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Antivax and anti LFT

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Atqui Fri 10-Dec-21 14:27:29

My husbands daughter is anti vax , anti mask , anti all Covid restrictions. She hasn’t seen her father ( 87 years old) for 20 months. We were going to visit but she refuses to do and LF test . What would you say?

M0nica Fri 10-Dec-21 14:40:32

No test, no visit.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 10-Dec-21 14:41:15

I wouldn’t go. It’s not much to ask of her is it?

AGAA4 Fri 10-Dec-21 14:46:03

At 87 it's too risky to meet up with people who have had no vaccinations and refuse to take a test

growstuff Fri 10-Dec-21 14:58:10


Lucca Fri 10-Dec-21 15:30:03

What a silly girl. Don’t visit !

BlueBelle Fri 10-Dec-21 15:39:50

I have zero tolerance for anti vaxers but in actual fact she is the one in the most danger if her father has been fully vaccinated She s not likely to carry it any more than a vaccinated person, is she? why won’t the donut do a test though?
I’d definitely put my foot down for her doing a test not much to ask of anybody

Allsorts Fri 10-Dec-21 15:44:38

I don’t think you can change her mind, her need to be right is more than the wish to see her father. How does he feel? . I have no time for anti vaxers, they are selfish. However, I would take all the precautions I could and wear a mask but I would have to see her. Potty perhaps but I would.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 10-Dec-21 15:48:40

If her father’s 87 presumably she’s not exactly a spring chicken? So should know better.

Atqui Fri 10-Dec-21 16:05:34

Germanshepherd Ha! No she’s not a spring chicken! I can’t get over the fact that she won’t step down from her conspiracy theories for a few minutes , just to see her father. We are not going to visit her as although she says she loves him dearly , she won’t do it.I know of other people who have chosen not to have the vaccine .but at least they show respect for others by wearing a mask and doing LFTs when appropriate.

M0nica Fri 10-Dec-21 20:51:33

I think people like this lady act (and think) like they do because they are absolutely terrified of COVID and their lack of control (oddly enough). So their response is to deny it. There is no COVID there is no pandemic, there is np point in being vaccinated or tested - because they are terrified they do exist and they will get it.

It is like people who do not take disquieting symptoms to the doctor because they think they may have cancer, and are too scared to be rational and think that if it is cancer the sooner it is diagnosed the greater the chance of surviving it.

Sorry doesn't answer the problem, but people like this are the most difficult to shift because they are in total denial because their mind is gripped by fear.

Atqui Fri 10-Dec-21 22:13:44

Absolutely agree Monica