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The Elusive Third Primary Vaccine - not the Booster

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FannyCornforth Fri 05-Nov-21 10:05:52

I know that there is a thread already about the Booster; but I felt that another thread devoted to the ever elusive third primary vaccine may be helpful.

The third primary dose is apparently valuable for those who are severely immune suppressed.

It is in addition to the booster.

My main question is - has anyone actually had it?

I’ve spoken to a variety of HCPs recently, and none of them have even heard of it sad

Thank you ?

Marydoll Fri 05-Nov-21 14:38:31

Excellent post Missedout.

What I did find out is that for those of us who received the AZ vaccine, it may only offer 40 % protection. The third primary vaccine must not be AZ. Yet initially, I was told the AZ would be more suitable for those who were immunocompromised.

I am exhausted being passed from pillar to post, with no solution.
Thank goodness, I too am able to fight my corners. Other may not be so capable.

MerylStreep Fri 05-Nov-21 14:46:59

I was listening to a GP a few days ago who said he had no idea what it was until his office staff told him about the amount of patients asking about it.

Teacheranne Fri 05-Nov-21 14:49:33

I know a couple of people currently undergoing cancer treatment who were offered the third dose by their consultants at the hospital really quickly. Another friend is currently battling to get her third dose which she has been told she needs. She is not undergoing treatment at the moment so no one seems to know where she needs to go or who to contact. She has been called for her booster jab though but wants and needs the third dose first, then a booster. So maybe those currently receiving chemo or other cancer treatment are getting their doses while those in respite are being forgotten?

Marydoll Fri 05-Nov-21 14:55:20

Sorry, Teacheranne, I am receiving treatment and certainly not in respite, so that is not the case.

My consultant told me I fulfilled the criteria, but managing to get it is the problem.

growstuff Fri 05-Nov-21 14:57:24

I'd just like to go shopping and have a meal out, cautiously of course.

The last sentence of your post brought a lump to my throat Missedout

Of course you want to go out and you deserve to be able to.

Baggs Fri 05-Nov-21 14:59:48

My daughter had a third primary jab some weeks ago at the hospital where she's been going for cancer treatment.

FannyCornforth Fri 05-Nov-21 15:09:16

Right. I’ve just spoken to the head Rheumatology Nurse. He seemed quite knowledgeable shock
He said that MrC was definitely eligible but may as well just go ahead and have the booster now that his six months is almost up.
He said that the third dose wasn’t as a strong as the booster.
So it seems that he should have had at, but there’s no point now

MissAdventure Fri 05-Nov-21 15:18:19

Ah thank you.
That's very helpful to me, as I haven't the faintest idea about any of this stuff.
I've gone from being "stressed" to being told I need the booster.

Grannynannywanny Fri 05-Nov-21 15:27:37

Sorry if this adds further to the confusion. I had my booster last week and was chatting to the nurse about 3rd dose for immunosuppressed patients. My daughter has RA and takes methotrexate injections.

I was curious to know the difference, if any, between the Pfizer booster and a 3rd primary dose. She said there is no difference and that the strength and dosage are the same. They were using Pfizer for boosters and for anyone who required a third vaccination even if they had AZ for the first 2. She said anyone who has a third dose will then return at a later date for a booster.

MissAdventure Fri 05-Nov-21 15:34:27

Ooh blaaahhhh! grin
I don't understand..

Lexisgranny Fri 05-Nov-21 15:41:45

I have had the third vaccine, I was under the impression that it was the same as the booster, but that those who were immune suppressed would need a further one in roughly six months time. The exact date to be determined by the speed that the roll out of the Booster was achieved.

Marydoll Fri 05-Nov-21 15:47:29

If they are not different, why does NHS Scotland have this on their website?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) third dose vaccination
A third dose of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is being offered for people with a severely weakened immune system. This third primary dose is an extra ‘top-up’ dose to help increase the level of protection for people who may not have generated a full immune response to the first two doses and might be less protected than the wider population.

A third dose is different from a booster dose. A booster dose is a later dose to extend the duration of protection from the primary course of vaccinations.

If you are eligible for a third primary dose, it is possible that you may also become eligible for a booster dose. The Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) will provide further guidance on boosters for this group in due course.

