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The Lockdown Gang - still chatting ?

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Doodle Wed 02-Feb-22 10:23:05

Can’t believe we’re starting another thread.
Although many of us have been chatting since the start of lockdown, we’ve been lucky to welcome others who have joined in more recently.
Anyone who wants to pop in for a chat is welcome.

Grammaretto Sat 23-Jul-22 17:27:26

Doodle Is that an iceberg? Gosh don't fall overboard please!
I am glad you are having an amazing time.
Some of us are going to a concert tonight. Should be lovely. It's Mozart and Haydn with a cello solo.
I'd better get ready.

Doodle Sat 23-Jul-22 19:31:18

It is indeed and one of the smaller ones we’ve seen. Those even smaller are called bergy bits and range from a few inches to a few feet wide. The need to be bigger to be called a berg.
Can’t tell you how beautiful it is here and so still. Home is still the best place though ?

Doodle Sat 23-Jul-22 19:32:07

Forgot to say I hope you enjoy your concert ?

Doodle Sat 23-Jul-22 19:42:34

This is the same iceberg with a boat passing in front to give you an idea of scale

Jan16 Sat 23-Jul-22 20:46:50

Doodle Gosh that’s a big iceberg. The ones we saw in Alaska were much smaller. Hope you are enjoying your cruise.
Hope Grammaretto enjoys the concert.
We are in a very basic hotel near Winchester. Left home this morning to call on some friends in Winchester and had a brilliant journey. Left our friends to travel for an overnight stay before sailing from Southampton tomorrow. That’s when the trouble started! The Satnav took us to the wrong hotel simply because DH had put the wrong postcode in. However obviously a bad fairy came along and changed the postcode as DH would never put the wrong one in! Mmmmmm. So the right hotel was 35 miles down the motorway! Of course it would also help if DH actually took notice of the Satnav instead of going on his own merry - or not so merry! - way! To say the air was blue when we got her is an understatement!
However we now have a glass of wine each served in a plastic bathroom mug - don’t squeeze the sides or it will to all over you! - and things are looking up!
All we need to do tomorrow is travel down yet another motorway - we don’t have motorways in Norfolk! - and find the ship!!!

Kaimoana2 Sun 24-Jul-22 01:48:01

Jan your DH sounds very much like my DH - he would NOT ask directions nor listen to his map-reading wife as we went round and round towns, council estates and those mazes which are rural village lanes grin

'Bergy bits' Doodle - cute smile glad you are having a fine time.

Enjoy your concert Grammaretto - did I mention I am going to the ballet on August 13th? Special performance for vision impaired.
Dil and dgs are taking me.

I had a nice surprise yesterday: the substitute homecare was a man. He's only been in NZ 4 years and working for VW 2 of them. He is the cook at home (his wife is a nurse) so prepared all the vegetables beautifully.
My bed was changed to perfection and when I signed his time sheet I wrote, "Send Super Sam anytime smile" which made him laugh.

He says, 'New Zealand is a pretty place to bring up children' - which he and his wife hope to do soon.

I am quite cheered by the whole encounter and if VW incompetence is the price to pay for meeting such a charming and efficient chap, I'll tolerate it grin

Grammaretto Sun 24-Jul-22 09:27:21

How really nice to be looked after by such a good substitute:Kaimoana just as you were despairing of ever getting any help at all.
Maybe there is a God after all as my mum used to say

I did so enjoy the concert last night. It was extra nice because DS, DGS and DGD were there too along with my Frenchman who is a cellist and we all loved it. The Russian conductor is superb!
You certainly had a scenic tour of South Britain Jan I hope you found your ship?

Once, despite satnav, we ended up in a horse's field whilst looking for a landmark trust property somewhere in Derbyshire. Not even the locals had heard of it and it had been there for at least 300 years!
How cute your berglets are Doodle and what adventures you are having.
We seem to have said goodbye to our heatwave now. I hope the boiler gets installed before winter!
I hope BJ is recovering?

BoadiceaJones Sun 24-Jul-22 09:30:49

Emerged momentarily from a miasma of aching limbs and feverish chills …still alive and kicking weakly. What an awful bug…Lord knows what must be like without vaxxing. My lovely daughter is a wonderful nurse…poor girl.

Grammaretto Sun 24-Jul-22 11:08:29

I don't like the sound of the covid illness at all BJ but I am glad that DD is caring for you. It wasn't meant to be like this though was it.
Take the paracetamol and keep hydrated.

