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The Lockdown Gang - still chatting ?

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Doodle Wed 02-Feb-22 10:23:05

Can’t believe we’re starting another thread.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is welcome.

Panache Wed 02-Feb-22 11:33:27


A belated Happy New Year to you one and all.

Yes the prodigal has returned to say very warm greetings to you all,trusting each one is well with spirits high.

I did get through our big anniversary ,christmas and new year without being too dented.
However the new year started with an unpleasant start having resident after resident going down with covid.With the death of the first lady of course the rest of us were again "hibernating" in our individual flats.
However all six of the seven that contracted covid are now out and about so we are all breathing huge sighs of relief.

I have started this year with joining groups with zoom meetings and am feeling more myself back offering my services where needed.

I have lost touch with you but not forgotten you all,I may not be an avid follower just yet but certainly .....if allowed!!.......I shall pop in now and then.

So sending best wishes for health,happiness and keeping this site open,may it continue to thrive!!..........and bring much laughter,such a tonic at all times.

muse Wed 02-Feb-22 14:47:07

Oh what a lovely surprise Panache. Pop in and out as much as you want. Your uplifting post has been such a tonic to me. It is the second of two lovely post I have read today. My spirits are soaring high.

Sorry to hear how quickly covid spread through the flats and the death of your neighbour. Hibernation was essential.

I look forward to hearing all about those 'services' Panache. Take care

Thank you Doodle for starting the gang off again?

Grammaretto Wed 02-Feb-22 16:29:21

Hello! I found you. Thanks Doodle once more for keeping us going.
Great to see you Panache. I would love to know about your services too??
Glad you escaped the covid but sorry about your neighbour.
I am happy to hear you are getting out and about and joining things on zoom.

Mamissimo Wed 02-Feb-22 16:37:18

Happy New Year Panache ! How lovely to hear from you ?

I spent the morning unsewing part of my quilting project because I've been a walley and then pressing and re-sewing it --with my brain plugged in- with careful concentration. Looks better now that one row isn't in upside down ?

Then it was off to have my ears lowered. Lovely treat of a head massage so I'm zen.

So zen I can't string any more words together zzzzzz

Jan16 Wed 02-Feb-22 19:19:58

I found you too! First time I haven’t had to pm Doodle in a panic because I couldn’t find the new thread!
Lovely to hear from Panache but not so good about the poor people with Covid.
Took a photo this morning of the daffodils on our village green. Spring is coming!

CherryCezzy Wed 02-Feb-22 19:55:14

Wonderful to see you posting Panache. It's also great to know that you are joining groups. The LobStars have missed you (and so have I). I could hug you but I'm sending you a cwtch instead ?

I send my best wishes to you all and Doodle if you see Jeeves this evening remind him that he has these ? for you from me and a random ?for the gang.

Doodle Wed 02-Feb-22 19:55:58

Well what a fantastic start to our new thread.
Panache it’s wonderful to hear from you and such a positive post too.
Sorry so many neighbours went down with Covid and sadly one died. It is good that others have recovered.
Your zoom meetings and joining groups is a good move. I’m sure you have plenty of good advice to share.
If allowed, ….whatever do you mean…you are a founder member of our little gang and always more than welcome ?
So good to hear from you. Take care and hope we hear from you again soon.
Muse it is good to hear from Panache isn’t it.
You sound in good spirits too. Hope all is progressing with your build. I am very much looking forward to a virtual housewarming.
Grammaretto I hope your plumber came back to sort out your leak. A Tupperware bowl is not the normal solution ?
Glad the gas is ok. Did your tenants visit? I do hope so. Hope you had a nice lunch with your friend.
Boadicea that burial plot sounds lovely. It reminds me of those we saw in Switzerland. All beautifully tended and in such wonderful settings overlooking the mountains and valleys. Such still and cool air. Beautiful places to just sit and ponder.
Mamissimo oh I have done the same too. It’s so easy to get lost in the pattern isn’t it.
I love a head massage. So relaxing. Wish I could have one every day.
Well done on finding us Jan.
Those are the first daffs I have seen this year. I expect ours will be out soon. I love their little sunny faces.
Thanks for the reminder this morning Kaimoana. It meant I was able to pop in quickly and set up the new thread and then post what it was before closing the last one.
Hope your friendly chap will sort out proper care for you in future.
Well Cherry, if you’re reading, we have another thread. What do you think of that. No idea it would go on so long when we first started. You are still missed so don’t think we’ve forgotten you.
Had a really busy day today. Residents board meeting, home for a quick lunch then off to have the car cleaned. Then garage to put air in the tyres then a quick trip to Waitrose to stock up on some essentials and…….a lovely curry for tonight’s dinner. Couldn’t resist and it was delicious.
I’m not sure who it was but I think one of the Gangsters used to say they enjoyed watching Escape to the Country. Was it you Grammaretto? Anyway, just wanted to say there is a new series on BBC I think titled I escaped to the Country and it’s about the people featured in the programmes who have now bought their much desired country retreats. Just the sort of viewing for someone like me who loves looking round other peoples homes.
Jeeves has sorted out his new kitchen and will be round later with his usual nighttime beverage to ensure a good night for all. ?