Who is being offered a third dose?
People aged 12 years and over who had a severely weakened immune system around the time they had their first two doses of the coronavirus vaccine are now being offered a third dose. This includes those who had or have:

blood cancers (such as leukaemia or lymphoma)
lowered immunity due to treatment (such as steroid medication, biological therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
lowered immunity due to inherited disorders of the immune system
an organ or bone marrow transplant
diseases that affect the immune system such as poorly controlled HIV.

I suspect many medical practitioners are unsure too.

Grannynannywanny Fri 05-Nov-21 15:48:48

Yes Lexisgranny that’s the information I was given last week by the nurse in the vaccination centre.

MissAdventure Fri 05-Nov-21 15:58:42

The text I got stated that as I am someone who could be very badly affected if I caught covid, I was eligible for the booster.

MissAdventure Fri 05-Nov-21 16:01:36

Perhaps they've assumed I've had my third vaccine already through work?

Grannynannywanny Fri 05-Nov-21 16:04:53

I agree Marydoll, it’s very confusing. I’ve read through that Scottish govt info you posted. I’ve read it a few times trying to digest it. Could it be possible that those who are immunocompromised are receiving another full dose because they had a low response to the first 2? And it’s still the same dose as the booster but rather than “boosting” their immunity it’s topping it up to where it didn’t reach with the first 2? Then at a later date they will receive another dose which will hopefully do the “boosting”.

The information that’s being given out it’s vague and at times conflicting. I hope all of you who need it receive it soon.

FannyCornforth Fri 05-Nov-21 16:06:08

I agree Mary, I can’t say that I’m entirely satisfied at all.
But I do feel marginally better.
To be relieved that an HCP has even heard of the thing is worrying in itself sad

Kamiso Fri 05-Nov-21 16:10:41

DD1’s parents are registered with the same surgery as us and are about 10 years older. MIL has had their third vaccination but not FIL. It might be because he brings new meaning to the word cantankerous! She has had heart surgery about 15 years ago.

Our surgery has been a disaster through lockdown. First one to lock and bolt the doors and barely open now. It’s been far worse since they employed a finance manager and all emphasis is on the add ons that bring in extra cash. No one is allowed to change surgeries currently as so many were trying that it caused even more chaos.

Marydoll Fri 05-Nov-21 16:11:39

MissA, I believe those who live in England received letters in September (I think), stating that as they are immunocompromised, they will need a third primary vaccine, plus a booster. Four vaccinations in all.
That's how people know that they are eligible for four . (As far as I know).
Anyway, surely people would know whether they are immunocompromised or not? I received umpteen letters and texts when I was shielding, telling me to be extra careful, as I was ECV..

I know that in Scotland there is a code on your community health index if you are immunocompromised. Surely there will be a similar system in place in the rest of the UK?

MissAdventure Fri 05-Nov-21 16:14:09

I was working in September.
I felt like I'd died and been dug back up, but I think I'm late to this party because of that.

Marydoll Fri 05-Nov-21 16:17:43

Grannynannywanny, this might explain better than I can.

I have actually lost the will to live, trying to find accurate and up to date information

Grannynannywanny Fri 05-Nov-21 16:38:44

Thanks Marydoll I had a read through that Zoe info. It says there is confusion over the 3rd dose and the booster. That’s for sure!

I came away satisfied that I’d heard it straight from the horse’s mouth last week. Now, I’m thinking I hope that the nurse who is doing hundreds of vaccinations per day isn’t giving out wrong information.

Forgive me if you’ve already tried this, but could you maybe turn up at one of the drop in vaccination centres and say you require your third dose. Then see what is suggested. If the nurse gave me accurate info then perhaps they will go ahead and give you a Pfizer dose and you’ll have your booster further down the line.

Marydoll Fri 05-Nov-21 16:43:58

I had a call from the hospital. When I go for my flu vaccination next Sunday, I have to inform them I am coded immunosuppressed, need a third vaccine, followed by a booster in six months and of course it can't be the AZ, which put me in bed for three weeks after both doses.

Fingers crossed!!!

Grandmashe43 Fri 05-Nov-21 16:45:11

Miss Adventure, I’d ring up where you were given the first 2 doses, with your NHS a number and they should be able to help, this is what I did, hope you get some answers sooon.

MissAdventure Fri 05-Nov-21 16:52:29

Thanks Grandmashe43.
I haven't the energy, sadly.
I'm just going to go where I'm sent and have what they tell me.