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Luckygirl3 Thu 23-Dec-21 09:43:44

I take a lateral flow test and send the result to the NHS. They send me a text telling me that my test is negative, I use that text to get into a venue that requires one.

But I could have been lying - I could have had a positive result or not even really done the test at all, just used the number on the test then binned it.

How is this keeping us safe?

Doodledog Thu 23-Dec-21 09:50:00

They do work on trust, I think. I have only thought of this in connection with safety in venues, but my daughter was telling me about someone she manages who used a well known brown fizzy drink on the cartridge to simulate a positive test (apparently it worked confused). Being slow on the uptake, I was still baffled by this, but it was so she could get time off work! She was caught, though, as you can't fiddle the PCR test, and when that came back negative the game was up.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 23-Dec-21 09:50:12

Which is why I am against Covid Passports they are easy to manipulate which renders them worthless.

annodomini Thu 23-Dec-21 10:44:25

I think it would be difficult to falsify the bar-coded NHS covid pass (not described as 'passport'). All venues should therefore have the capacity to read the bar-code. If not, I wouldn't regard them as at all safe.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 23-Dec-21 10:53:39


I think it would be difficult to falsify the bar-coded NHS covid pass (not described as 'passport'). All venues should therefore have the capacity to read the bar-code. If not, I wouldn't regard them as at all safe.

For the tech savvy nothing is impossible especially when there is money to be made…

MerylStreep Thu 23-Dec-21 10:57:59


Which is why I am against Covid Passports they are easy to manipulate which renders them worthless.

Absolutely. My grandson was telling me about his classmates fiddling the results so they could skip school.
Thousands of us have been aware of this so it has to be assumed that the powers that be know. Of course they do.

MerylStreep Thu 23-Dec-21 11:02:16

One of my step daughters is a computer programmer. Believe me, it’s possible.

Liz46 Thu 23-Dec-21 11:03:36

I was told about a group of lads who were doing something together. One of them tested negative so he did the test for all the others!

BigBertha1 Thu 23-Dec-21 11:07:01

I agree its so easy to bypass the system but I would think everyone is very aware of the various dodges.

Sparklefizz Thu 23-Dec-21 11:10:19

This is why the Boardmasters Festival at Newquay became a superspreading event. My granddaughter was there and she said that loads of people were borrowing each other's phones in order to get in.

5,000 people apparently caught Covid at the event including my granddaughter and her boyfriend who then spread it to her Mum and brother.

Visgir1 Thu 23-Dec-21 11:26:16

Why lie? Beyond me

Sparklefizz Thu 23-Dec-21 11:30:26

Because they would have been refused entry.

Luckygirl3 Thu 23-Dec-21 13:29:44

They fiddle the system Visgir1 and lie because they want to get into a venue that would be barred to them if their test was positive.

The whole system relies on trust; and, as we all know, there are lots of unscrupulous people around.

People who cheat like this; and people who do not get vaccinated are putting lives in danger and prolonging the pandemic.

JaneJudge Thu 23-Dec-21 13:35:44

Of course the system is open to abuse but why would anyone lie about being negative to access a visit to someone in a care home?

The fact some people may or will lie must have affected some of our own decisions regarding what we do or where we go too?

JaneJudge Thu 23-Dec-21 13:36:34

I'm sure my post makes sense. I think there must be a sliding scale of what people feel is the moral thing to do.

MiniMoon Thu 23-Dec-21 14:43:20

Ah, lateral flow tests.

I was wondering what a liver function test had to do with covid. confusedgrin.

BlueBelle Thu 23-Dec-21 15:19:18

A school teenager was coming back from holiday with her mother who knew the teen was positive so the mother gave the girl her negative test results then told the staff she’d lost her test so did it again and of course was negative

The daughter could have infected the whole plane for all we know
Completely no moral compass

LovelyLady Fri 24-Dec-21 11:10:45

My Father said to never trust anyone. Seems he was true.
Surely this could be classed as attempted murder. Or murder.
Anyone here with legal knowledge?

GreyKnitter Fri 24-Dec-21 12:03:46

Seems we all need to rely in trust and many people just aren’t trustworthy. Luckily the few people we see are - we’ve rejected visits from and to those who we don’t trust to be sticking g to the rules.

jocork Fri 24-Dec-21 12:24:56

Sadly too many selfish people who only care about themselves and what they want to do! I take lateral flows to protect the people I intend to see and hope that they do the same for me. If more people had followed the rules and advice maybe we'd be in a far better place by now. I've always wondered how the system of covid passports worked as I realised there is no evidence that a test has actually been done properly. Some of the above anecdotes simply confirm my worst fears! sad and angry

Caro57 Fri 24-Dec-21 12:49:32

Where has trust gone? No wonder the world is in such a state, not just with Covid

Alioop Fri 24-Dec-21 13:30:01

These people obviously only think of themselves, just selfish individuals who are maybe going around infecting others. I watched anti Covid passports protesters on the news here in N.Ireland last Saturday, no masks and all standing packed together. Now this week the positive Covid tests have rocketed, some people need to catch themselves on. You don't want the jab it's up to you, but to then ignore all the rest of the medical advise given is just ridiculous. Selfish bloomin idiots!

WoodLane7 Fri 24-Dec-21 13:52:18

Blimey, you can actually get hold if any LFTs????? Like gold dust here, none at all to be had!
Little wonder infection rates are going up because if you want to do the right thing and take a LFT before going out anywhere, you can’t. Your options then are sit inside indefinitely with no social contact, no ability to go out to get groceries etc or chance it and press ahead with plans with no LFT which I guess is what most of the population are doing

icanhandthemback Fri 24-Dec-21 14:25:31

There really is no hope for society if people dupe the system. The only way round it is for a complete lockdown or large event venues being shut for good and I can't think anybody really wants that.

4allweknow Fri 24-Dec-21 14:37:26

Some of those desperate to access venues and know or think they are positive use their friends to take a test in the hope it will be neg. Some take tests and never register them positive or negative. The system definitely relies on honesty. I read about a nightclubs that used a room so that customers could do a test to allow access.