Kaimoana Wed 02-Feb-22 21:06:20

Jeeves, could you make mine a long, cool lemonade please? You'll find lemons in the fridge.

How lovely to see you Panache - it brought a big smile to my face to see your post. Sad about your neighbour though. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

Another smile at the upside-down line of patches, a sadly familiar story but fortunately easy to put right.

Cherry thank you for the random flamingo, I'm sure it'll come in useful grin Glad, as always, to see you here xxx flowers

It must be so hard for any workperson with a bad back Grammaretto - the pain can be completely disabling. I found great relief by using a TENS machine; it allowed me to work as almost normal.

Those daffodils look so cheerful Jan they lifted my heart, such jolly flowers.

I finally got the replacement for my Monday homecare, a very nice, quiet lady from the Congo. She's completely alone in NZ but has lots of family in UK, however she's been unable to get permission to join them. sad

I may get my booster today if I'm brave enough.

NfkDumpling Thu 03-Feb-22 07:59:13

Good morning Panache and Everybody!

I had to go to the Active thread last evening to find you, and then got sidetracked by other threads, only to find you'd dropped off the bottom (so to speak) and nowhere to be found! But this morning here you all are! And a flamingo too! Love those birds - they're just so, wrong.

We went to Titchwell a few days ago. A wonderful blue sky day - and just as we were leaving a chap came hurrying up the path shouting Sea Eagle! And there, drifting over the trees towards us in lazy circles was the White Tailed Sea Eagle that Chris Packham hadn't seen on Winterwatch! And we were both so gob-smacked that neither of us thought to take a photo! I hate the word gob-smacked but sometimes its just the right one!

That bloomin' family tree is all absorbing. I've nearly finished sorting and getting sidetracked and checking and scrawling on a sheet of card and have sent for a ten generation chart. It can't do more than ten generations as few people can write that small. Its going to be a challenge filling it in. I've found a couple of skelingtons back with the 3x great grandmothers having affairs. One resulted in my 2x great grandfather.

And now DD2 has given me a jigsaw. An ordnance survey map of Norwich and its environs. I've done the rivers!

Have a lovely day everyone. I'm off to have a reflexology session with a friend and she's good. I shall be all zen like Mammissimo.

Mamissimo Thu 03-Feb-22 10:00:10

Good morning ?

Todays unwanted challenge is that DD2 has covid because she has teach groups of over 30 non mask wearing adolescents at a time despite being double jabbed and boosted. She seems reasonably perky and will teach from home.

Mr M has come down in smart clothes this morning because he is meeting the new GP face to face for the first time. He's very polished! actually I'm a bit miffed because he doesn't do that to take me out to lunch

We have had much hilarity this morning over the postmen who found a box of brownies with no delivery address. After a month (!) they couldn't resist any longer and ate by one they had to be rescued and picked up ? DS said that the postman who ate four would have been hearing colours. We have named him Postman Pot. I really hope the bosses don't make them suffer over this!

