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Have you had covid?

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snowberryZ Sun 20-Mar-22 08:38:49

I've managed to dodge it so far but feel it's only a matter of time!
I still mask up and sanitise going round the shops but yesterday I got back to the car, took my mask off and sanitised my hands and rolled down the window because it was stuffy.
And a woman parked really close to me, got out and literally coughed into my open window! No hand over her mouth or anything.
Some people atre disgusting. She could have turned away at least.

Only a matter of time.
I have friends who've had it 3 timesshock

henetha Sun 20-Mar-22 10:41:30

I suspect that I did, way back in the first lockdown. Before we had easy access to testing. I reported the symptoms on the covid website and was then told to phone my GP. She told me that I possibly might have it and told me to isolate for two weeks, so I did.
I was amazed that it wasn't taken more seriously and some sort of test offered.
I will never really know whether or not I had it. But I obviously did not have it very severely.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 20-Mar-22 10:43:39

We both have it, MrOops is on day 10 and I’m on day 8 both still testing positive, but MrOops has been pretty poorly, he still has a job to breathe as he has a shocking cold with it and can’t taste anything.
We have been very careful, but he went to a meeting with one other person who hadn’t bothered to test himself before he went out and caught it from him. Grrrrrrrr.

maddyone Sun 20-Mar-22 11:06:16

Yes I’ve had it. It was before I was able to be vaccinated. I was very ill and hospitalised. That’s why I’m concerned at rising cases and no restrictions.

maryrose54 Sun 20-Mar-22 11:19:06

We both had it over the last 10days. Started with bad cold symptoms, sore throat, aching sinuses, tickly cough. We both isolated as didn't want to pass it to others. After 2 or 3 days symptoms eased a lot but we felt tired. Tested positive still on day 10. We almost certainly caught it from our young grandson who we picked up from school because he was feeling unwell. He tested positive that day and us 2 days later.

Pittcity Sun 20-Mar-22 14:41:29

Yes. DH brought it home and I tested positive 2 weeks ago. Negative now but still not feeling quite right. The symptoms were different to any virus
I've had previously but no worse. I wear a mask in busy places more to protect others from me.

Teacheranne Sun 20-Mar-22 15:12:35

I have not had Covid and am quite concerned with the new variants which are so infectious. Three of my friends have died of Covid, only one had underlying medical conditions, so I am rather anxious.

Initially I was happy to socialise again as restrictions were lifted, the people I met all tested themselves beforehand but now I think few people still do that. I have restricted my social life slightly by avoiding large indoor groups but living on my own, I found the lockdowns quite difficult and don’t want to feel lonely again, especially if others are going mingling quite happily.

I probably need to stop feeling so negative and cheer up!

Elizabeth27 Sun 20-Mar-22 15:49:18

I have not and have looked after 2 people with it and been in the company of 3 different people who had it. This was before vaccination. Would be interesting to know why.

craftycrochet Sun 20-Mar-22 16:53:04

Unfortunately. Caught it at Christmas time. First time as well, despite having outbreaks at work and being around covid positive people during the whole pandemic.

Shandy57 Sun 20-Mar-22 17:00:43

I've not had it yet, but my son and girlfriend had it late February, and my daughter in NI had it about a fortnight ago. I'm going over to see her early April and am being really careful.

snowberryZ Sun 20-Mar-22 17:03:51

This is very interesting

snowberryZ Sun 20-Mar-22 17:20:10

Of course this must be the reason I havent caught it yet.

Before the perpetually offended turn up.
I AM Joking.

AreWeThereYet Sun 20-Mar-22 21:03:09

Apart from brother's girlfriend no one in my family has had it (that we know about). BiL's stepmother died of it at start of first lock down and his father survived it, but no one else in Mr A's family has had it either. Mr A's niece is a teacher of special needs children and worked with them all through lock down and she still didn't get it, with no masks and no special facilities. Fingers crossed it will continue.

Deedaa Sun 20-Mar-22 22:40:41

My daughter and her family all had it. One of the boys brought it home from school. My son, his ex and his son all live with me and none of us have had it. My son delivers for Tesco so meets lots of people (some with Covid) his ex is a supermarket worker and also mixes with a great many people (her manager died of Covid) and the boy is at the same school as his cousin and has had colds but not Covid. Possibly we've just had the asymptomatic version?