Mamissimo Sun 24-Jul-22 17:13:44

Good afternoon ?

We've had a lovely family weekend as so many of the expats were around for their fathers' memorial services. Both my BIL's would have enjoyed themselves immensely so I think the services and gatherings were just what was needed.

Somewhat foolishly I invited a large contingent to come and eat my lettuce glut a bbq lunch today and have just discovered that the dishwasher has died. Mr M and I will be on kitchen duties till bedtime I think!

Trusty 'Which' has pointed me in the right direction and a nice new one will be installed on Thursday. We'd already replaced many bits on the old one and it's time had definitely come. It could have hung on till tomorrow though!

Bon Voyage Jan - the worst part of the trip should be behind you now ?

BJ what an awful bind for you! The silver lining is that once you've had Covid some of the fear goes away and it's a relief.

I hope we all have a positive and peaceful week !

Kaimoana2 Mon 25-Jul-22 04:44:16

Your family weekend sounds lovely Mamissimo - did they all take lettuce home in Lucky Bags?

Oh BJ what a shame but wonderful you have such a good nurse.

You will never guess!

Oh the irony grin.

As a result of my complimenting Sam the support worker and telling the other regular ladies I honestly couldn't lead an independent life without their help, I'm now to be interviewed by VW's marketing team and perhaps have my face on a brochure promoting their services to a wider public. shock

When they phoned today, Karen had told me, not 10 minutes before, that she doubted they even read compliments and certainly she'd never received any positive feedback from the office, even though several clients had told her they'd praised her.

So now I'm collecting fleas with the sole purpose of planting them very firmly in the ear of the marketer. smile

NfkDumpling Mon 25-Jul-22 06:54:54

Morning All

I just typed in a big catch up - and lost it all! Now, what was I saying? No idea.

I've caught up reading of all your adventures and admired Doodles photogenic berg and it sounds as if everyone is having quite a successful time - except for poor BJ. My DD2 and family are just recovering from a bout of Covid and were all quite ill. We should have seen them the weekend weekend before last but because DSiL was feeling a little rough they cancelled. Another near miss! I'm really afraid our near misses are running out and we must catch it eventually. I had my last booster last October and can't get another as I'm not 75 until November. Hopefully I'll be high on the list when the new rules come in in September. I'm really worried about DH catching it as he's not making any progress. His last blood test came back showing anaemia - and then, last Saturday he got a letter from Papworth including a list of the medication he should be on which included iron tablets. The letter was dated 28th May! He's not been having iron at all. It's not on the list the GP gave him! So he's sneakily started taking it. Hopefully it'll help as he can't walk anywhere at the moment without being all breathless and giddy and hasn't any will to do so. Just wants to sleep.

We've got a man coming this morning to measure up for blinds in the ex-conservatory. I hope he can think of something different to the double pleated ones suggested so far. We've just got two odd shaped sky lights and they're fly traps. The spiders love them and build webs every night. Cleaning will be a challenge!

And it rained last night! Proper rain by the looks of it. The first proper rain we've had since May! Hopefully this will bring the heat down a bit. We've got to drive to Papworth on Friday, at least two hours away, and the air con in the car isn't working! Soo, this morning I'm also ringing the garage which fixed it after the accident to see if they fixed the air con unit!

Have a lovely day Everyone and happy cruising!

Kaimoana2 Mon 25-Jul-22 21:40:34

Nfk what a sad time you're having. It's awful when one thing after another piles up like this and so infuriating to write a catch up then lose it.

I do hope the drive to Papworth isn't on a really hot day so that open windows can keep you cool. Your poor DH is really going through the mill isn't he?

I don't wonder you're worried about catching The Bug, and hope you can steer clear until your booster.

Here's a bouquet to cheer you up.

I believe there is something you can spray or wash onto blinds fabric which stops all manner of insect life going near it.

Let us know how it all goes when you recover from the drive.

Grammaretto Tue 26-Jul-22 18:02:50

Hello lovely Lobstars,

I hope your Papworth trip went OK NfkD with DH and that something can be done to help him. A shame the docs were not on the mark earlier.
I wonder if the blinds came? I am enjoying my blackout blinds and slept until 8am.

I was amused to hear you are to be a poster girl for the agency Kaimoana that's hilarious in the circumstances.

I am still awaiting the paint! 2 apologies now so I won't have to pay for delivery but I would like a delivery.