I have a riveting choice of tasks today.....laundry, food ordering or sorting stuff....I think I'll do the food and stuff myself

Doodle Thu 03-Feb-22 19:17:01

Kaimoana I’m glad the homecare for Monday has been sorted and your new lady seems ok. How sad for her to be all alone in the country. I hope she is a big help to you. I expect t she will enjoy your company. Hope you got the booster.
Nfk you should have sent up a distress flare and I would have sent Jeeves out to find you. Yes, here we are, yet another thread. Glad you found us,
How lovely to see the sea eagle. Sometimes it’s better to just get the pleasure of looking at something without losing precious moments trying to take a photo.
Oooh I think a bit of a scandal makes the family trees more interesting. 10 generations seems quite a lot.
Do you fill the chart in by hand or can you get it printed?
I just had one of my bizarre thoughts. I just had a vision of you travelling round Norwich and getting lost. I could then picture you saying, hold on a minute I’ll get the map out and then sitting by the side of the road and completing your jigsaw grin
Enjoy your reflexology. (and that made me think of Maureen Lipman and …….an ology……you’ve got an ology grin )
Mamissimo sorry about your DD. Good she’s not feeling too bad. Hopefully it will not affect her much.
I can just visualise MrM dressed up for the GP. I’m sure he/she will be very impressed.
Oh yes, I read that about the postmen and the hash brownies.
Having them just sitting there would be tempting. I thought Postman Pot was inspired. ?
I seem to have made a mistake in my Waitrose order today. I did chop and change it round a bit but half the things I as expecting didn’t turn up. I have two tubs of special soup that I was going to use to make a big slow cooker chicken dish (I forgot the chicken) . I was going to batch make some cakes to use up some eggs going out of date ( forgot the flour) . Bought a tub of coleslaw for the salad we were going to have (forgot the lettuce) so all in all not doing very well. In the end, I had to walk into town to buy the missing ingredients so I am only now baking my cakes. Unfortunately (or unwisely) I have only one loaf tin so am baking the cakes one at a time. I may be late going to bed tonight. ?.
Have a good night all

BoadiceaJones Thu 03-Feb-22 19:33:06

Good news from Aotearoa - finally, the borders are opening up. All those poor people stuck and unable to return home. Not sure just how much people can be trusted to isolate at home rather than in an MIQ facility, but there really was no other option, I guess. Omicron has become widespread in the Far North, and yesterday, I even had to cancel the French group because of the anxiety about the spread among those who haven't yet had their booster (well done, BTW, Kaimoana!) One of my good friends from the group phoned me to say she had to isolate, having been in a location of interest at just the wrong time. She sounded very sniffly and chesty, so I really hope all is well with her.
Now thinking of booking to Adelaide in time for little Freddie's 2nd birthday...I've seen him only once since his birth. Let's hope the gamble pays off.

Grammaretto Thu 03-Feb-22 20:56:23

It is good news about the borders being relaxed somewhat BJ and some people will at last be able to get home and others visit their loved ones. I hope you get to see little Freddie.
I daren't hope that DS will get to visit his old mum.

I'm feeling past my sell-by today. This house saga is getting me down and after the long walk today I am aching all over.
I hope that the electrician doesn't come now as he is wont to do.

I was at the family history group on zoom today and all the speakers were so fascinating and fascinated. I can quite see how you get pulled in NfkD
I was also at my Gaelic class but the less said about that the better. I have lost my camera on zoom and cannot work out how to get it back.

Marvellous to see a Sea Eagle too.
Your shopping amused me Doodle . sorry if it shouldn't I wonder if you are still up baking cakes?
I would be hopeless at online shopping.
I shop about 3 times a day week. I bought 2 rolls in Lidl this morning for my picnic . There must have been a spillage so a cone was placed in the aisle with a warning notice. The woman in front of me tripped over the cone! Luckily she wasn't hurt.

MrMamissimo all dressed up to see the doctor. smile
I hope Miss Mamissimo is feeling better. That's so rotten to get covid.
I would like hot choc please Jeeves - soon. Thanks.

Kaimoana Thu 03-Feb-22 22:21:00

Oh my goodness, Alice B. Toklas brownies! What a hoot.

Nfk that's very special, a Sea Eagle sighting. We saw some when sailing to Vancouver Island but that area is well known for them. Beautiful, graceful birds.

Oh Grammaretto can't you take a break and come to NZ? It seems you're worn down and worn out and need a lovely, long holiday.

About an hour ago, there was a gigantic BANG and all electricity went off. I took advantage of the time to have breakfast and listen to a e-Audio book.
By the time my cereal and banana was finished, there was light again.

Sadly, I didn't get my booster. It took so long on the official Helpline to fill in all the forms (one about me, one about transport) that by the time it was over, so was the booster session up the road. hmm

The poor woman doing this kept apologising but it wasn't her fault, we just got trapped in a maze of red tape. Ridiculous. angry So who knows when I'll get the next opportunity?

