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Different symptoms GPS phone diagnosis

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sazz1 Sun 05-Dec-21 19:59:58

Four weeks ago my DDiL had a bit of a sore throat and headaches. All better in a week but next week DGS had a v bad cough for a week. PCR test negative so all OK.
The following week DGD had a sore throat and temperature, small white patches on tonsils. DDiL rang GP who diagnosed over the phone tonsillitis and prescribed antibiotics. Just to be sure DDiL did lateral flow which was negative. She started coughing so they had a PCR which was Positive for Covid.
Nobody else in the house caught it so it looks like the sore throat and DGSs cough was Covid.
They are all vaccinated so perhaps that's why symptoms are different and milder. Which could explain why cases are very high atm as people (and GPs) don't realise its Covid and are spreading it

V3ra Sun 05-Dec-21 23:14:21

Also if one family member has a positive Covid test, the rest of the household "can" carry on going out and about as normal. Previously they'd all have had to stay home.
That, according to the Boots pharmacist I saw recently for my flu jab, is why the virus is spreading again at the moment.

lemsip Sun 05-Dec-21 23:27:28

I had a gp appointment coming up but had sore throat and headache, though lateral flow tests were negative I went and had a PCR test which was also negative so was able to see GP onn 18 nov.....was given antibiotics......then since a week ago have got the the most dreadful head cold....nose streaming and cough feel awful...Having a PCR test delivered tomorrow (Lateral flow negative) will let you know alone .

Sparklefizz Mon 06-Dec-21 10:15:06

Hope you soon feel better lemsip flowers It's hard being ill when living alone.

sazz1 Mon 06-Dec-21 10:53:04

Hope you feel better soon xxx
DGD has recovered well in just over a week despite being severely asthmatic. I think the vaccine is definitely making symptoms much milder in a lot of cases.

Margiknot Mon 06-Dec-21 11:14:30

The top symptoms of covid in vaccinated people are (according to the Zoe app) are in order of prevalence-
1) runny nose, 2)headache, 3) sneezing.4) sore throat, 5) persistent cough and only after those fever and loss of taste and smell.

I guess that is a similar set of symptoms to most colds also doing the rounds at present.

I hope you are all feeling better!

lemsip Mon 06-Dec-21 11:38:02

sparklefizz thanks so much.. Had text that pcr test delivery between 10 and 1pm. I shall do it straight away and post it back. slept sitting up in recliner chair last night as could not lay down for coughing.

Sparklefizz Wed 08-Dec-21 13:40:04

Oh dear, lemsip, how miserable. Have you had your PCR results yet?

lemsip Thu 09-Dec-21 16:53:35

The first test sent to me was missing a security sticker so had to request another . it arrived 7th I done it and reurned it that day ..result came through today .. it was negative, so it is a very nasty cold and the cough is on my chest now. at least not covid though.