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Plan B in response to Omicron?

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Daisymae Wed 08-Dec-21 13:45:58

According to the Times Johnson is set to impose plan B as early as tonight. Measures might mean restricting visits to care homes, more mask wearing and I suppose working from home too. I think that the government are going to meet with more resistance as time goes on. They are really lacking in credibility although I guess that enough sensible people will take what measures they need to try to protect themselves and their families. Might be a good diversion from alleged parties at No.10??

Rosalyn69 Wed 08-Dec-21 13:48:23

I think I’m already on Plan B if I was ever off it. I’m sure the Grim Reaper (the Welsh FM) is already getting ready for lock down.

Daisymae Wed 08-Dec-21 13:55:32

I've just seen that the Mail's headline is 'Boris hits the Panic Button!' Oh well, guess it must be true........

rosie1959 Wed 08-Dec-21 13:58:32

Would plan B actually make much difference

Curlywhirly Wed 08-Dec-21 13:59:39

Talk about bad timing! The hypocrisy of ordering people to follow more restrictions when it has just been leaked that people at No 10 don't believe that they apply to them!

Casdon Wed 08-Dec-21 13:59:49

Yes the Welsh FM is ahead of Boris as usual Rosalyn69, and thank goodness for that.

shandi6570 Wed 08-Dec-21 14:01:16

Not really a laughing matter but I did have to chuckle yesterday when I was told that Omicron B is an anagram of No Crimbo!

Jaxjacky Wed 08-Dec-21 14:43:38

I believe covid passes are part of plan b too.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 08-Dec-21 14:51:35

shandi6570 grin

love0c Wed 08-Dec-21 14:54:37

Oh Dear! I had a bad feeling this is what Boris would do. Takes the heat off their utterly disgusting behaviour and the fact that the NHS is not fit for purpose.