Doodle Thu 03-Feb-22 22:51:44

All cakes finished and cooling and they look good even if I say so myself. DH is drooling and can’t wait for them to cool down. The boiled fruit cake is my one baking success. ?
Boadicea so sorry you haven’t seen little Freddie for such a long time. I do hope you get to see him soon.
I hope your French group don’t come down with Covid but wise to cancel the meeting.
Grammaretto you do sound a little low today. Not surprised when you are having to cope with all the house problems on your own. Did your tennants turn up?
I’m normally very good at online shopping but my mind was obviously all over the place this week. Still the walk into town probably did me good. Sorry the Gaelic didn’t go quite to plan.
Perhaps I should get Jeeves to put a little something in your hot chocolate to ensure a good nights sleep……..I wonder if he’s got any brownies anywhere? ?
Kaimoana that must have been a bit of a shock. I’m glad your power has been restored. I wonder what the problem was.
How ridiculous to miss the opportunity of a booster through all the paperwork. I hope all the time spent filling in the forms isn’t wasted and they’ve booked you in for the next session.
Sent a long letter to our GP today about DH and his restless leg (body) syndrome. Hope she gets to read it soon and come back to us with something helpful ….before my carpet wears out, ?
Wishing a peaceful night to you all…..or day .

BoadiceaJones Thu 03-Feb-22 23:29:21

Kaimoana What you need to do is to get yourself up here, toot sweet, and visit Te Runanga o Whaingaroa. Our lovely friend "M" (not her real name/initial) has the amazing ability to so, so sweetly and gently "bully" (in the nicest possible way) people to get boosted. Doesn't matter that you're not in the area - if you need/want it, you get it.

And Grammaretto, now that the borders will soon be open, I echo Kaimoana's suggestion - get on a plane and come to NZ for a break. As you know, it seems daunting, but it's just like taking a long bus ride.

Nfk How lucky are you seeing a sea eagle! Next time we're in the UK, I'm going to put in an order for sea eagles. Britain has such beautiful wildlife, doesn't it. Once we were tootling around Scotland in our little car, and found an amazing tree-clad Iron Age fort above the Solway Firth, in Dumfries. We staggered climbed to the top, and as we rounded a curve, there were two tiny baby badgers out playing in the sunshine. Just the sweetest little things imaginable.

On the subject of family history, on going through boxes of things yesterday, rather than chattering in French, I came across two interesting relics. One is a photo from the 1920s of my paternal grandmother, complete with her bullock team. Yes, she was a lady bullocky! She had 8 magnificent beasts, with absolutely massive curving horns, that she trained herself, and used to drag 20,000 year old kauri logs out of the swamps. She loved those huge, gentle, patient beasts, and always took us as children to see them working on the local Working History days. Bread and golden syrup was always served as a treat to us as kids - known as "Bullockies' Joy", it was the standard, high-calorie food consumed by the hard-working men.
The other item was my grandfather's speeding ticket. Yes, my paternal ancestor was a boy racer! He was fined 5/- in 1908, for '"driving his (horse) team across the Waikato river bridge at faster than walking pace". The shame, the shame!

Well, another bank holiday weekend coming up, so getting in a few supplies before the holiday makers arrive seems a sensible move. It's also very hot and very humid again. I've done my stint in the garden this morning, so this afternoon, it's reading, and just maybe, a nana-nap.

Grammaretto Fri 04-Feb-22 12:55:32

Hello lovely Lob-stars,

I would love to come out to NZ and will eventually but it looks like DS will come here this year so I am smiling again smile
I hope you get your booster soon Kaimoana . Ridiculous red tape!

3 nice things: The yoga teacher adapted her class today to suit me ( and anyone whose hips are causing probs)
I unexpectedly received £50 of rail vouchers after that awful journey before Christmas.
The sun is shining.

Amazing what your ancestors were up to BJ. and so good that you still have the evidence. Did you meet these people?