I was at a funeral today for a dear old friend. It wasn't really sad and we were to wear bright clothes. Her DC have been caring for her in her declining years and now deserve a holiday.

I had an unexpected visit from the small DGC yesterday. They painted their pottery and picked vegetables and fruit.

Frenchman is still here but I haven't seen much of him. He has many friends in town and loves to run. I may persuade him to cook tonight.

Kaimoana2 Tue 26-Jul-22 21:59:31

A nice mixed bag of Life for you Grammaretto and an especially happy visit from the we'anes.

Haven't seen mine for some time now, since the broken holiday for me and Dgs.

I'm told he's off to New Caledonia on a 10 day school trip in September.

My school trip, it was a day-return, was to Knaresborough, all of 22 miles from home. grin
I still remember it with fondness. Especially interesting to my 13 year old self, when chemistry and physics weren't even taught at my school, was how the fabric at the Dropping Well
calcified bootees, hats and hankies.

Oh, that reminds me - the other day I was with a young person of 11 and lamented the fact that I'd forgotten my handkerchief.
'What's a handkerchief?' she asked.

shock grin

This picture made me laugh and recalls the days when nuclear war seemed just around the corner and we were advised to stand under a door frame or crouch under a table to avoid the worst effects of the nuclear blast and fallout.

Doodle Tue 26-Jul-22 22:25:13

Hello all. Flying visit (sailing visit) internet very bad at the moment as we are very much all at sea.
Jan hope you are in Norway now and having a great time.
Kainmoana I like the sound of your homecare man. Just the sort of person you need to be doing the job. Hope you sort out the VW people and tell them how to do a good job in looking after others. It needs someone like you to tell them how it is.
What a beautiful bouquet,
Grammaretto your concert sounds a really good night out for all the family…..and passing Frenchmen. ? Have you had any response from the boiler people yet re your 25 sheet form?
Glad you had a lovely visit from the little ones. Please tell us what delights your Frenchman concocted for dinner.
Boadicea I am so sorry you are feeling so bad, it sounds dreadful. I’m glad you have a lovely nurse but sincerely hope you feel much better soon.
Mamissimoso pleased your family weekend went well with remembrances of both BILs. Isn’t it always the way with appliances failing when they are needed. Hope the new dishwasher (it’s not MrM is it? ) works well. If I were home, I would help with the abundance of lettuce as I love salads.
NFK So annoying when you lose a long post.
Sorry your DH hasn’t been having the right medication. It is a worry but I hope things settle down soon. Your DH has had major surgery really and sometimes things take a while to recover from. DH was quite weak for a long time after his bypass but went in in time to recover much better strength and the ability to walk and climb stairs well. It just takes a while. Years ago patients used to go on ‘convalescents’ to the seaside or somewhere to recover. I would image the iron, or lack of, would play a big part in your DHs tiredness. My DH is having problems recently with lack of energy and inability to climb stairs or walk far. His iron levels are ok but apparently, according to the consultant, not high enough. Our catch 22 situation is that he needs iron to build him up but because of the blood cancer can’t have it. Back to the medics to work that one out,
Please take care of yourself. It takes a lot out of you caring for a loved one who isn’t 100%. Hope things improve for you both soon and Papworth can provide some good advice.
Take care all. We are homeward bound now.

Mamissimo Wed 27-Jul-22 10:54:34

Good morning ?

Mr M has booked himself a trip away with DD2 for ten whole days and nights. What bliss! I will eat coriander and risottos and running beans exotic things like Eccles Cakes. I will watch improving documentaries about the war junk TV. I will get up early and go to bed and read for as long as I like. I have a week or so to wait before they leave so I shall not make a plan to fill my time.

I'll miss him really. ?

He's off to that chain that sell deaf people glasses this morning and he's spoiling for a fight. He r3cently had two new pairs of varifocal glasses made and he can't see safely out of one pair. The far away bit is too close to the near bit and he keeps tripping up.

He went back with them straight away and was told to move his head more. Mr M is a gentleman so he nodded sweetly and came home to swear at me. I've sent him back because it's ridiculous and I can't keep picking him up!

Then this afternoon we have my car in the garage to have its wing mirrors replaced. They have an electrical fault and keep turning in and out at random moments. They asked me to video it happening and to include the car registration plate in the's my car, that I drive....and it happens when I'm like Mr M I nodded sweetly and came home to post on Twitter, which is my kind of swearing!

