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Young ones and corona virus

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nanna8 Tue 12-Oct-21 00:53:30

I have a granddaughter who is working very, very hard on a Covid ward in the city here in Melbourne. She said their ward was full of young anti Vaxxers who are getting very sick. She thinks if these people had just spent an hour in the ward they would change their minds pretty quickly. What concerns me is that it is now harder for people to get into hospital for essential treatment because these selfish people are occupying many of the beds. Should they be put down lower on a priority list do you think? Why should some cancer sufferers be made to wait longer and possibly put their lives at risk because of these bozos ?

MayBee70 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:00:37

My granddaughters primary school is in an old Nightingale hospital and thus far (touch wood) they don’t seem to have had too much infection there. Probably to do with how it’s laid out.

chris8888 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:06:10

Where would it end if people were not treated because of something they did or didn`t do. You drove to fast so you caused your accident no treatment? You climbed a mountain and fell so no treatment? You eat/drank to much so no treatment?

AGAA4 Wed 13-Oct-21 17:09:42

Elaine1 and Growstuff nurses in the Uk don't take the Hippocratic but they do take a nurses oath.
I saw it being taken at Manchester University. As I have already said they should take an oath as they are professionals as much as doctors are.

Saetana Wed 13-Oct-21 20:16:32

I am needlephobic and it is no joke - being in hospital as a child and remembering doctors poking needles in me trying to get some blood, plus two particularly bad dentists and their needles, has given me lifelong needlephobia. I forced myself to have my covid jabs because my husband is clinically vulnerable - I can, barely, cope with a quick jab in my upper arm, but I was starting to hyperventilate on both occasions. I always say please do not say "sharp scratch" - it makes me tense up and the injection painful. If I ever need a blood test they will have to semi sedate me so I don't freak out - it is NOT silly at all!

MayBee70 Thu 14-Oct-21 01:58:52

I am beginning to understand that. Plus the fact that it’s important not to frighten children when vaccinating them when they’re young.

LtEve Thu 14-Oct-21 08:00:27

* Joesoap* Who decides who is more deserving? What happens if you have a vaccinated paedophile and an unvaccinated person who spends all their free time and money doing charitable deeds?
According to many people on this thread it seems they think the paedophile should get priority.
Thankfully, as a health care professional, I am expected to treat everyone without fear or favour.
With limited resources, the principles of triage mean that you first treat those for whom you can make the most difference.