The tenants turned up Doodle and seem very nice. I joked that they might be sharing with me if my kitchen isn't ready.
Reminds me I still have to buy paint and order door knobs and find a suitable tenancy agreement to print out, oh and and etc etc

Your cakes sound delicious. It must be lunchtime.

muse Fri 04-Feb-22 18:32:20

Hello Lob-Stars ?
Friday evening and almost time for a G+T. I shall relax after a busy but productive day. Glorious weather meant I should have been gardening but the washing came first. There was a good wind blowing too. Dry in a flash. Off I then went to collect various orders for MrMuse who's tackling some of the plumbing for the new house. The 'official' plumber can't get to us till March. A delivery of tile samples arrived whilst I was out. This is the 4th lot. However, on the way home I decided to drop into a tile shop and look at some of the displays and came out with a smile massive beam on my face. We've yet to see them against the kitchen unit door and worktop samples, and the white walls but I have my fingers crossed.

Had a delayed start today though as Mya has been foraging again. She must have sneaked off whilst I was gardening yesterday. From what I had to clean up this morning, it definitely didn't agree with her.

Good news about the care Kaimoana. Do they stay very long? I was wondering if you get chance to chat. Do you know what caused the gigantic BANG and momentary loss of power? That was a b...... about the booster.

Good to see you CherryCezzy. I love the flamingo and wonder if it wandered in from the Good Morning Thread. This lovely bird has a special meaning on that thread.?

Our daffodils are struggling Jan16 so it's lovely to see that photograph. I'm in Cornwall but quite low down in a frost pocket. No sign of crocuses yet either!

Are you still in the zen NfkDumpling. I'd love to try that especially after a day's gardening. How amazing to see the Sea Eagle and I agree with Doodle, the moment could have been lost in the search for a phone or camera. It won't be long before I spend far too long looking at a pair of buzzards we have here. They have to fight for the air space with jackdaws. They stand their ground though.

We had to laugh too about the postmen and the brownies Mamissimo.

BoadiceaJones, MrMuse took me by surprise the other day?. I said we could watch the new ITV programme Griff's Great New Zealand Adventure. "Wouldn't it be lovely to live there?" said he. I've shown him the photos of Whangaroa Harbour that Kaimoana posted. Then we looked for it on Google Maps. I wonder if Grammaretto will get to NZ before us? Is it ever too old to immigrate I wonder? ?

You have a very thoughtful yoga teacher Grammaretto. My Pilates teacher is the same. I think there are now possibly 6 of the 12 of us that have replacement joints and few awaiting operations due hip and knee problems.

Hello Doodle. I follow you around on GN somedays. Glad to see you a fan of Wordle and Nerdle. Nerdle's my favourite and it really gets the little grey cells working.

It was a very angry sky tonight and the sunset was battling against the rain clouds. There was just time to get the phone out !

Now it is G+T time. Take care friends.

Doodle Fri 04-Feb-22 19:45:23

Busy day here. Did my batch slow cook chicken and made 6 meals for the two of us from it. What with cleaning the slow cooker after and dividing up the contents reasonably equally, it took quite a long time. Also did the ironing and relaid some carpet. Quite worn out now but DH has sampled the chicken and said he likes it, so pleased….otherwise I don’t know what I’d do with the remaining 5 meals ?
Boadicea sounds like your friend M is a force to be reckoned with and a good friend too.
I wish Grammaretto could come for a visit too. I’m sure it would be lovely.
Your grandmother sounds a formidable lady. With her own team of bullocks. Wow what an amazing piece of history to have. A speeding ticket. It must be lovely to have such items in your possession. Something quite unique.
My grandmother was a very upright lady. Beautifully turned out and quite regal in stature (think a thinner version of Queen Victoria) she was however, not above sorting out anyone who upset one of her family as the local headmaster soon found out to his cost.
Hope you enjoyed a peaceful afternoon and had a good read….till you nodded off. ?
Grammaretto so pleased your son is coming over this year. Luckily for me, mine don’t live far away. I can’t imagine how hard it is to have your son so far away.
The rebate for the rail journey is a nice surprise. Your yoga teacher sounds like a nice lady.
I’m so glad the tenants turned up and you like them. I can’t imagine how awkward it would be to live in the same place as someone you don’t get on with. Any idea when they might be moving in?
Muse lovely photos. That sky looks like one we had here yesterday. Beautiful.
Sounds like a lucky find with the tiles. Sometimes it just works out like that. When we were having our bathrooms done, we walked into a tile showroom straight up to a tile display and said that’s the one. Both of us liked them and still do.
Oh dear. Poor Mya. That doesn’t sound nice.
Yes muse I spot you in different places too. Being hopeless at maths I didn’t think I’d cope with Nerdle but I really enjoy it.
Hope all have a good weekend. It’s my youngest 16 birthday. Where did the time go. ?