It will be an interesting day!

Kaimoana2 Wed 27-Jul-22 21:32:37

Mamissimo if it wasn't a direct violation of your rights, I'd go through GN and collect your posts.

I'm convinced a publisher would jump at the chance to bring, 'Running Beans and Fallen Men' to the wider public.

Grammaretto Wed 27-Jul-22 22:22:01

Your life is very entertaining Mamissimo
Sorry if it's not intended to be but your stories have me rolling in the aisles.grin

Ahoy there Doodle!! Nice to hear from you.

I remember those convalescent homes. My Mum had 2 weeks in Margate while she recovered from back surgery. She loved it.

Is Jeeves about? I could do with a hot drink. It isn't warm anymore and I haven't heard if my Letter re boiler was received. I do hope I have a working boiler before winter.

Kaimoana2 Thu 28-Jul-22 07:57:21

Grammaretto You have aisles??!! shock

Exciting day for me at an all-day photo-shoot - more details later.

Grammaretto Thu 28-Jul-22 08:07:48

Ooh! Kaimoana tell us more smile

Doodle Thu 28-Jul-22 10:13:15

Mamissimo of course you will miss him but I see you have plans to relax and enjoy yourself, and why not. ?
I hope MrM gets his glasses sorted out, DH has had problems with his varifocals too.
How daft to ask you to video your car mirrors and include your number plate, all this whilst driving and hanging out the window with you phone in hand I take it. I can imagine the scene, Yes Officer I know I’m not supposed to be on my phone when driving let alone be sitting on the bonnet trying to record my number plate and my revolving win mirrors at the same time…….
Grammaretto I’m embarrassed to say that I took Jeeves in my suitcase when I went away so that he could do all my packing and unpacking for me on the ship. I promise I’ll bring him back with me soon and he will be ready to respond to your every need……..once he’s finished my washing and ironing,?
Kaimoana photo shoot. ?. How exciting. Hurry back and tell us all about it.
On the homeward stretch now, and like all cruises, when I get to this point I just want to be whisked home.
Hope Boadicea is feeling better. Nfk hope the trip to Papworth goes well tomorrow.
Jan hope you are having a wonderful time.

Mamissimo Thu 28-Jul-22 21:03:34

Good evening ?

You will all share my pride in Mr M....he managed to get his money back on the dodgy glasses and to keep them as they're no use to anyone else . I'm looking after his refund for him in case he spends it on something from the Aisle of Winder for his shed.

The wing mirrors are now functioning properly and the service manager at the garage will be discharged from hospital soon. The leg of lamb was a bit slippery and the gentle thwack across his skull did sound quite crunchy

We are having a dinner party tomorrow night and I have planned a summer menu of chilled pea soup, rack of lamb with a bean salad, and a summer pudding. That's some of the garden glut used up but I'm still looking for ideas for the fourteen giant woody turnips. Mr M thinks they're growing well and won't let me pull them - they're bigger than a babies head now.

Must go and clean the pea soup off the kitchen ceiling and cupboards and floor.....briefly forgot the lid of the blender.....?

Kaimoana2 Thu 28-Jul-22 22:24:58

As it looks as if I'm going to be the 1,000th post and we'll need a new thread - and because I haven't been able to get a reply from Doodle on board the good ship 'Catty Soak', here's the link to follow to find our new Lockdown thread.

So we'll leave Mamissimo cleaning pea soup from her ceiling;
Grammaretto remembering convalescent homes and probably wishing she could relax in one until The Deeds turn up;
Nfk trying desperately to keep herself and DH in check as they voyage between home and Papworth.

...and my good self about to tell all about a day-long photo shoot which will make some of us poster children and poster aged plus poster dogs, for the NZ Foundation for the Blind, now re-branded at Blind Low Vision BLV which I cannot help thinking is also the situation in Grammaretto's bedroom after her new window decorations were installed.

Onward GangSTARs, nothing daunted....

Jan16 Sat 30-Jul-22 11:27:13

Hello All. Very briefly we are indeed having a great time in Morway. We have had 4 gloriously sunny hot days but rain is forecast from tomorrow on! We have been told this has been Norway’s worst summer ever so we picked the right time!
Just been on a cable car up to the top of a mountain. Amazing views. Now on the way back to the ship. Lunch and a glass of wine await! Too much wine being drunk!

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