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My anti-vax brother in ICU with COVID pneumonia!

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MissingLincs Sat 11-Dec-21 13:46:08

For all those anti-vaxers out there, think yourself lucky you haven't caught COVID-19 yet and go and get double jabbed!
My brother took a PCR test on Monday when his vaccinated partner tested positive on a LFT.
The PCR tests for both of them came back positive on Tuesday and on Thursday my brother's breathing became bad and his partner rang the out of hours GP who sent an ambulance and was admitted to the high dependency ward.
Yesterday he was transferred to the ICU ward with a 25% lung capacity.
My brother ridiculed his partner when she went for her vaccinations and now she is in bits!
If you haven't had your vaccinations, book them now!

Whitewavemark2 Sat 11-Dec-21 13:48:52

Oh gosh, there are so many of those stories. I do hope he recovers.

Smileless2012 Sat 11-Dec-21 13:51:24

I hope your brother is OK MissingLincsflowers.

EllanVannin Sat 11-Dec-21 13:51:41

I'm so sorry to hear this but I'm not about to judge your brother either. I hope he comes through it all okay and I wish him well.
Nobody knows when or who the virus will strike as it's in the air.

AGAA4 Sat 11-Dec-21 13:53:57

I hope your brother gets well soon MissingLinks.
Now we have Omicron I think there will be more unvaccinated people in hospital.

welbeck Sat 11-Dec-21 14:19:51

sorry to hear this OP.
thanks for posting it, as a warning to others who are still resistant to common sense, and indeed the common good.
if i lived in a malaria prone area and had the choice of sleeping under a mosquito net with holes in it, or no net at all, i'd choose the net.

welbeck Sat 11-Dec-21 14:21:09

we wish your brother all the best OP.
at least the docs have learnt a lot about treatment since this time last year.

MissingLincs Sat 11-Dec-21 14:36:18

Thank you everyone.
I guess anti-vaxers will only become non anti-vaxers if they catch COVID. Hopefully it won't be too late!

Alegrias1 Sat 11-Dec-21 14:39:02

All the best to your brother MissingLincs. And to you and your brother's partner too. flowers

Pammie1 Sat 11-Dec-21 14:58:30

I’m so sorry to hear this OP. As other posters have said, much more is known about treatment now and having been treated in ICU myself I can tell you he will get the best of care. I wish him a speedy recovery. I had a really bad reaction to the first jab - I was so ill it made me think twice about having more, but I contracted Covid soon after the first vaccination and there was no comparison, so I echo your sentiment. ?

Lincslass Sat 11-Dec-21 17:19:35

I’m sorry to hear this, and I do hope he recovers , must be a hard time for you all?

Oldbat1 Sat 11-Dec-21 17:54:52

Hope he recovers. What a worry.

Namsnanny Sat 11-Dec-21 18:23:42

Add my wishes for your brothers recovery MissingLincs.

luluaugust Sat 11-Dec-21 18:31:25

So sorry hope he is better soon.

Opal Sat 11-Dec-21 18:52:43

My husband was also admitted to ICU with Covid, having had both vaccinations - so although vaccinations may prevent serious illness, they are no guarantee of avoiding it.

Opal Sat 11-Dec-21 18:55:40

Just to add, he has no underlying health conditions and was thought to be pretty fit for his age before he came down with it.

lemsip Sat 11-Dec-21 19:07:34

I see that victoria derbyshire has shared on twitter that her brother has covid;
Victoria Derbyshire reveals her triple-vaccinated brother has caught Covid after a Christmas meal with friends - with 17 out of 21 of them testing positive

ayse Sat 11-Dec-21 19:17:18

DD2 is anti Vax as I’ve said before, she’s had Covid and is still anti Vax. What can you do?

DD1 & 3 are both vaccinated as are DH and I. DD3’s friend double vexed and ended up in hospital. He’s still very unwell.

There seems no rhyme or reason as to who gets very sick.

missinglinks I too add my best wishes for your brother’s recovery.

FarNorth Sat 11-Dec-21 19:19:03

This is exactly what I AM doing and I'm sick of it.

It comes as the mutant strain is surging across Britain, with one expert warning today that people are 'very likely' to meet someone infected with the variant unless they are 'living the life of a hermit'.

sodapop Sat 11-Dec-21 19:36:03

Sorry to hear your brother is so unwell missinglincs I hope he makes a good recovery.

Calistemon Sat 11-Dec-21 20:17:36


I do hope your brother will recover, how frightening for you all.

However, double vaccinated people have been succumbing here too and hospitalised, which is extremely worrying.

I think we still have to be extremely careful even if fully vaccinated.

Audi10 Sat 11-Dec-21 20:35:47

Sorry to hear this missinglincs, I hope he makes a complete recovery! Sadly there are many that are very ill in hospital some unvaccinated others triple vaccinated, Covid is so unpredictable

EllanVannin Sat 11-Dec-21 20:50:42

It's not another good Christmas is it ?

Visgir1 Sat 11-Dec-21 21:07:24

Just read in the up dated version of The Times
Birthday Party held for a 60th total of 18 attended all, double vaccinated as a minimum they aged between 60-75 yrs.
Few days later 14 - 18 tested positive for new variant. They all had symptoms like a cold all OK after about 3 days.
Imagine if they weren't vaccinated?

Sarnia Sun 12-Dec-21 15:14:13

I wish your brother well and hopes that when he recovers he has a chat with other anti-vaxxers he knows and persuades them to get their jabs.