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The Elusive Third Primary Vaccine - not the Booster

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FannyCornforth Fri 05-Nov-21 10:05:52

I know that there is a thread already about the Booster; but I felt that another thread devoted to the ever elusive third primary vaccine may be helpful.

The third primary dose is apparently valuable for those who are severely immune suppressed.

It is in addition to the booster.

My main question is - has anyone actually had it?

I’ve spoken to a variety of HCPs recently, and none of them have even heard of it sad

Thank you ?

JaneJudge Fri 05-Nov-21 16:54:45

this all sounds really confusing

Chestnut Fri 05-Nov-21 16:58:08

I'd like to know what happened to the 2nd generation Astra Zenica vaccine that the Oxford doctor Sarah Gilbert assured us they were working on last year. It was designed to work on the new variants and she said it would probably be released before the end of 2020. Never heard any more about it.

Lexisgranny Fri 05-Nov-21 17:11:29

By “different” I assumed that it was different because it wasn’t regarded as the Booster, but as merely the third vaccine. However I was taken aback in that I had not been told anything about the third injection until I got there. (I am in Wales. My first two were AZ with the third Pfizer. I had no after affects with any of them thank goodness.

Casdon Fri 05-Nov-21 17:21:26

Here you go Chestnut
Trials are currently taking place for second generation vaccines, including AZ

Grandmashe43 Fri 05-Nov-21 17:35:41

Oh Miss A, I’m so sorry to hear your feeling rotten, hope you start to feel a lot better soon.

MissAdventure Fri 05-Nov-21 18:36:29

Thank you.
Me too!

growstuff Fri 05-Nov-21 20:41:38

Marydoll and Grannynanny. I checked with my friend who is a GP and knows what she's talking about. The third primary dose and the booster are exactly the same jab for most people. Ideally, you should have Pfizer. If you have Moderna, it will be a half-dose and AZ is a full dose.

The word "different" on the NHS info is misleading because it isn't different. The difference is the way it's recorded on your records. You should be recalled for a fourth jab if you're immunosuppressed.

You should book a booster vaccine as normal, explain your situation to the vaccinator, who will hopefully make sure your records are accurate and you're recalled. It's quite worrying that even HCPs are giving out misleading information.

growstuff Fri 05-Nov-21 20:45:47


DD1’s parents are registered with the same surgery as us and are about 10 years older. MIL has had their third vaccination but not FIL. It might be because he brings new meaning to the word cantankerous! She has had heart surgery about 15 years ago.

Our surgery has been a disaster through lockdown. First one to lock and bolt the doors and barely open now. It’s been far worse since they employed a finance manager and all emphasis is on the add ons that bring in extra cash. No one is allowed to change surgeries currently as so many were trying that it caused even more chaos.

Who's stopping you from changing surgeries? I've just changed because I was so unhappy with the practice I'd been with for over 15 years.

growstuff Fri 05-Nov-21 20:47:31


Sorry if this adds further to the confusion. I had my booster last week and was chatting to the nurse about 3rd dose for immunosuppressed patients. My daughter has RA and takes methotrexate injections.

I was curious to know the difference, if any, between the Pfizer booster and a 3rd primary dose. She said there is no difference and that the strength and dosage are the same. They were using Pfizer for boosters and for anyone who required a third vaccination even if they had AZ for the first 2. She said anyone who has a third dose will then return at a later date for a booster.

That's what my GP friend said too.

Marydoll Fri 05-Nov-21 20:52:05

Growstuff, ?

Why can't they just post this on the NHS websites and save a lot of angst!

growstuff Fri 05-Nov-21 20:56:37


*Growstuff*, ?

Why can't they just post this on the NHS websites and save a lot of angst!

I really haven't a clue why they don't.

You really would think that they employ enough admin staff to have somebody who could write easily accessible web pages for the public.

Calistemon Fri 05-Nov-21 22:18:29

Thank you Marydoll and growstuff
Our surgery doesn't seem to know and it's no good asking my consultant.

Marydoll Sat 06-Nov-21 15:35:47

I come with good news, I have had my flu jag and third primary vaccination ahead of schedule.
I drove DH for his and decided to follow him into ask what the procedure would be for me. As soon as I mentioned I was immunocompromised, I was directed to the nurse in charge, who went into my record. She went through all my conditions, meds and allergies and asked if I would like to get them done there an then. Thanks to all on here and their helpful information, I was able to refuse the AZ and explain why. She then offered me the Pfizer. An added bonus was, my neighbours were also there, so we all had a socially distanced catch up!
I am ecstatic!

Calistemon Sat 06-Nov-21 16:35:22

Excellent, Marydoll

At least someone, the nurse, knew what they were doing!

Grannynannywanny Sat 06-Nov-21 17:07:01

That’s great news Marydoll. Progress at last!

Missedout Sat 06-Nov-21 17:35:09

So pleased for you Marydoll, you made it happen! Stay safe.

Marydoll Sat 06-Nov-21 18:18:00

I couldn't have dont it, without the knowledge I gain here.
Thank you all!

Marydoll Sat 06-Nov-21 18:37:08

Oops sorry about the errors!!

welbeck Sat 06-Nov-21 20:11:41

that's good.
but why was she wanting to give you the AZ jab.
i thought everyone was having Pfizer for the third or booster, to cover the gaps from having had AZ for the first two.
assuming they did have AZ for the first two.
everyone round here did.

Marydoll Sat 06-Nov-21 20:38:04

I do not think the charge nurse understood the reasons for those who are immunocompromised not having AZ, especially if they had AZ the first two times.

The AZ was given to many of us who were shielding, because it was done in GP surgeries, as opposed to the hubs. In our area, as far as I know, everyone else got the Pfizer. My husband got a Pfizer booster today, he had already received two previous Pfizer vaccinations.

Thank goodness I knew what I should have. Earlier on this thread, a poster commented that she had received the AZ, when she should have had the Pfizer. She only found out when she received a letter, informing her there had been an error.

This is what I have been banging on about. Many of us have had to be on the ball and be proactive, as there has been so little information made available to us.

It has been done now and that is what is important.

Calistemon Sat 06-Nov-21 21:16:59

Round here, the booster is being given in GP surgeries and it is the Pfizer vaccine. It seems to be well coordinated.

MagicWand Sat 06-Nov-21 22:02:21

I was sent a letter by NHS England to let me know that I needed a third vaccine. Before then I had not heard of anyone needing or getting a third vaccine. I was told where I could get the vaccine, there were several walk-in centres listed, this letter was then backed up by a text message I received a couple of days later.

I asked at my GP surgery when I went there to collect some drugs and they had all the information I needed. No confusion just information.

The following week I went to one of the walk-in centres and despite there being a small amount of confusion from the volunteer at the door who was convinced I was there for my booster, I received my third vaccine.

Vaccine one and two were Astra Zeneca my third vaccine was Pfizer. A bit of a sore arm for 24 hours afterwards, otherwise all okay.

Marydoll Sat 06-Nov-21 23:14:41

Good to hear of a positive experience. Unfortunately, not the same system here in Scotland.
The Practice Manager in my GP surgery, couldn't help me and advised me to phone the vaccination helpline The person I spoke to, who hadn't a clue what I was talking about.

Calistemon Sat 06-Nov-21 23:19:46

Presumably it is the people who were advised by the Governments to shield who are those who may need the third vaccine then a booster rather than just a booster.

I think the total is about 2.2 million so that is quite a number of people who do need clarification.

Marydoll Sat 06-Nov-21 23:27:57

Calistemon, I know of shielders, who only required a booster.
I believe, you have to be coded immunocompromised on your record, to require a third primary, followed by a booster.