Kaimoana Sat 05-Feb-22 03:18:17

Congratulations to your DGC on their 16th - a milestone birthday.
I always clean my slow cooker by putting hot water, washing up liquid and/or baking soda in it, and leaving it on high for 30 mins to more or less clean itself.

When I lived out in the rural farm cottage, my landlords, also my friends as I took care of their children, asked me to paint tiles with all their pets featured.

Gosh muse I thought that was a bushfire but it's a spectacular sky. Glad you captured it. smile

It's funny Mrmuse thinks it would be great to live here because when I lived in Cornwall, I knew that if I wasn't allowed back to NZ (law changes) I'd be more than happy to stay in Kernow. I have many happy memories and it's no leass beautiful than Aotearoa.

Grammaretto I'm glad your DS is flying over, that's something to look forward to, will you come back with him?
Pity I live so far from the Windy City, it would have been fun to meet up smile

I'm still planning to go up North and bother meet BJ but it all hangs on when my grand-daughter has time to drive me. She lives 2+ hours from me in Tauranga on the east coast, BJ lives 3+ hours North of here, so as we'll need frequent breaks, it's not going to be a day trip. grin

What's wrong with this sentence, 'One of the nomads passed me a cup of yak's milk.' ?

Answers on a postcard.....grin

Kaimoana Sat 05-Feb-22 03:19:49

The Lilies my Dgs gave me for my birthday

Grammaretto Sat 05-Feb-22 09:01:57

Hello everyone,

The orchids are gorgeous Kaimoana I must have missed the post about the 16th birthday. Whose was it?

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating.

Jason (the electrician) arrived after dark last night and emptied the contents of his van (my kitchen units) into the sitting room.
He can't come back today but possibly Sunday. Who knows. Am I bovvered?
I asked him if it would be finished before the tenants move in to this part and he said he would try.
He had to attend an emergency yesterday, down at the docks in Leith.

Kaimoana I hope you do visit Boadicea . We will naturally want a full account. smile

DS is not definitely coming here. It is just a possibility. I must post a parcel to NZ for DGS birthday. He'll be 10.

I have started doing wordle too Doodle. I send my results to DD late at night. I got it in 3 today.

Could we invent a doodle game? joining the dots or something like that, or I spy. grin We could then sell the product for £££££ I feel miffed that we played wordle as a car game ever since I was a child

Doodle Sat 05-Feb-22 11:49:24

Kaimoana I do fill my slow cooker with hot water and washing up liquid and let it soak for a while. I must admit I never thought of putting it on heat for a while. I will try that next time.
We enjoyed our chicken dinner it was very tender and tasty.
The rest is all bagged up and in the freezer.
Been invited over tomorrow for tea and birthday cake. Be lovely to see them all.
I should know by now, not to be amazed at your wonderful and varied talents but now another….painting. What a lovely idea to paint tiles with peoples pets on.
A trip to meet up with Baodicea would be great. Be a nice trip with your DGD too.
Those lilies are beautiful. They last a long time too. What a thoughtful young man he is.
Grammaretto it is my DGDs 16th tomorrow. She’s our youngest and I can’t believe how time has flown by.
Your kitchen is becoming a bit of a saga isn’t it. All the contents of a kitchen but not in the right place and not working. Hope you’ve got room to move around with all those units in your room.
I do hope your son does come over or you get to visit him.
I did Wordle in 3 today too. Have you tried Nerdle yet. There is a 6 square and 8 square version. I thought I would be hopeless at it but I’m doing ok so far.
Just think of the milllions you missed by not patenting your Wordle.
I remember playing I spy with my children too. Now how can we turn it into a money making venture, any internet whizzes in our gang ?

Mamissimo Sat 05-Feb-22 12:42:06

Good afternoon ?

Woman down here after having my 4th jab yesterday....but I know I'll feel better soon. DD2 is coughing baring up well with her covid but managed to teach a complete day on line. I told her off because she's I'll.....she replied that it's just covid ☹️

On Monday Mr M is going to finish sorting DS' loft and I will have a whole day all to myself. The supreme luxury of this overwhelms me. The choices it presents are simply too much....but there will be something exotic for lunch....but I can't decide what! Mr M I insists on nursery food for lunch

Reading this back confirms that I am officially rubbish today!

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