Maggiemaybe Sun 20-Mar-22 23:27:58

I had it in October, so probably the Delta variant - I was very tired and generally unwell for a few days and before Covid would have said I had “a bit of a bug”. I did lose my sense of smell, which still isn’t back to what it was. I think I may also have had it way back in March 2020, when I isolated as I had a weird cough for 24 hours. No other symptoms apart from the purple chilblain-like spots that were later identified as Covid toe.

My asthmatic DH had it when I did in October and again a month ago - apart from a sniffle he was asymptomatic both times.

Of our extended family of 14 people only DD1 and DGS6 have dodged it, but luckily everyone has been asymptomatic or just had minor symptoms. All the adults are fully vaccinated.

nandad Mon 21-Mar-22 00:01:50

Husband and I had it in early November. AC who lives with us didn’t catch it. He’s had a weeks leave this week and has only been out to view three flats. He tested positive tonight. He is the 13th person that I know who have tested positive in the last three days. None of the thirteen know each other. I suspect that I may have it again but will wait until Tuesday, when I’m supposed to be going out, to test. Quite a few people that I know tested negative initially, as husband and I did first time around so I wonder if people just go by the first test they do and if it’s negative don’t do second tests?

MayBee70 Tue 22-Mar-22 15:36:10

The whole of my sons family have just tested positive. His wife works for the NHS so the children have been going to school and nursery throughout the pandemic. Unlike the rest of the family they’ve continued to go shopping, go to the cinema etc etc. They’re coming to stay with us in 12 days time so I’m hoping they’ll be feeling better by then. I was really worried about sharing a house with them given that they aren’t as covid conscious as the rest of us so at least, fingers crossed, I can enjoy having them here.

Grayling Tue 22-Mar-22 16:06:04

I tested positive on Saturday after developing a slightly sore throat. I had been on alert since Thursday when I was at the dentist waiting in a packed waiting room with no space between the chairs. Picked one at the end of a row but chap came in and sat to the other side of me - coughing, sniffing and not wearing a mask (in Scotland), I did mention it to the dentist but he was not concerned. It is rife up here in the north of Scotland but I have had my three jabs (just waiting to hear about the next booster as I am over 75) and have been covid-free up until now despite being in hospital for a week last November (foot/leg operation) and meeting up with friends and family as and when allowed. My only other symptom is feeling very nauseas most of the time. Testing every day as family rely on me for school runs and various other granny duties.

LilacChaser Wed 23-Mar-22 09:01:38

snowberryZ Thank you for the first link (the second one definitely doesn't apply to me!). I've contacted the trial people to see whether they're interested in experimenting on me!

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 23-Mar-22 09:26:00

I’ve just tested negative after 11 days, I was still positive yesterday.
I’ve just entered my results on the NHS website and it asked me if I needed another test kit, I said yes and I’ve placed an order which went through.
I tried to place an order yesterday and was unsuccessful, so it might be worth a try today.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 23-Mar-22 09:29:11

Not yet but they (who are they?) say that we'll all get it in the end. I'm careful with mask-wearing and washing hands and so are quite a few people if my local area is anything to go by.

Jane43 Wed 23-Mar-22 09:33:51

I tested positive last Friday. I have had nothing more serious than a dry cough and sore throat which developed into a head cold. My test yesterday still had two lines but the second line was very faint so I am hoping today’s test will be negative. DH hasn’t had it but I have kept away from him because he has had chest problems in the past. DH managed to get more tests from Boots two days ago.

maddyone Wed 23-Mar-22 10:15:50

Just sending get well wishes to all who are suffering at the moment. After my horrible experience with Covid (hospitalised) I’m relieved to hear most of you are not seriously ill and are suffering mainly cold like or flu like symptoms. Get well soon.

Witzend Wed 23-Mar-22 10:21:49

Yes, all 12 of us had it right after Christmas.
Very mild for all except one, though - I just felt very cold, followed by feeling more tired than usual, with mild cold symptoms. Same for most, though one or two had no symptoms to speak of.

Just one felt as if she had a really rotten cold and took to her bed for a few days, but she gets really bad colds (same family of viruses) anyway.

MayBee70 Wed 23-Mar-22 17:38:22

I told my son to rest as much as possible but he said that’s impossible with the children (who thankfully seem to be symptom less ) to keep amused and having to work. It made me realise that one of the down sides of more people working from home is that now people are expected to carry on working even if they’re ill.

Aveline Wed 23-Mar-22 17:43:11

My DS has just tested positive for the fourth time. He's not got any symptoms and only did an LFT as a friend phoned to say he had it so my son had better do a test. The two red lines duly showed up - again!
We're desperate not to catch it before our holiday in less than a couple of weeks. Fingers firmly crossed