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Toddler cold / flu / hopefully NOT covid

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GagaJo Mon 22-Nov-21 19:28:36

DGS has been ill since the first week in September, since he started school. He's had 5 PCR tests since then. One today.

I feel bad for the poor lad. NOT because of the PCR tests, because although they're not nice, they're over quickly, but because he's constantly coughing, full of congestion.

V3ra Mon 22-Nov-21 19:58:53

...since he started school.
It's the same every year isn't it, but the normal coughs and colds are so much worse this year because of the restrictions we've been living under for so long, plus the additional worry it could be Covid. Poor lad having all those tests ☹️
My friend's little granddaughter hides when she sees the swab now!
I think it's going to be a long winter for children's health at school GagaJo.

GagaJo Mon 22-Nov-21 20:28:27

He wasn't too bad when I did his test today. He did cry a bit but not as much as last time. And I did his first, so he could laugh at me gagging when I did my own.

But he's really not well today. He's SUCH a tough little boy. Not much knocks him back. So if he isn't well he's quite ill, IYKWIM.

Farmor15 Mon 22-Nov-21 20:36:21

Has he actually seen a doctor to rule out a chest infection which might need antibiotic? There's no point in using antibiotics for a normal cold, but if he's been coughing so long a doc should at least check him out.

ElaineI Mon 22-Nov-21 20:43:20

How old is he GagaJo? DGS1 had a horrible time with coughing and wheezing every single cold. Eventually at 5 was sent to paediatric ENT and was his tonsils. The consultant gave him powders to shrink the tonsils (hopefully so wouldn't need them out). It worked and now he has grown a bit so the tonsils are not so big. Worth checking in his mouth maybe? DGS2 is 3 and he has same problem now.

GagaJo Mon 22-Nov-21 21:01:34

Good point both, thank you. I'll wait until he's had (yet another) negative covid test and see about taking him to the doctor.

Susan56 Mon 22-Nov-21 21:19:00

My grandson was the same GagaJo.He was given a course of antibiotics a fortnight ago.Last weekend he ended up in And E and he was diagnosed with asthma.He had inhaled steroids and came home with an inhaler and he is so much better.

Please don’t think I am saying he has asthma but may be worth getting him checked over by the dr.