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Have you had covid?

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snowberryZ Sun 20-Mar-22 08:38:49

I've managed to dodge it so far but feel it's only a matter of time!
I still mask up and sanitise going round the shops but yesterday I got back to the car, took my mask off and sanitised my hands and rolled down the window because it was stuffy.
And a woman parked really close to me, got out and literally coughed into my open window! No hand over her mouth or anything.
Some people atre disgusting. She could have turned away at least.

Only a matter of time.
I have friends who've had it 3 timesshock

Teacheranne Thu 14-Apr-22 14:10:33

I tested positive on Tuesday, I did a test as I woke up with a cold and as I visit mum in her care home each week, I am extra cautious about taking Covid into the home.

On Monday I went to a local garden centre cafe for a craft and chat group and also hosted a WI committee meeting at my house ( only five of us). I contacted both sets of people to let them know I had Covid and could have been “sharing” it when I met them and have been rather upset by the reaction from two of my WI.

Both these ladies have been quite rude and blaming me for potentially infecting them! It was their choice to come to my house, I did have windows open to get ventilation and had cleaned my bathroom in case they needed to use it! They are both upset in case plans they have for Easter are ruined.

I was negative on Thursday when I tested before visiting mum at her care home and had not been out of the house since apart from a pub lunch on Saturday with my adult children - who are both still testing negative!

Musicgirl Thu 14-Apr-22 14:16:17

MerylStreep, I had that Covid like virus in 2019, that we can’t officially call Covid. It was very nasty. However, I have just recovered from what I assume is the Omicron version. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad but made me permanently exhausted. Even now I get wiped out very easily. It really is a case of when rather than if for most people now.

Jaxjacky Thu 14-Apr-22 14:17:49

I have it now, tested +ve 8 days ago, so far MrJ is -ve. We both mask in shops, I’m staying in until I’m negative.
Not very nice friends Teacheranne hope you have it mildly and recover swiftly.

Ginpin Thu 14-Apr-22 14:21:06

No, only the 7 grandchildren, all under 12.
Not us nor our 3 daughters and 3 sons in law.

In the wider family, not my mum ( 90s )
No brothers in law, or sisters ( 60s ).
Neither my brother or sister in law ( 50s)
I do beleve that some more of my mum's 13 great granchildren also have had it.

So, in our wider family of 39, only the children have had it and all of us vaccinated & being careful have not had covid, as yet.

3nanny6 Thu 14-Apr-22 14:22:55

Yes I had Covid back in December 2021 despite being careful always using masks and sanitizing plus anti-bac all house surfaces and no visitors but still managed to get it. It was the Delta variant and very nasty lasted all of December and still feel fatigued after it.
My two grown up daughters have had the omicrom variant this last two weeks and are just starting to feel better. I hear the numbers are rising particularly in my area.

nanna8 Thu 14-Apr-22 14:24:22

I got it 10 days ago whilst overseas on an island which was an absolute nightmare because there were no phones, internet or anything. The local hospital was really good and a social worker fixed us up with at least the ability to send text messages back to Oz. Mainland. Triple vaxxed but I still got it very easily as did 7 others who were on holidays with us. Not a nice experience isolating in a hot hotel room.

inishowen Thu 14-Apr-22 15:01:07

I've had it, also our son, daughter and four grandchildren. The only one who hasn't is our teacher daughter in law who has worked throughout the pandemic.

HettyBetty Thu 14-Apr-22 16:48:37

Yes, and despite being CEV I sailed through it with barely a symptom. DH had it at the same time and had a mild cold.

I have to say that after worrying about it for 2 years it feels so good to have had it and can relax a bit.

muse Thu 14-Apr-22 18:33:24

I tested +ive this morning, 6 days after my DH started to feel ill.

We go away on 25th for a 4 day holiday to celebrate me being 70, two years ago. This was booked in 2019 and should have happened in April 2020 (lockdown). Hotel couldn't open in April 2021. Lockdown rules still on. This is our third attempt.

It came from workmen booked to do work on our new home. Two hours ! The company said they tested everyday. I didn't see them but my DH did. We haven't been anywhere for anything for just over two weeks.

I started with a really heavy cold and aches two days ago and tested -ive on both days.

DH is still +ive, tired in the evening but feeling much better.