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Vaccine passports, what do you think?

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maddyone Fri 10-Sep-21 15:08:39

Just that really, what do you think about vaccine passports, as they are much in the news just now? I don’t have a problem with them, but what do others think?

Jane71 Sat 18-Sep-21 18:05:51

We're just back from Co Kerry in Ireland, and its mandatory when entering a bar, restaurant, museum, etc to wear a mask, sign your contact deatails, and show evidence of a vaccination.
We didn't have a problem with it, but not sure where collective safety trumps personnal freedom.

Amberone Sat 18-Sep-21 18:17:58

I always assumed that vaccination passports would be used only for travelling abroad, on the basis that no country wants their health facilities clogged up with loads of holiday makers who catch Covid and then end up in hospital, and possibly even dying. At least if travellers have been double jabbed the probability of them taking up hospital beds is reduced.