know? If not, I could drop her a line tomorrow.
Missismac welcome ?.

I am off to make supper and look forward to Antiques Roadshow on BBC tv.
Have a pleasant evening all and ? to anyone I have overlooked.
Best, N x ?

Kaimoana Mon 23-Aug-21 00:50:07

I've just had a surprise. shock Karen came to my door to see if I was all right.
Strict lockdown or not she couldn't bear to think I was in need.

We've agreed I'll leave money in the mailbox and she'll shop for me if necessary - contactless care smile.

Missedout Katsura is a popular tree here but I had to look up Amelanchier. How lovely it is.

Hello and welcome Missismac, I'm glad you liked New Zealand, most people do. Where are your family?
I live in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges (about 20km from Auckland) but rarely get out to enjoy them these days.

As Doodle says, we're just a bunch of friends chatting and supporting one another and it's so nice to have you as part of the family. smile

Jan The main reason people don't like Grey Squirrels (a US import) is that they carry Squirrelpox. They are immune but it's fatal to the native Red Squirrel whose population is declining at an alarming rate.
Greys have altered the whole eco-system in many woodlands, sometimes by eating native birds and eggs.
But it's hard to blame them for just being what they are. sad

Nfk thanks for the lovely cuddles. smile
Yes, 116 and rising rapidly and the strict rules are to prevent an uncontrolled wild-fire effect as has happened elsewhere.
No, small shops won't deliver. Supermarkets will but first you have to bag a time slot - and there are none.

Oh dear Mamissimo your storm is so reminiscent of many family holidays by the sea.
When we used to go to Rothesay, our landlady would say, "It's been fine and dry all summer - until this week." Every year grin
Hope you found your lost rellie in the grave yard.

When I lived in the UK, there was a frozen meal with "Gravy and Beef" enblazoned in fancy writing across the packet. Unfailingly I read it as "Gravyard Beef".

Grammaretto I thought the same as Doodle cooking your sweater but then you mentioned Pizza and I wondered why you hadn't already gone into the pizza business with your kiln. grin

My plan for today is - dah dah - change my bed, get the laundry out and make a Currant & Mint sugar though.

I'll expect you all round for

Mamissimo Mon 23-Aug-21 10:24:27

Good morning ?

Norsat I am indeed near Margate this weekend. DD2 lives at that end of the empire Kent and we always try to include a visit to the Turner when we're in the area. We were sad yesterday to discover that our favourite cake shop in the vintage quarter has not survived the lock downs but there was still a lovely atmosphere with more cafes open. It was mizzling but the beach was busy.

No thunder last night but it's still cool here and a bit breezy so I doubt whether Mr M will go boarding.

I'm still hunting for chips....?

I'll be back later to let you know if I catch any!

Missismac Mon 23-Aug-21 10:49:33

Thanks everybody for your welcome.

Kaimoana - my family lived for many years in Hamilton, but are now mostly in S.Island. One of my nephews lives in Greymouth, although he’s just having a lovely house built elsewhere. The other one lives in a gorgeous place overlooking Marlborough Sound. My eldest nephew was an elected MP in the NZ Government representing the Green Party and is now the CEO of Forest and Bird.
Although lockdown is hard I think NZ have certainly handled the pandemic better than most other countries. I think population density is a big factor - you’ve got a much smaller population than the UK and much more room. We had the same problem with getting delivery slots when the lockdown first started, but it all seems to be OK now. I have a regular Monday morning delivery now (in fact I’’m waiting for it right now)

NfkDumpling Mon 23-Aug-21 13:39:39

Hi Jan glad you made it. It was a bit disconcerting to go to the "I'm on" and find the Lobsters had packed up and moved!

And hello Missismac. My parents had dear friends who emigrated to live in Hamilton. We were supposed to visit them when we were in New Zealand, but the campervan we'd hired couldn't make it over the hills and we had to turn back! We'd been told it was a new van, but it transpired that the top was new but the engine and chassis were a ten year old rather clapped out, Japanese import. The brakes failed coming back down the mountain - it was a bit steep. I'll have to look up what range it was.

I didn't know there was a Turner collection in Margate. I shall bear it in mind if we ever get that way. I am partial to a good Turner.

I remember climbing to a view point overlooking Marlborough Sound (I feel sure it was there) and there was a sign for a toilet so followed the path round a steep sided slope. There was a vacant/occupied sign fixed to a post and around the corner a long drop loo - with no door. A door wasn't necessary and the view from the seat was spectacular!

And please no talk about how cute grey squirrels are. I can now see only one walnut left on our walnut tree. The little beggars have filched them all already, although I can probably retrieve a lot if I dig around the garden beds a bit. They've taken them too early.

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