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Booster jab with a cold

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Rosiebee Thu 18-Nov-21 09:11:05

I'm due to have my booster later today. Husband just queried if they'd give it to me as I am full of a real old fashioned cold. Can't see what difference it would make. Has anyone any knowledge of experience of this? Thanks

aggie Thu 18-Nov-21 09:12:28

The advice is that it is ok

Kali2 Thu 18-Nov-21 09:14:16

The advice where I live is that it is not OK- I certainly would not dream of havign either flu jab or booster when full of cold. And surely not a good idea to go and spread it anyhow.

aggie Thu 18-Nov-21 09:39:44

It is ok as long as you haven’t got a high temperature, if you feel too bad l to go about your normal life that is a no
Google it , I am no good at links

MayBee70 Thu 18-Nov-21 20:09:51

My grandson was due to be vaccinated this weekend just a few weeks after having covid. However, the latest guidance is to wait for much longer after being infected. Our gut instinct was to wait anyway but this confirmed what we were thinking. I think it was only announced yesterday so we feel as though we’ve missed a bullet.

Marydoll Thu 18-Nov-21 20:13:17

The NHS Inform guidance states: “If you're unwell on the day of your appointment, you should still go for your vaccination if it's a minor illness without fever.

“If you feel very unwell, your vaccine may be postponed until you have fully recovered.

paddyann54 Thu 18-Nov-21 20:20:15

I got my two jags last week with a cold ,my husband went for his the next day and was refused them ,go figure.However I have been quite unwell since I had them and my cold has been much worse .Its not covid I have checked every day but I have an awful hacking cough thats not allowing any sleep.

My husband has a heart condition and I wondered if that was why he wasn't alowed the jags

Marydoll Thu 18-Nov-21 20:24:41

paddyann, I read somewhere that there have been some rare cases of heart issues in younger folk, with colds after being vaccinated. Betetr safe than sorry.

Sorry, I cannot for the life of me, where I read that.

BlueBelle Thu 18-Nov-21 21:14:13

We were advised to only not have the jab if you’re running a temperature and my grandson had to wait a month after having CoviD he was actually a few days short of the month as he had to travel for work all seemed well

BlueSky Fri 19-Nov-21 08:23:03

I see that advice for youngsters is now to wait 3 months before vaccination if they’ve had Covid. Wonder when this advice/rule will apply to all adults? I personally would postpone it if I had a cold or a cough, but that’s me, I’m always over cautious. As it happens I’ve had my booster a couple of days ago.

crazyH Fri 19-Nov-21 08:27:21

I developed the most stinking cold [after] my Booster. Any connection, I wonder ?

DillytheGardener Fri 19-Nov-21 08:31:26

I had a cold during my booster, I rang my gp who told me to get it anyway. The cold I had is the ghastly one going around that lasts three weeks.
The advice is the exactly the same as is for my annual flu shot I’ve had for years.